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  1. I'd say the apostrophe could be right, if auto's in an abbreviation of automatics.
  2. I had a bed to get rid off, put it on gumtree for £10 had 2 people say there were coming and let me down. I re listed it at £25 and offered deliver for £5 gone that afternoon about 1/2 mile away! Figure that one out!
  3. It would still be illegal for him to take money for something he hadn't supplied, a phone company can up your dd for extra phone calls etc. But a gym can't take extra unless your membership goes up.
  4. e2000e2000e

    Best Option?

    The iPhone 4 was a pain that needed the back taking off but the 5c is less than 20 minutes easily.
  5. Spotted wild turkey for £15 for 70cl in tesco the other day
  6. I had a cyclist on a towpath ride at speed at the dog, the dog ended up in the water, OK fine she's a lab and a good swimmer, but its a canal and there is nowhere to get out! Cue me having to fish the poor thing out my her scruff, the fella didn't apologies or stop to help or even to check the dog could swim, I use to enjoy cycling till my bike was stolen, but a bit of common courtesy gose a long way, even to dogs.
  7. if you like Trailer Park Boys and the League, what about Its always sunny in Philadelphia or have you already watched it?
  8. I'm available midweek for beating, I'm experienced with a dog who is coming on well, I beat and shoot on Saturdays but I'm currently looking for work so I am available in the week I'm in Derby so anything within a sensable distance considered.Thanks.
  9. I've got a load of photography equipment and accessories to sell, it was my uncles who recently passed away, mostly Nikon stuff and all in good condition. Collection welcome on all items, I'm in Derby. All question welcome, but this was my uncles stuff and I'm not photographer! More pictures available on request. Thanks for looking 1. Nikon Nikkor Lens AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8g IF ED Excellent condition, with original box and manual, lens hood and bag £450 posted 2.Nikon Nikkor Lens Nikkor F AF-S ED Zoom Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D(IF) Excellent condition, with original box and manual, lens hood and Case. £500 posted 3.Nikkor F AF-S ED 24-85mm f,3.5-5.5G (IF) Excellent condition, with original box and manual and Lens hood. £250 posted 4. Nikkor Lens AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED Excellent condition, with original box and manual and bag. £300 posted 5. Nikon SB-80 DX Speedlight Excellent condition, with original box and manual and bag. £50 posted 6.Nikon SC-17 Flash lead Excellent condition £20 posted 7.Nikon MH-18 Battery charger Supplied with one jessops battery type EN EL3 £10 posted 8. Nikon F-80 Body This is a flim camera it is in good condition and there are 2 sets of lithium batteries included (unsure how much charge is left). original box and charger. £30 posted 9. Nikon D100 Body Good condition, supplied with battery grip, batteries and charger. original box and manual £50 posted 10. TAMRON 1:3.8 1:4/210 80-210mm CF TELE MACRO BBAR MC Lens, with case Good condition with case and hood £15 posted 11. Monfrotto Monopod This is a little dusty and has some signs of use but is in generally good condition. 6ft fully extended looks to be carbon fibre £50 posted 12. KATA Element Cover E-702 Brand new in box £40 posted 13. KATA E-704 Brand new with Tags. £30 posted 14. Lowepro Bag Used but good condition, It is big enough for the camera 4 lens and flash etc. £30 posted
  10. As others have said if you do ask, you don't need to mention it is a gun cabinet just ask if it is ok to bolt a safe to the wall!
  11. I seriously cannot fathom how anyone could do this, My dog is part of my family. My parents rehomed their two dogs when I moved away to university, my brother moved at out at the same time, so with less of us at home the dogs weren't getting the attention they needed, it still upsets me that I couldn't have them come and stay with me at uni, and this was 8 years ago! But they found a breed specific re-homing group and the dogs went straight to a new vetted home straight from my parents so I'm at least happy they were going to get the attention that my parents could no longer give them! obviously that dogs are not around anymore, but I'm happy we did the best we could by them.
  12. I wouldn't dump anything edible, but I think it's important to check with the landowner what they want you to do with vermin, and maybe offer a few ideas like burying, hedge bottoms etc. When I've been shooting ferals the land owner pointed out a particular bit of brush away from paths and the road, carcasses were always taken by the next time I was up!
  13. Headline man runs legal business and promotes it on Facebook!
  14. I would just offer to go help, beat or drag out beasts etc! be there on the day etc. I bet it would be an excellent experience even with our pulling the trigger!
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