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  1. Hello, In answer to the many questions, I've had this for about a year, I bought it secondhand. Has been used for foxing, can spot them at 200 yards with this, perfect unmarked lens, to see one in action take a look on YouTube.
  2. Flir 240 thermal monocular for sale, 19mm lens, in good used condition, with carry bag and lead, 9hz version, battery life is good, selling due to upgrading. £450.00 plus postage, photos on request.
  3. 20g hush power o/u wanted for a farmer on one my main permissions, he's seen mine in action around the farmyard, and now wants one.
  4. As new and boxed with adjustable mount, came with the drone Pro which is now sold, £80 posted RMSD.
  5. Selling my photon 4.6 X 42,as new, used twice, boxed with manual, soft case etc, simply not getting used, £225 posted RMSD.
  6. Clarice Cliff jug, had it valued at £900,old boy up the road went into a home and they cleared his house into a skip, sad.
  7. About 35p, v max £26 a hundred, primers about £40 a thousand, plus powder, I'm using lovex at £36 a tub.
  8. Thanks Kev, arrived today, good guy to deal with
  9. 1878 William Ford hammer gun, beautiful gun
  10. Hi Oly, I've got a new Lee hand press, pm if interested.
  11. There's not many farmers on here asking for shooters, my permissions are for me, I can imagine my farmers joy if I sub let, its not ours to give permission. Every time I've taken a newbie/no shooting out they've tried to go back to shoot without me or contact the farmer.
  12. There's some good stuff on you tube, the Lee loading book is a pretty good starting point, and if you can get an experienced reloaded (there's bound to be one near you) to show you. I'm having a clean out between Xmas and New year, I'll let you know what I've got.
  13. Plus another 13 to the mighty 20g hush power, we're reducing the numbers nicely now. Feeders are full in 3 places, so HW110 in. 22 flavour next trip on Sunday.
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