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  1. Help!!! Cabinet keys

    Can't lock the top cabinet without the keys mate. i know they'll turn up soon as replacement ones arrive!!!
  2. Help!!! Cabinet keys

    I've ordered a replacement key as per the 3 digit code on the front on the lock. Hopefully be here in the next couple of days, so I'll try then. Good job the weather is so bad that I haven't needed the bolts to go lamping.
  3. Game bag

    I bought the pw member gamebag from here a few years ago. Very good value, well made & holds a lot of game. Still in perfect condition & it is out plenty of times in the field.
  4. Help!!! Cabinet keys

    I looked it up and the 3 digit code on the lock may relate to a bisley lock, which you can order keys for a couple of quid. Going to try that first before I drill the lock out. The cabinet was fitted a while ago & im thinking the keys were threw out with other stuff.
  5. Help!!! Cabinet keys

    The lock has a code on the face of it. Can I order a replacement key, think I red something about this.
  6. Help!!! Cabinet keys

    I got a new cogswell & Harrison 6 gun safe recently, bolted it to the wall locked everything away including my bolts in the lockable locker at the top. Now I can't find the keys to the small lockable locker at the top of the safe. I always put my keys in my keypad safe so I honestly can't think what I done with them!!! helppppp!!!
  7. Release the Kraken - Rum Drinkers

    I like my dark rum too. The mother in law was on a Caribbean cruise last week & I asked her to bring me home a bottle, she came back with this: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/18221/blackwells-rum anyone tried it before?
  8. what would you start with

    I started on a 12gauge at 11 years of age & I was by no means a big child. As someone else said, the cartridges will be cheaper with a 12 gauge. Maybe let him try a 12, 20 & 4-10 and see what he prefers.
  9. 2018 Chilli Growing

    Im hoping I can get the greenhouse erected at the new house this spring to be involved this year but I fear it could be 2019. A few years ago I really got into growing chillis but this year it may have to be a garden centre bought plant. Good luck to all.
  10. 20 bore; yes or no

    Cheers fella
  11. 20 bore; yes or no

    Cheers mate. Is it easy to convert it from 12 bore to 20 bore? It is just a matter of screwing it in?
  12. 20 bore; yes or no

    Yeah I know I won't save loads but there isn't a lot of firearms dealers in Northern Ireland and some of them probably don't even stock 20 bore cartridges. Also be a nice hobby for me. How much is the conversion kit?
  13. 20 bore; yes or no

    Thanks for all the replies. I think before next season I will be purchasing one. I was also considering going into reloading so I suppose this may cut the cost of the shells and mean I can make something to suit walked up or driven game. A lot of you mentioned 30" barrels; is that not very long in such a small gun? Or do the you need the longer barrels with the lighter loads? I have always shot with 28" barrels.
  14. 20 bore; yes or no

    Hi guys, I have been thinking quite a lot recently about getting a 20 bore over & under. As I have never owned one what are the pros & cons to it? Is the cartridges still as expensive as they used to be? I would be using it for summer decoying, walked up woodcock shooting and the odd outing on my pheasant syndicate. Finally which make & model? I have always been a Beretta man.
  15. Outdoor CCTV system

    Thanks for the replies lads. My brother in law & sister have the Arlo set-up but just wanted to know if any of you guys recommended anything different.