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  1. Thanks figgy but it's an O/U not a semi auto, I've had that issue with my M2 when it was new, this is with regards to the inertia system on a single trigger Fabarm Gamma over and under.
  2. Yes, 26 inch barrels, porting starts at 14 inches, CSB5 burns clean.
  3. Thanks guys, it seems LA Porte almost got it right, full length moderator, 8 inches of baffling at the end, just didn't port the barrels to lessen the powder blast, having looked at my 20g o/U hushpower and my mates 12g mossberg, the hole size is 6mm with 50mm spacing. Anyway it's done the trick and is now fairly quiet, the inertia system now works with 16.5 grains of Maxam CSB5 and 1/1/8 of no 5's, chronographed at 1020 fps tonight. Thanks Mark
  4. The question was about the inertia block working, but especially for the gun police, yes its been re proofed. I'll try upping the shot charge and powder (maxam CSB5) Thanks for all the replies so far.
  5. Hi, it's based upon the Fabarm Gamma, sold as a LA Porte swing trap fully moderated. I wonder if it's possible to decrease the spring tension on the inertia block, thereby allowing it to fall back and engage the 2nd sear with subsonic loads. Seems strange as it was marketed as such. The original design is very good, a high quality action, barrels and stock with well made moderator, however not that quiet compared to my 20g o/U hushpower, the reason being the barrels were not ported, this has now been done and is now fairly quiet. Before porting After porting
  6. I have a Laporte o/U 12g fully moderated, this gun is a fabarm. Unfortunately it does not fire the second barrel due to insufficient recoil to set the inertia block. A thump on the recoil pad does it, I'm thinking maybe a heavier shot load, have been loading 1oz,would increasing this to 1 1/4 oz increase recoil? Any ideas, bit stuck on this one.
  7. Don't do bean to cup.... They go wrong, nespresso style pods are expensive, commercial one group machines are impractical for a coffee or two. ESE type pod machines are great, round compressed coffee in teabag paper, cheap and simple. How have i arrived at this, ran foodservice at Lyons Tetley for 9 years and have had my own commercial coffee company for the last 22 years with wholesale supply and service engineers.
  8. Hi, got an atec cmm4 in 6.5mm,had it on my. 243,very lightweight. I'm in Kent.
  9. As above, very nice condition, no marks whatsoever, less than 100 rounds through it, 14 X 1 thread. £130 plus rfd cost
  10. 400 ish for sale, 3 x boxes of 100, plus an opened box of 80, £10 per 100 plus £2 postage, or £35 the lot posted. Used to use them in my hornet, sold the rifle, great bullets.
  11. I'm using jsb hades on rats, very good at 920 fps
  12. I've had one in. 22 for a year, its FAC, 30,20 and 11ft lbs adjustable, 55 shots on 30fpe, lightweight, accurate, great rifles.
  13. He is, big dairy and sheep farm, there's been no control for over 2 years.,all in and around the buildings.
  14. 54 last night plus 121 over the last 3 weeks
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