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  1. Evening All, So long story short I organised a shoot day for a team and it was no where near acceptable - - The bag was supposed to be 150 birds and we didn't even have 30 shots - one of the guns didn't even fire a shot - They had 5 beaters including the keeper who was carrying a gun in the beating line and seemed to have more shooting than us. - There were no stops or flags and at one point we watched the a number of birds walk through the gun line - The keeper told us this was the first day to shoot some of the drives but one of the pickers up said they did the same drives on a walked up day the day before No one tipped the keeper but after talking to the team we would like a refund as the day was nowhere near like described, this has been denied by the shoot is there anything we can do? TIA Matt
  2. Here you go... may have got a little carried away... Url: www.jsramsbottom.com Onsite Address: J S Ramsbottom, PO Box 172, POULTON-LE-FYLDE, FY6 6DS Other Address: Park lane, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 4QQ Emails associated with the URL: sales@jsramsbottom.com. mailtosales@jsramsbottom.com, J.S.Ramsbottom@jsramsbottom.com Phone Numbers: 0844 8481400, 0845 33 11 463, 01535 605445 Average visits to site : 20,000 Average Page views per visit: 9.24 Bounce rate: 32.06% Website host: http://joker.com/ Registration Date: 2000-03-07 Vat NO: GB179802331 Ltd NO: None
  3. matth12321


    Did you catch it like a gentleman with a fly or like a savage with a worm?
  4. Just looked at past payments, last month it was only £26 for the same booking... They never seem busy, I can't see doubling the price will help that...
  5. Just booked into shoot at Bisley on Sunday for the afternoon... It's cost £50... Seems a bit steep? When did their prices go up? Not sure its worth it....
  6. How come? Gunstar seems to have more guns?
  7. Just out of interest who uses which site? Are you a guntrader or gunstar lover? Gunwatch is great too btw!
  8. I work for one of the big classified ads gun sites and our main demographic is 45+ year olds, almost 85% of our audience...
  9. Nothing wrong with the picture... could do with a strimmer tho!
  10. My girlfriend read it then said I could tie her up and do what I wanted... So I went fishing....
  11. Didn't realise... Just how good this site is/the mods on here are... just signed up to a well known stalking site... only to be getting flack from the mods for not putting up my life story in the intro section... the came out all guns blazing too... completely unnecessary... needless to say i won't be staying...
  12. Hi guys, I have just got my variation for a LBP through I'm tempted by one of these http://www.gunstar.co.uk/gsg-1911-tactical-22-pistol-hand-guns/Other-Military-Guns/810220 has any one got one? £580 seems to be the best price I can find one for? Are they as customisable as a real 1911? Matt
  13. Thanks for the response guys! Just had a look... unfortunately it sold over the weekend so I'm going to have to keep looking...
  14. Thanks very much! I'm still unsure... do you think i'd have more fun with something newer like this http://www.gunstar.co.uk/beeman-2006e-p17-with-red-dot-sight-177-air-pistols/Air-Guns/808045
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