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  1. Thanks Colin for the offer, but I'll maybe just go with synthetic to start with. I'm sure I'll make a hash of the first lot, but sure the dog could eat them 😂😂
  2. I have no idea. What are the best in your opinion?
  3. Cheers al. Weather hasn't been great for the woodcock yet. We seem to get a lot more during hard frosty weather as they make their way to the low ground from the mountains & forestrys.
  4. Yeah they are tasty, especially the little legs on them. I was chuffed with my old spaniel when she found that, I hate losing any birds especially woodcock. Thanks for watching. Thanks for watching fella. A few years ago this ground would have produced double the amount of woodcock, most of the cover have unfortunately been tore out with diggers.
  5. Cheers for the link mike, I'll check it out.
  6. Hi All, I was off work all last week, always take a week off at the start of December to get a bit of woodcock shooting done. Unfortunately, the temperamental Irish weather meant I didn't get out as much as I would like; however, I did get out 3 days and I managed to capture some footage from my outings. Day 1: Was a little late starting on this day as the weather was very poor in the morning but I had a good idea it was going to dry up in the afternoon. In total I flushed 8 woodcock on this day (including 3 from one whin bush!!!), but I only got a shot at 3 and I bagged them all. It was very windy so it made for testing shooting, bird 3 seemed like it had been shot out of a cannon it was going so quick!!! My cocker spaniel Dinky worked very well this day. Day 2: Dinky got a rest this day (don't like working a dog 2 days on the trot), so my Springer Spaniel Dawn joined us. The unpredictable Irish weather continued with bright sunshine the order of the day. Only flushed 4 birds with 1 offering a shot & being added to the bag. Day 3: Was steady rain all day and myself & Dinky got soaked!!! Only 1 woodcock again this day. Anyway I hope you all like the video. Sorry about all the slow-mo's, but I think it is sometimes difficult to make out woodcock in the video, so hopefully they are easier to spot on slow-mo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kezyaQxk_k Please don't forget to like my video and subscribe to my channel for more videos in the future: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdXL__oYvbmKo0Ccm-vWRfw
  7. My new sausage stuffer arrived today. I have loads of frozen pigeon breasts in the freezer. Where does everyone get their skins & mix from (links would be great to websites). Also what ratio of pork fat would you use?
  8. Was just thinking of that the other day. Is he ok? Has anyone been in contact?
  9. Nothing wrong with the video. Keep them coming!!!
  10. Good video, not enough people record their roost shooting outings, it's one of my fav types of shooting. I wouldn't worry about the branches, I was always told unless you hit a big branch there should be enough shot get through to take the bird down.
  11. Good video again lad. I like the slow mos, it is a good way for less experienced shooters to see the amount of lead/swing to put on a bird. I also like using slow mo while rough shooting as it can be difficult to make out a woodcock sometimes at full speed.
  12. I've done a video of a pheasant pie from a pheasant shot on this outing. Please follow this link to the food & drink section: http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/325784-pheasant-cooking-video/
  13. A couple of years ago Mungler put up a pheasant pie recipe that he uses. I have done a step-by-step video of how to cook the pie, also some pasties & a pheasant soup. Please see below: Thanks for watching
  14. Good work again lad. Must be plenty of birds in your part of the country.
  15. Cheers lads. I have Warne on my .223, but I just wanted to get some opinions so that I can point him in the right direction.
  16. Hi all, My mate will hopefully be getting his variation for a .22-250 in the next couple of weeks. What mounts would you guys recommend for this centefire? Ollie
  17. Good video. You don't miss much!!!
  18. Cheers al. It's a pity about the weather, it ruined the footage a bit. It's feels as though it has rained non-stop for a month.
  19. Great video, some of those geese looked a fair bit out.
  20. Cheers. Unfortunately the quality wasn't great with the weather, but nice to be out.
  21. Here is my latest video from our small syndicate shoot last Saturday. With overnight snow in the hills we were hoping for a good day & perhaps a couple of woodcock. However, it turned out very wet which ruined the shooting & also some of the camera work. We ended up getting 6 pheasants, 1 woodcock & 1 rabbit. I was happy with my return of 2 pheasants for 2 shots, but the bag woulda been bigger only for some terrible shooting from the other lads 😜. Anyway here is the short video, hopefully the next day the weather is better and I can get better footage: http://youtu.be/wsR5YtrEU_s My channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCdXL__oYvbmKo0Ccm-vWRfw
  22. Good video once again. You got a cracking double on drive 1.
  23. Good video again al. That last bird was a cracker.
  24. Looks good. Snow makes everything look so much better and as you say helps push the birds back to the feeders.
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