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  1. It taken me a while to get this video made as I haven't had time. However, this video is from the 27th September 2016, an outing on barley stubble. When I arrived at the fields the trees just exploded with pigeons, so I had a feeling it was going to be a great day. The wind was very strong and I only had one option on where to put the hide and unfortunately it meant the wind was in my face. This made for great shooting as some of the birds were shot going over my head with the wind. At times the wind was so strong that it was difficult to keep the hide up. The most action came after lunch when the pigeons just starting decoying much better. This was my first ever solo red letter day on pigeons and I packed up as soon as I reached the milestone. I probably could have stayed on another couple of hours & got another 20 or 30, but I had enough fun by that stage. Thanks for watching, make sure & stay tuned to the end for the bloopers section!!!
  2. I've been living in glengormley now for about 4 years, so I travel about that area & most of county Antrim looking for places to decoy. On that day there was loads of birds in the field but they wouldn't decoy, think the field had been shot quite a lot.
  3. Yeah right under the approach lol. There is quite a noise with those planes going over so low, but I think the birds are used to them; after that flyby I shot a crow 5 seconds later, so the plane never phased the birds approach.
  4. Here are some odds & ends clips from a couple of my decoying outings over the summer. Both days were not the best as regards weather & total bag, but still better than sitting in the house. Thanks for watching
  5. Certainly is good to see a few shot. I had a very good day last week, 100 woodies on barley stubble (so I'll try to get that video up soon). Yeah they decoyed well until the rain arrived. Thanks for watching.
  6. Great shooting as always. Love your flightline videos!!!
  7. Here is a video from the 6th of September. Myself & a mate spent a few hours on wheat stubble. Ended up a decent bag of corvids & a few pigeons. Unfortunately the rain was on & off throughout the day or we may have got to 3 figures. Hope you enjoy:
  8. Thanks as always cranners. Yeah one of the pigeons I dropped behind was a long & quick shot.
  9. Here is another crow & pigeon shooting video from Ireland. This video was filmed back on the 17th August, a few hours in the afternoon provided me with some decent sport.
  10. That looks really good. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Absolutely, too many boys going out slaughtering birds with no respect for the wild population. Fair enough if they are releasing birds, but not if it puts future population in jeopardy.
  12. Good vid al. Glad to see you packed up early. I see to many images at this time of year of boys out in the lough & slaughtering big numbers of duck.
  13. Thanks everyone again for the kind comments.
  14. Thanks. I love shooting on a flightline, birds nicer to shoot and it's more satisfying when you shoot a few. Yeah cows can be a pain sometimes, especially when I have the dog with me.
  15. Who knew cows would make such a good hide lol. The light wasn't great for the camera that day so the early part of the video isn't as good as I would hope.
  16. Thanks for watching & for commenting. The camera is housed in a waterproof cover, so the shots are muffled to a certain degree.
  17. Short video on this occasion. The following video was filmed on the 13th August 2016 in Ireland. We were shooting over some laid wheat, that the pigeons had started to feed on. The weather wasn't great and the action was slow enough, but we managed a respectable bag of 30 birds. Thanks for watching
  18. Thanks al, you out on the first on the lough? Can't stand it goose. I was out a few weeks before that & I came upon a place a hide was, there was empty boxes & shells lying everywhere!!! You can manage to carry to the field then you can carry it out!!!
  19. I think because the rotary was to the side of the crow kill area it didn't put them off. I was on the same field about 10 days later & the crows were decoying over the pigeons on the rotary. Whereas I was on a different field another day & had to take the rotary in. Yeah I made sure I wasn't firing through the wires. Not much of a climber though so no need for the wire lol.
  20. Thanks for watching. Hope you got out & got some birds.
  21. This video was filmed on 8th August 2016 shooting woodpigeons & crows on a wheat stubble field. About 10 days previous to this myself and a mate shot 34 pigeons on the same field prior to it being cut. This turned out to be a decent day out in the sunshine with some pigeons for the table. Thanks for watching
  22. County antrim up north. Thanks for watching.
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