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  1. I have got loads of their clothes and it is all good quality & good value. What I like is the range of clothing, so if you are wanting something light & cheap they have it and they also have better quality expensive stuff. I find it is better to go onto the website as some of the Decathlon stores don't have a good selection, however, I picked up some full body pigeon decoys from the Belfast store for Β£2.50 each last month.
  2. Cheers fella, thought you would appreciate a few corvids biting the dust. Yeah in hindsight I should have set-up in a diff position. However, not often we have that problem in Ireland πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks for the comments & watching. Cheers. I got the new sj4000 set-up so I'll hopefully get some pheasant action with it tomorrow. Thanks for watching Steve.
  3. This video is a compilation of a couple of outings I had in September & October 2015. They were overall 2 poor days, but there were enough clips to make a short video. First day was a glorious day and between 2 recently cut barley fields I had a very poor return. Second day was from last week. The farmer had rang to tell me the field of drilled wheat was black with crows. As we all know farmers are prone to exaggeration & we managed 20 corvids & 1 magpie. Thanks for watching, if you would like to check out my other video visit my channel: https://m.youtube.com/my_videos
  4. We got our first woodcock of the year on our border shoot last weekend. I would expect that there is more on the mainland at the minute, we normally get them later on in November here in Ireland.
  5. Some great looking rough ground there. Perfect for pheasant & woodcock.
  6. Cheers for the feedback. You are very correct about there being idiots on every forums.
  7. Thanks for the comment. I have never shot a racer & I was sure these were ferals. Reason being, there are 2 large grain farms close by (within half a mile) that I have permission to shoot ferals on. They are a complete plague to the grain stores & cause a right mess. Was a great day we had, so was a bit annoyed when these comments came through. I suppose if I post videos for public display then I can expect some negative comments.
  8. Sorry this was from a while ago. Shortly after I posted this (12 hours or so) he removed the comments. I think he was an anti or keyboard warrior. Cheers for the positive comments. Cheers fella, I couldn't really ignore him as the points he was making were so wrong. It annoyed me a little!!!
  9. Good video al, keep them coming. Hopefully we'll be starting our pheasants in the next couple of weeks.
  10. I've had the Inverness 500 trousers for 2 years now & they are great, however, they are a bit noisy. I also have some other trousers, a jumper, light coat, decoys all from solognac & all the gear is brilliant. In fact, I always look on their website first before I buy new gear.
  11. I've saw a few woodcock the last couple of weeks while lamping. As has been said, it could be resident birds, however, there will be woodcock migrating on this next full moon. Bring it on!!!
  12. I was thinking the same the other day. Looking forward to some videos of you & Rob.
  13. Highlights I find is better. I try to cut my videos as much as I can as I think some people lose interest after a few minutes. However, on formal shoots I like seeing the meet & greet in the morning, elevenes etc. Like cranfield said, some nice scenery never hurts either. Don't forget to include some of the misses too; we are all human after all
  14. Good first video. Some feedback and things I have learned since the first video I done. Instead of going straight into the first drive, maybe do a small written introduction to let everyone know the date, location etc. Any images of the day or final bag is sometimes good to put in. Keep posting the videos, I love watching footage of everyones outings.
  15. Shame. I take mine on all outings. If it's a bad day I can delete the footage or compile it with another day. Good bag all the same.
  16. Would like some of you fellas to help me with a debate. There is a fella who has commented on one of my YouTube videos criticising me for shooting racers. I have never shot a pigeon with a ring on it in my life & it is all ferals on the video. Here is the video, you can look at the comments to see the fella. Please let me know if you agree with him or not:
  17. Thanks for the quick delivery teal, bag arrived yesterday. Really good quality, can't wait to christen it in the coming weeks.
  18. How do you make yours? I suppose they could be made out of wire coat hangers also.
  19. Recipe please!!! ![cdata[>![cdata[>
  20. We got left down initially by our supplier, so we had to find someone at last minute, so we got the birds about 3 weeks later than we normally would. This has put us back, so no shooting until the start of November which isn't a bad thing as the cover is still very high because of the warm weather and it would be very tough on the dogs. Birds are in good shape and colouring up very well. The corvids have started on the feeders around the shoot, they are a real pain. Found my first sign of a pheasant kill on Saturday, so I am off out tonight to find the culprit (I know it is a fox).
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