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  1. I have a ATN Mars 6x in Gen 3, us import, brought back by me a couple of years ago, it is excellent and top specification, Please PM me if interested.
  2. 2.5" eley/lyvale were the quietest, didnt find eley 3" subsonic very good, best was fiocchi 3" 19g 7's, as the range is 25 to 30 yards 7's are fine and gives a good pattern, most. 410 seem to be 5 or 6 shot which lowers the pellet count.
  3. Ive got one,,. 410 3 shot as new, looking for £500, can meet you at Milton Keynes area M1?
  4. Thanks tried Thomas Jack's, they won't tell me who gets them first, confidential, i give up.
  5. . 17 hornet works well as does. 222
  6. Does anyone know when these are going to be available, can't seem to get an answer?
  7. Big fan of fieldsports Britain, the way they are social media savvy has to be part of the future of shooting, BASC taking the fight to Defra etc is good, but the bit they miss is the public perception, ( bent, fake facts and biased opinions portrayed by Packham, Avery etc) and this is fuelled by them reaching the public via social media , whether it be petitions on change. org, crowd funding, RSPB on Facebook, these are the areas to challenge and educate. Strongly worded emails from BASC are inward and do not reach these people just the shooting community. Shame Fieldsports Britain dont offer insurance
  8. My BASC renewal is due on 31st of this month, whether i go with them depends on their response to this, that a crowd funded bunch can do this with a few thousand versus a multi million pound "fighting fund" that BASC has is a joke.
  9. As above, been on my. 22 Hornet, good usd condition, unmarked glass, IR functioning, 30mm tube. £120.000 posted rmsd.
  10. As above, I've got 380 = 3x 100s sealed and a box of 80, 40g soft point, no longer have a. 22 hornet. £15 per 100 posted.
  11. As above and as new, taken out twice, fantastic piece of kit, just can't justify keeping it. Bought new 31/7/19 with 3 year warranty, this is the higher spec XM30 not the lower spec/priced Axion XM30 key. Cost £1749, looking for £1500 posted RMSD, great saving on new.
  12. Not many about this year, we're not shooting them on our shoot, saw 2 only over 6 drives last Saturday.
  13. Wonderful, and unexpected, this article would not have seen light of day a couple of weeks ago.
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