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  1. Cheers guys', it's going to take a bit of getting used too, it's an 'experience' to drive but bloody good fun. Due to the age, it's tax exempt which is the main reason I bought it, as it will only be used at the weekends it can sit on the drive during the week and not really cost me anything. Insurance was £128 fully comp so thats pretty much the main cost (aside from Petrol). Yeah the wheels aren't right, I think the 4 spare wheels are the correct ones but I'll have to check when I collect all of the spares. Currently there aren't any seats in the back so that will be my first purchase, think I'm going to go for bench seats.
  2. Well, eventually I've got myself a Landy. A friend mentioned that he was selling it and by Wednesday I'd said I would take it. He dropped it off last night and today was my first run in it and what a laugh, but not having power steering will take some getting used to !. It's a 1959 Series 2 88" with galvanised chassis, parabolic springs, overdrive and has loads of spares inc bulkhead, set of 4 wheels & Tyres, doors, bonnet, windows, lights etc. I can't wait to take it out in the field now
  3. I'm happy with my current springer thanks (I think ) Seriously, If anyone is interested in this gun, I had a look at it yesterday up at the club and it's spot on. The pictures don't do it justice as it looks better in the flesh (or would that be wood ? ). Alex
  4. Air rifles, Theoben MFR .177 and a Daystate Mk3 .177
  5. The problem was, the shoot was actually an indoor rubbish tip and so we never actually got to see all the one's we'd shot as neither of us fancied climbing about in the rubbish (besides the point that it wouldn't have been safe) We once collected a load that were in arms reach and so managed to get a photo with 50 in, which was quarter of what we'd managed to shoot on that particular night, still looked quite impressive though.
  6. Yeah they were all shot. On that particular shoot, between 2 of us we generally shot around 200 a night with the record being 308. You had to see it to believe it.
  7. Axe is the winner, and he wins................... a virtual pat on the back.
  8. Sorry nope, Stuartp is the closest at the moment.
  9. Looks a decent site. Here's another site with some nice widescreen wallpapers
  10. From memory the box would probably have been 6 -7 inches deep Anyway nope, not 17 or 19
  11. Ok, it's not Deer but...... How many rats in the box ?
  12. I bought an RC Helicopter over the internet a few years ago, I hadn't previously had any experience of them (not the best idea I hear you say) but at the same time I also bought an RC Simulation program, now it wasn't cheap but neither was the helicopter. So by spending a good while playing on the simulator and then transferring what I learnt on the computer I then put it into practice in and self taught myself the basics of how to fly it in the back garden. I fitted training arms to the heli and tied the end of each arm to the ground using some string so that it's couldn't just tip and smash into the ground, starting with a 1ft length, then as I gained more control I extended the string bit by bit out to 10ft and then removed the string altogether. The result was that I never crashed the helicopter. Unfortunately I kept on having problems starting the heli, but it turned out that the starting problems were down to a wire shorting out on the engine, by this time I'd lost interest in it and it's just been put on one side since then. I really should dig it all out and sell it at some point.......
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