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  1. slings arent allowed for some clay disciplines
  2. just a quick note that for clays you cant change chokes on a registered shoot (even though i often see others do this) so you wouldnt really need to take spare chokes in your vest for clays
  3. bg55599

    .410 wanted

    ive got a silenced .410 but im looking for £275 for it, cost me £380 less than a year ago and has had about 30 cartridges through it.
  4. For sale registration number C14Y XX. ( CLAY XX ) currently on retention and ready to transfer. £499 ono (will chuck in a set of plates with the normal spacing and a set of plates with a more obvious spacing) can be fitted to almost any car/truck (c reg or newer)
  5. just to warn you i think they have county champs on there this weekend
  6. under £1k miroku mk70, just a tad lighter than the mk38
  7. miroku... i jsut got an ex demo mk70 for £975 but they are out there cheaper... has improved my scored by about 30% on a 100 sporting. worth every penny!
  8. if you go on the CPSA website they list the grounds on there along with the details of shoots
  9. would like to see some pics please.
  10. why shouldnt anyone be allowed to be a member of a bnp. there policys on 90% of things are very good. much more apealing actualy than the labour, green, lib dem and torys. not every BNP supporter is a white supremacist, but i think if we are honest then i think almost everyone who votes would vote for things that benifited them or people like them! I have voted for them in the past, i dont have a white cloat and a pointy hat, nor do i have issues with anyone who is of a different race to me! i just want england to stay english!
  11. have you got any normal invector chokes rather than the invector plus?
  12. i was told to steer clear by my local beretta dealer. depending on what your looking for in a gun then there are a few that id recomend. I have just picked up an ex demo miroku mk70 and despite it been a faily low spec gun it has improved my shooting by about 30% over my beretta
  13. if it happens again then try soaking it in diesel. that works wonders for gettign them out!
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