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  1. You will find that the over and under will probably be better at shooting high birds than the side by side so it will be good for the driven shooting. My own preference is for over and unders but thats just my opinion.
  2. hi everyone. I am thinking about puchasing a "Hawke nite-eye scope" as a christmas present. It is for a "Bruno .22 Magnum". I was hoping that anyone who has had experience of using these scopes or have a good knowledge of them could give me their views on how effective they are, for long range shooting and whether it is worth forking out £79.95 - £159.95 for them. Any advice and experiences using them is appreciated. (I have already visited their website.)
  3. Excellent joke mate, that was ace.
  4. I have to say the jammiest shot i ever had was roost shooting at pigeons one blustery night. I was getting a bit bored and was nearly sleeping when my mate shouted and out of the corner of my eye I seen a woodie going straight over my head (and it wasn't taking its time about it) I only had a small gap to fire and I don't even think the gun touched my shoulder until I knew there was a puff of feathers. PURE LUCK :*) :*)
  5. well i know my father has got his fair share of foxes on his pheasant shoot. so all i can think of is bad luck or a bad area for them.
  6. Yeah me and my mate were out on monday, we shot 7 young rooks and 3 young magpies. we could have shot a lot of woodies but we thought it was too early in the year to start shooting them. :blink:
  7. If there is a plantation of fur trees close by sit in it before dark and shoot them coming to roost.when you have one shot put it up the tree and the rest will keep on coming in to it,they are stupid that way.or if that doesnt work try a fox caller,this has worked for me in the past.
  8. i buy sporting gun and shooting gazette usually every month, but i find sporting gun to be the best.
  9. ollie

    Fox loads

    i have shot foxes dead with 7 1/2 when ive been out rough shooting. if i was out specifically for foxes i use no3 42g mini magnum cartridges they are really affective.
  10. i would use 6's for rabbits and pigeons, but for all round shooting of game aswell i suggest express game 7's 32g, if you are on the rabbits and pigeons well enough you will shoot them. :*)
  11. yeah ill be going out roost shooting this weekend, i went last weekend but me and my mate shot really bad, but there was a lot of pigeons about. i agree with cranfield if its windy they will keep coming in, don't go if its not windy.
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