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  1. Thanks mate. Was an average enough day, but one of my favourite of the year as it helped the shoot. Thanks cranfield, some time in the next 2 weeks will start the pheasants again. Thanks for watching as always fella
  2. After one of my previous crow shooting videos with a seaview during the summer you all asked for more with that view, so I delivered (albeit not as good as previous). We have had a serious problem with corvids taking the pheasant feed. They have been difficult to decoy but for some reason this particular day they decoyed quite well. Ended up with a respectable bag of birds and a decent bit of sport: https://youtu.be/vgebRKD94_I
  3. Brilliant video, like that you were a bit more interactive in this one. Looked like a good show of ducks.
  4. ollie

    New tv help

    When I go into a shop with loads of tvs I find it difficult to understand all the features etc. We bought a derelict semi with a huge garden & refurbished and extended. We are going for a modern look. Thanks for the advice. I'll stay clear of LG then, cheers.
  5. ollie

    New tv help

    Thanks for the sound advice. I don't know if my internet would be quick enough for streaming 4k, so it may be wasted. The missus doesn't want anything bigger than 50 inch TV, so maybe not a huge tv. I hadn't heard of this make before, I will check them out.
  6. ollie

    New tv help

    Need some help everyone. I'm currently building a house, hoping to get moved in for December. I'm after a 49" smart tv for the living room but I'm a little clueless as to best makes etc. Can you suggest options & where best to purchase. Also, is 4K worth it?
  7. I said the same thing after he got the 2 for 1, the birds didn't look that close, must have been a good spread. He actually got another 2 for 1 on that same day that I never caught on camera. Cheers mate Cheers Steve. SJ4000 on a GoPro head strap.
  8. Thank you Quite a few misses edited out, ha ha. I didn't shoot as well as normal.
  9. I went out about a month ago with a mate who had recently bought a Winchester SX4. It was a typical Irish day with sunny spells mixed in with heavy showers. The crows & ferals pigeons decoyed pretty steady in the morning but tailed off in the early afternoon. Ended up with a decent bag of birds despite some of the poor shooting and a new gun well christened.
  10. How much is that camera if you don't mind me asking? Post a video when you get it.
  11. Good shooting fella, some really long shots on those corvids musta been using tight chokes.
  12. Good video al. We have serious issues with the corvids at the pheasant feeders!!!
  13. Thanks Cranfield. This is the same farm as the previous video. There is quite a large town about 2 miles from this field & belfast city is maybe 10 miles from here, so draws a lot of ferals. There were still flocks of them flying out of the field as we were leaving. I normally wouldn't bother much with the ferals, but my best mate hasn't got out decoying all summer so wanted him to get some trigger time.
  14. I hope you all had a good opening weekend at the ducks, deer etc. This is a video from earlier on in August shooting pigeons (mostly feral pigeons) & crows over barley stubble. Ended up with a bag of almost 150 birds.
  15. Cheers mate, you are going to make me blush!!! My favourite shot of the day was the high crow that I killed with the second shot & it took ages to drop; I really pulled far in front to kill that bird. The ff5 is spot on, as you say it can be very light & handy to take to the field. Plenty of sea views coming when it's game season, can't wait. I was about 2 inches away from catching it lol
  16. I am out again on a winter barley stubble in Northern Ireland shooting pigeons & crows. We had 2 hides set up in this farm, myself in one hide and my father & his mate in the other. We had a pretty good day with a bag in excess of 100 birds and some challenging shooting. Thanks for watching as always and lads keep the videos coming
  17. To be honest I can't remember. I know it's a stealth net, but sometimes its not great on the crows so sometimes i put an additional net on for cover. Why not get into it. I'm sure there are plenty of crop fields on Donegal for you to have a go at. The first field is on our pheasant shoot, makes for lovely view across the Irish sea.
  18. Hi all, Been very quiet recently on here, building a house at the moment so haven't had much time for shooting. Got out a couple of times over the past month or so and bagged a few birds on camera, here is the latest instalment. A short outing for a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon on fresh cut silage after corvids and another outing on pigeons on standing barley. I'll hopefully get a bit more time in the next few weeks to get some shooting done during harvest. Thanks for watching
  19. I had forgotten about this footage from December & January of some Rough Shooting here in Ireland. Most of the action is after Woodcock & Snipe with my cocker spaniel Dinky. There is also a couple of roost shooting clips. The season seems a long time ago now, looking forward to some decoying now in the spring & summer.
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