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  1. Thanks for watching. That's the mull of kintyre across the sea, it's about 15 mile across the Irish Sea from us. Rathlin is further north off ballycastle.
  2. Thanks Dave. That's what I love about the place, it's challenging for us & the dogs.
  3. Pickers up in dinghys in the bay would be handy lol. We are starting to do the prep for next season now.
  4. To be honest we never have as many water retrieves as we had this year, maybe one or two a season normally. The issue with labs is that the cover is extremely tight in our place & although I know some labs will hunt it, it's probably more suited to the spaniels. The cocker tries his best with the water retrieves but I sent him on one this year & headed to one of the fisher buoys, I called him back but I thought he wasn't going to make it back. He's not the best swimmer!!!
  5. This video is from the last few days on our pheasant syndicate at the end of January 2017. So they were really just clear up days, trying to get the percentage return up a little. We were very lucky with our return which ended up just shy of 70% for the season and the weather was good most days (sometimes too good with bright sun & mild temps). I hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/d_iP--g33DI
  6. Good video & shooting. I enjoy those incoming birds going into trees, it's satisfying to drop them just in front of the hide.
  7. Thanks mate Thankfully not many of the birds hit the rocks. On occasions when they have it bursts the breast on them. Good story about Cara 😂
  8. I miss my fair share. The week before I shot those cracking birds & then the following week I missed 2 of the easiest birds all year. We are very lucky where we shoot, great outing even if you don't get a shot.
  9. It is, in fact one the syndicate members is a McDonnell lol I'm quite fond of cara too. I've a couple more rough shooting videos & 1 more syndicate video to make and then I'll finally be caught up. Thanks cranfield, a wee grant would be nice, can you imagine the uproar in getting a grant for shooting ha ha.
  10. I still have a couple of videos to make from the back end of the shooting season on the pheasant syndicate. This one is part 1 filmed over a couple of days. The first day I shot 2 of the best birds I have shot all year and the 2nd day I could hardly hit a barn door... I have tried to incorporate music into this video to try and mix things up a little, hope you enjoy. https://youtu.be/zukW8j-m0vw
  11. I make videos with a head cam too & it is difficult sometimes to concentrate on shooting & the camera; however, I think we are lucky in this day & age that we have all this technology to make videos that we wouldn't have had 10 years ago.
  12. Give the lad a break, it's his first video & I think sometimes people are very quick to judge without appreciating the time & effort that goes into making & editing the videos. The beaters sounded like a Native American tribe at one point lol, but the original poster could hardly do anything about that. Keep the videos coming fella!!!
  13. We don't breed the birds Cranfield, normally buy poults at 6-8 weeks old around the start of August. The Michigan is one of last years birds, we didn't have any bluebacks in this years birds.
  14. Here is a short video from New Years Eve on the pheasant shoot. My shooting was worse than usual, with one really bad miss on a hen bird with 3 shots. Finished the day off with a nice Michigan Blueback from last season, he had a cracking tail on him & some nasty spurs. Thanks for watching
  15. It's so difficult unless they reach the skyline its sometime difficult to make them out, especially with the speed of the birds. The decline seems to be on the resident population, a lot of that I would put down to loss of habitat; I used to have some of great marshy ground for woodcock but the farmers are removing cover & draining ground. This is pushing some of the birds into blocks of forestry which makes them difficult to count. Thanks for watching as always Cranfield. You always need to be prepared when woodcock shooting, especially is you are doing ditches as they quite often dip over the ditch before you get a shot. We are very lucky with what we have here and we are always mindful not to overshoot the wild bird. We could have shot more this day but we let some of them fly on. Dogs love it, that's what they live for.
  16. We are in County Antrim on the coast. Thanks Al. The weather has been unreal this Winter, not always the crisp days I enjoy but the sun has been shining more than not. It's been a better season for woodcock this year than last year that is for sure. Thanks for watching.
  17. Some more woodcock/rough shooting from Ireland. This was recorded on the 17th December 2016. We seemed to come on a fall of birds that had arrived in with the recent full moon. We flushed 21 woodcock, 10 of which made it into the bag along with 1 snipe & 1 pheasant. Apologies about all the slow motions, however, it is sometimes quite difficult to pick up the birds without slow motion shots. Thanks for watching
  18. Been very lucky with the weather this season!!! Definitely couldn't do it without a trusty companion, thanks again for your kind words.
  19. Wow, you shot some cracking birds in this video. Do you have to thump the gun everytime to start the Shotkam recording?
  20. Another video out on the Pheasant Syndicate. This one is from Boxing Day, so after loads of turkey & wine on Christmas Day the shooting wasn't great. Was a really great day weather wise but the sun constantly proved a hindrance with it in my eyes and also shining off the sea. I hope you all enjoy, plenty more videos to follow!!!
  21. Thanks. I climbed onto the ditch on my knees, was about to take cartridge out of the chamber when I heard the flush. It was quick & instinctive from my knees lol.
  22. Yeah lovely day it was. Love being out with the dogs, the bag is a bonus.
  23. Some Sunday viewing for you all. Only got this video made from November, a short outing on the woodcock. Managed to capture a lovely bird on video & it shows up really good in slow mo. Hope you all enjoy:
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