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  1. Hi Oly, I've got a new Lee hand press, pm if interested.
  2. soulboy1957

    Asking for shooting on first post

    There's not many farmers on here asking for shooters, my permissions are for me, I can imagine my farmers joy if I sub let, its not ours to give permission. Every time I've taken a newbie/no shooting out they've tried to go back to shoot without me or contact the farmer.
  3. soulboy1957


    There's some good stuff on you tube, the Lee loading book is a pretty good starting point, and if you can get an experienced reloaded (there's bound to be one near you) to show you. I'm having a clean out between Xmas and New year, I'll let you know what I've got.
  4. soulboy1957

    squirrel control

    Plus another 13 to the mighty 20g hush power, we're reducing the numbers nicely now. Feeders are full in 3 places, so HW110 in. 22 flavour next trip on Sunday.
  5. soulboy1957


    Great gun, we both reload, started with the Lee set a few years ago, now have rcbs rock chucker, Hornady electric powder dispenser, wet stainless pin tumbler, electric case prep station and more, be warned its a hobby by itself! Load for 30-06,. . 243...223..17 hornet, haven't bought any factory ammo for years. You're paying over a pound a shot. Homeloads are. 35p.
  6. soulboy1957


    Very good, had mine over 2 years now and over 2500 rounds through it. I've got the savage B25, very accurate, my mates got the cz 527,nothing in it accuracy wise I just prefer the synthetic stock. Since getting the. 17 we don't use. 222/.223 much, foxes out to 150 yards easily, we haven't used anything else this year and we're on 237 foxes this year so far,furthest was ranged at 227 yards. Great bunny gun out to 200 yards as well, quieter than. 222/.223 which makes it much more usable with a good moderator on it.
  7. soulboy1957


    Lee do a complete kit, anniversary it think and I paid £130 for mine, just add dies and components, I started for the same reason,. 17 hornet are now costing. 35p each or £10.50 a box.
  8. soulboy1957

    223 Reloading Items

    And a set Hornady GS1500 electronic scales, boxed and as new £30.
  9. soulboy1957

    223 Reloading Items

    I have a lyman tumbler, used 3 times, boxed with a spare box of walnut media, £50 posted.
  10. soulboy1957

    Guided deer stalking north Wiltshire

    Anyone had a reply?
  11. soulboy1957

    Guided deer stalking north Wiltshire

    Hi Fraser, do the prices include the carcass?
  12. soulboy1957

    squirrel control

    Nothing, the birdwatchers have got squirrel proof feeders, they gave us a big bag from their store.
  13. soulboy1957

    squirrel control

    Not air rifle to start with, but will be. Have been asked to put a dent in a 90 acre stately home's squirrel population, there's been no control for over 10 years and the local birdwatching group have agreed it needs to be done, we went in 2.30 Sunday with a 20g hush power and managed 14!. Feeders are now up and full of peanuts in two hotpots (birdwatchers have hides that we can shoot from), so after a couple more hush power visits it will be super ten and HW110 time!
  14. Any help with the above would be appreciated, getting through a fair number on squirrel control in a noise sensitive area. I have a 20g Lee loadall and plenty of shot, Folkestone engineering is nearby and they have cases, wads and maxam powders, thing is I'm struggling to find any subsonic load data for 24,28 or 30g. Thanks in advance