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  1. Hi, i own the Kent coffee company limited, we supply machines, grinders etc, install and set up coffee mobile units, pm me if we can be of any help or give advice. Thanks Mark
  2. Hi looking for a period Kassnar, rhino or such like to go on a Feinwerbau 124. Anyone got one lying around 1" tube. Thanks
  3. BBC exposure is the key to reducing Packhams appeal, he knows which woke button's to push.
  4. Current page follows this path: News Tim Bonner on Wild Justice: Two years of failure NEWS Tim Bonner on Wild Justice: Two years of failure 29 Apr 2021 by Tim Bonner Set up to attack shooting and wildlife management, Wild Justice has achieved almost nothing of substance since its creation, writes Tim Bonner. This article was first published in the Spring issue of My Countryside magazine. Two years ago, the BBC presenter Chris Packham popped up on Farming Today on BBC Radio 4 to announce the creati
  5. Been using it for 30-06, good results.
  6. Hello, I have rizzini o/o multchoke I'm thinking of selling, message me if interested, I'm in Kent.
  7. Hi, did this a few years ago, settled on lovex D063 or accurate 1680 (same) Much better more consistent results with 11.5g and 20g vm
  8. My summer fun, can't beat the sound and smell of these.
  9. As above, 350w x 300d x 1300h Twin locks, used for 12 months, in good condition. Collected only, will not post/courier. £189 new, £110 collected Located in East Kent.
  10. 30g lyvale supreme 6's for all game, stick to one cartridge, i know what they can do, how much lead etc.
  11. Have used the. 410 mossberg for a while, didn't find it enough gun. Now have a hushpower 20g o/U and a fully moderated LaPorte swing trap 12g o/U, have to say the best balance of effectiveness and moderation is the 20g.
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