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  1. willj


    Thanks all, I saved the application on my work PC so need to check as I thought I put down for an 22LR
  2. willj


    Evening all, I have just received my FAC after applying in June 2020, when applying I put down for 17 HMR 22CF and 22 Air, my question is can I purchase a 22LR instead of CF ?
  3. Cooter, great offer, if this don’t go by Wednesday I will have them, I’m based in Dunstable 👍
  4. willj


    Hi strimmer 13, I’m based in Bedfordshire
  5. willj


    Hi I’m looking to purchase a shot gun with hushpower silencer, 20g or 12g.
  6. This would be perfect for me, i'm based in dunstable, i'm in the process of applying for my FAC, just waiting for the doctors to complete my medical form. I know it won't be around long but if this doesn't sell give me a message, not to sure how long my application will take 😟
  7. Dan I did see this morning on FB (ferrets and ferreting page) that someone in Northampton area is looking to sell their hole set up including ferrets, or you could ask on that page if anyone is local to your area, they would be delighted to have mornings ferreting. Unfortunately i don't ferret any more which is a real shame as i used to love getting out. regards will
  8. Some great shooting there followed by some good video footage. 👍
  9. Bloody shame, too many guns ATM and I’m only in Dunstable 😩
  10. Why would you not use timber decking boards that you get out of DIY store, give it a good coat of treatment before you fix it down and leave a small gaps between them, 5mm to allow for any water and dirt from foot traffic above, at least this way you will allow air to flow through whilst not in use and it can also be cleaned out at the end of each shoot.
  11. Evening, nice gun, I’m from Dunstable, how much you looking for the divers bottle. regards will
  12. Hi tom, I’m also in LU5, I don’t have any permission but I’m will to meet up and have a go on the clays, iv shoot a few times down at woodcock in hocklife and next month I might join AGL, regards will
  13. willj


    Iv worked away in Cheltenham for the past 19 months and started yoga over a year ago, still doing it twice a week, best thing I started, now stretching muscles I never new existed. 💪🏻🦵
  14. Evening all I currently live in Cheltenham for work purposes during the week and get rather bored in the evenings. I hold a SGC and full Insured. im looking for some rat shooting with air rifle during the nights just to kill a bit of time (sorry about the punt) and to help out anyone that has any rat problems. i will have full respect for your buildings and live stock. willing to travel around locally. thanks for taking time to read this. regards will
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