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  1. oops i'd forgoten about this
  2. found it,that's not the model i'm after,rws diana mod 45,has the same action,but the stock is simlar to a mod 35s.thanks for the heads up though.atb
  3. can't find it mate,have you a link?
  4. rws diana mod 45 wanted,any cal. also wanted original mod 50t01
  5. also looking for a hw85 deluxe.top one in the pic
  6. some did have the square trigger guard,like the original 45.i'd rather the square on tbh
  7. no mate deffo a 45,it has the crosspin over the trigger.also a different trigger.
  8. rws diana mod 45 wanted,any cal.this is the model i want
  9. ddraig goch


    hi,yes mate still interested,waiting for answers from other pm's on other forums,been offered 2 for £180 posted,but yours looks like in better nick,will let you know if i buy the other ones,atb
  10. ddraig goch


    hi,has the stock been refinished? how would you rate the bluing out of10,and finaly what are you asking for it posted?
  11. ddraig goch


    hi,any pics?are they 77k?
  12. ddraig goch


    weihrauch hw77k .22 wanted.will consider a project gun too
  13. i have this kit fitted in my hw3o,mine is a .22 running at 7.5 ftlbs.you can up the power a bit with the power bands supplied.hth
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