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  1. Cheers for the replies will take a look over the next few days ATB Joe
  2. Hi was driving back after collecting some logs about a ton in weight and at 2 points on the way home the vibration in the cab was epic, dipped the clutch see if was the drive but it still vibrated lasted a couple of hundred meters then stopped. The road look ok no ridges or obvious cambers as it was a bit intermittent could it be tracking or wheel balancing Any thoughts
  3. As above the external condition is very good, glass is good no cracks the rear baffle plate has broken up but the top baffle plate is in good condition, the grate has warped upwards but is in good condition. I have been using it this season but it came from my old house heating a 20 ms room now I have been using it in a 49ms room and it does ok but I have invested in a larger model. If interested pm me for pics. Looking for £300 collection Swindon
  4. Looking for some logs, green rings complete trees, wind blown ect, can collect and chop up. Cheers for looking Joe
  5. Cheers for the info I went with adrian flux much cheaper than the comparison sites Happy Xmas
  6. Anyone know of a specialist 4x4 insurer bought a pick up didn't realise it would come under a commercial vehicle lol
  7. Afternoon Can you please pm me some pic i am interested. ATB Joe
  8. If they are not sold I will have them Pm me PayPal or other payment method ATB Joe
  9. The syndicate member that was going to drop put, has now decided to renew for next year.

    I’ll keep your details for next year.



  10. For sale my Stretch air trousers size large, i bought them a while ago as a back up to my other trousers, but they are to long in the leg. These are the climbing version offering 360 degrees of protection. Never been used!!! £190 posted
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