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  1. As long as people do as I say, and not as I do! The first time I fired a 12 bore was the first Pigeon Watch shoot at Bisley nearly 10 years ago! Paid! See you on Saturday... FM
  2. Hi all, Apologies if this has already been covered, but I was wondering what people's thoughts were or if they had any further information on the prospect of us losing the Fenn Trap in July this year? My sources: http://www.ishootmag.com/features/news/stoat-traps-under-threat/ https://www.gwct.org.uk/media/562868/AIHTS-timeline.pdf http://www.gscgrays.co.uk/2015/12/03/the-future-of-fenn-traps-looks-bleak/ Many thanks, FM
  3. I'll come! Not sure I've been since I was in short trousers FM
  4. Thank-you for the replies. It does amaze me though that a product is marketed that could so easily leave a user in hot water for effectively setting an illegal snare... especially when the company supplying them to retailers clearly don't have a clue about them either, as evidenced by the lady at Bisley incorrectly stating the anchor plate was the stop.
  5. Hi, I recently went to purchase a few fox snares from a local gun shop, but the product on the shelf was not what I was expecting. Whilst I appreciate legislation differs across the UK, my understanding is that a fox snare legal for use in England must have a fixed stop. The 'Bisley' snares in stock did not have a stop but had a tiny washer and nut running free on the wire instead. There was also a small length of plastic tubing, but I presume this was to make it easier to hold on a tealer. I was able to tighten the snare completely around my thumb. I queried the above and it was agreed that no stop was in place, nor could one be engineered out of the available parts that would hold against any resistance. A quick look at the picture supplied by Bisley showed a bag of the little black metal rectangles that one would use to anchor the snare to a stake and it was decided by the staff in the shop that these were the stops that were missing. A phone call to Bisley apparently confirmed this. Please see the photograph below that shows the snares and the bag of supposed stops. I think I can also make out a tiny stop which was not present on the snares in the shop. Am I being daft and missing a trick here? Many thanks, FM
  6. Fair enough! Appreciate £1000 may not seem much, but it's enough to pay for some kit to use against us! FM
  7. Dear All, First of all I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, I hope that life is treating everyone on here who I haven't caught up with in a while favourably! I'm busier than ever but still have a quick read every now and then! A poll has come to my attention (which the League Against Cruel Sports are currently winning!) for £1000 to be donated to a named charity/organisation. There are many very worthy causes able to be selected, but it is currently a two horse race between the LACS and the Royal British Legion. It goes without saying that people who have given their all for our country deserve this money more than people who's sole aim is to ruin our way of life. I hope that you can find a minute to vote! https://platform.komfo.com/like_machine/public/version1/163833/index/index/page_id/164014283632420/open_id/129526 Many thanks, FM
  8. Thank-you for all of the replies so far. I will address some of the points I have quoted below in a moment... There have been developments today! The licensing department called the applicant saying that a .22 had been granted but not a .17. I find this pretty odd because the application was effectively refused on the ground of a lack of FAC experience, hence why I was supposed to be mentoring. The other reason I find this odd is the notion that a .22 is acceptable yet a .17 is not!? I will be meeting with the FLO and the applicant early tomorrow morning as part of a land check where I will be making these points. It seems like the goal posts are constantly changing and to refuse someone an FAC but then phone up saying they are allowed a calibre which is prone to richochet and not the prefered choice out of the two for close range fox baffles me! Correct. Until the phone call today... It is a horrendously messy situation and I think I will get it in writing that they consider it legal for the applicant to shoot my rifles under my direct supervision on his land. Gloucestershire, although my licensing department is Wiltshire. FM
  9. You can shoot with a shotgun unaccompanied at 15 and with FAC rifles at 14. This is providing you are suitable licenced, have permission etc. FM
  10. Hello All, I have been asked by a friends FLO to act as a mentor for him. He applied for a .17hmr and .22lr but was told he needed more experience before being granted an FAC. Without going into too much detail, he has a genuine reason and is a safe shot who I trust completely. A point of interest may be that his licencing department falls under a different area to mine. I have held my certificate for 16 months but have only filled the .17hmr and mod. slots so far. with .22lr & mod still empty. My understanding of acting as a mentor is to take him out shooting with me and explain everything I do. This will include gun handling and explaining why a shot is safe to take or why it should be passed up. This is in addition to the usual regarding backstops which includes taking into account the potential for richochet off both the ground and the bullet passing through the quarry. I have asked the FLO on the phone if he will be permitted to shoot my rifle under my direct supervision and the answer was yes. I would appreciate any further advice or experiences you may have regarding mentoring someone. Thanks, FM
  11. Tried replying to everyone but it only lets me quote so many posts... Excellent synopsis! Cat threads now last long enough for donation pages!? Otters... Talk to me about otters! I'm doing my dissertation on their impact on inland fisheries! Hi! Seem to be hitting a few more clays than I used to. Unfortunately, the charity shoots have been falling on very difficult days such as the Saturday morning of May Ball. Teal, being Cirencester alumni will understand. Good! Hope all is well! Used the mincer you obtained for me earlier today. Still clogs at the mere sight of rabbit meat. Am I too late to nail my colours to the mast, fight my way through the Maggie hating peasants and join?
  12. Hello! I've been completely off the radar for several months now. 2nd year uni. workload, running and captaining the shooting club and running a small pest control business has kept me somewhat entertained! Not that my absence will have caused many to note... but to help me get back into the swing of things, I would appreciate a PW 'Top 10' highlights for the past 8 months or so. Put your thinking caps on! Cheers, FM
  13. Teenage Cancer Trust, Care South and Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope. Happy so far, I'm as busy as I want to be for now considering my current coursework load but I think there's room for expansion by next year. The ferrets have been enjoying themselves anyway! FM Almost as catchy as yourself and Alleyway Alice. It would appear we have opted for "Get your udders out!"
  14. Dear All, For the observant/those that care, I've not been about much on here lately. University work, captaining the shooting team and setting up a pest control business has left me with zero free time. Anyway... currently in the process of organising car stickers for a charity rally on Monday. Figured this was the best place for witty one liners! Here's the criteria: No swearing Sexism vaguely acceptable Preferably agricultural or shooting related Funny! Thanks in advance, FM
  15. Others have already put it far more eloquently than I am able to, therefore all I will say on the matter is there are few things worse than inverse snobbery! FM
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