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  1. Cheers mate. Not a great thing being this warm; the dogs get exhausted easy, the cover is very high & there is that much natural food that the birds don't need to go to the feeders. Nice to wake up to a little snow this morning.
  2. Good lad, very good bag at this time of the year. I don't know how you get the birds in Northern Ireland at this time of the year, I struggle to see any numbers after the end of September.
  3. It is an organised day, 6 of us in total and I would imagine the keeper will be accommpanying us. We are taking our own dogs as it is walked up, so we'll be flushing our own birds. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Looking forward to the videos when you get the headcam. Hopefully the forecasted snow arrives, could do with pushing the birds towards the feeders.
  5. I know what you mean regarding the muffled sound in the 4000. Compared to the 1000, it is much quieter. However, my camera came with another door for the housing which has slots in it, but this means it isn't waterproof, but I'll prob use it on good summers days at the pigeons.
  6. I am going on a small walked up day at the end of December (60 birds between 6), so you guys would suggest £20 per person tip? I've never really bought a day shooting, so I have no idea.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Location is beautiful!!!
  8. Yeah that is a pain I must admit. When I am out I don't bother resetting the date, I was doing this one day when I heard pigeons landing in the decoys, so after that I said never again.
  9. No idea sorry. I've never had to do that. Google how to do it on the editing software you are using.
  10. Shame you had problems. Keep the vids coming in the meantime.
  11. I got mine from amazon. I was wary of the fakes, so I used a link that someone from here put on as I knew they were genuine ones.
  12. To be honest I never fiddled with the settings on mine, I charged, put it on my head & recorded. I hope you haven't bought one of the fakes that are out there. Hope you get sorted with the return.
  13. Cheers Cranfield. My in-laws live in Belfast city and they always tell me off for not appreciating the scenery where we live in the Glens of Antrim, but it certainly is stunning. The tramping is the hard part though, in some parts of the shoot the bracken & briars are head height, it has been so unseasonable warm, just need some frost to kill it off and push the birds towards the feeders. Cheers, thanks for watching.
  14. http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/324515-pheasant-shoot-7th-november-2015/ This is the video from Saturday. Fair enough, as much as foxes are distructive they are also a wonderful animal that I have massive respect for. Saw a few otters before, but that must have been entertaining to watch I hope you got some geese too.
  15. It rained until about 11.30 & then it was great after. It looks like good woodcock country, but we never get many on our shoot, an odd one here & there. I think the soil type isn't right or the cover is too tight. I was impressed with the sj4000. The clarity is great compared to the 1000. Thanks for watching. Hopefully better days to come.
  16. Here is a video of our first proper outing on the pheasant syndicate this year. The weather was unseasonably warm & the cover is still high so we didn't have a great day. The highlight of the day was a large pod of porpoises breaking the surface along the coast when we were shooting. Unfortunately a lot of them were too far out in the sea to pick up on the head cam, but you may notice some of them. I was trying my new sj4000 camera for the first time & I was impressed by the clarity of it, especially considering how cheap it was. I hope you enjoy!!! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCdXL__oYvbmKo0Ccm-vWRfw
  17. Good write ups, I'm really enjoying them.
  18. While in the field...our pheasant shoot is right on the shore. 😜
  19. Yeah I have had quite a few owl encounters while lamping. It is wonderful how quiet they are, you can't hear their wings and the next thing they are a few feet from you. On one of my videos I shot a feral pigeon & just as it dropped a peregrine swooped in and stole it, that was brilliant to see. Did you shoot the fox that took the gralloch?
  20. Cheers fella. Yeah he shot well that day, but don't want to tell him that or he'll get a big head Any you have shot with rings are probably stray racers that have gone feral. Loads of people who replied to this post on facebook told me that racers are no good if they are landing in fields.
  21. We were on our pheasant shoot for the first time this season at the weekend. Was a very warm clear day & the shooting wasn't great as the dogs were knackered. Our shoot runs along the coast & the scenery is amazing. All of a sudden we look out into the sea and there is a massive pod of porpoises making their way up along the coast. They were breaking the water at regular intervals and they were spread out over a big area, some of them were beside the shore, some of them were at least 100 yards out. I can't imagine how many there was but I'm sure there was 100+. I was wearing my headcam and hopefully i captured some of the footage, but I may have been too far away. I'm going to start editing the footage tonight, so we will see. What special unique things have you saw in the field?
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