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    Out and out Pigeon shooter
    2/3 days every week
    3 labs used for picking up on local shoots.
    1mad german sheperd.
    best day on the pigeons 2009, 430.
    best day 2010 294
    best day 2011 327
    best day 2012 176
    best day 2013 173
    best day 2014 203
    best day 2015 276
    best day 2018 set up at 12 packed up at 6pm picked up 338
    must try harder

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  1. pickerup

    CHOKE wanted

    beretta halve inner choke wanted about 2 inches long with the thread at the top. atb p/u,
  2. Packham would look nice up there.
  3. I have a landrover 90 pickup with ifor williams on, just enough room for the wheelbarrow all the kit and dog and a couple sacks of dead pigeons, if im lucky
  4. light weight wheelbarrow with puncture proof tyre from bq
  5. i have a grand european skeet number 450406 had some teague chokes put in it and only use for game shooting. does anyone out there know how old it is. thanks. atb p/u.
  6. No sorry had a job done on a gun there years ago and then tried it out on there clays when i picked it up atb p/u.
  7. sorry about the delay, grange gun company packed up years ago, their place of work was right next to the prison at redditch worcestshire which was known as hewell grange the name of the prison was changed years ago they also had a clay shoot there. and a game shoot in the woods at the back of the prison, also at the back of the prison is hereford and worcester clay club. ive just found your message
  8. One good thing about sunday markets you don't have to pay to get in, been going to the midland game fair for 30 years ,packed up last year wont be going again. p/u.
  9. Anybody know of a game dealer who will pick up frozen pigeons in the midlands area, and how much they are paying for them. thanks p/u.
  10. bsa super ten .22 mk 3 sub 12, how heavy, and do they convert into a good fac. thanks p/u
  11. You could try carl at airtech on 0777 829 5542 but donnington near telfords along way from you.
  12. thanks for that piece of info have bought a tin of jsb exacts p/u
  13. took the wildcat over to carl at airtech yesterday it took him about 10 mins to remove 3 pellets stuck in the barrel using a parker hale cleaning rod. job done. spent a couple of hours with him he repairs and makes parts for all sorts of rifles silencers, shrouds, regulators, and all the internal bits and pieces. he reset the ftlb and checked the gun over for me. carl gabbett airtech donnington near telford. atb john p/u.
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