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  1. Thanks for posting this, looks very useful 👍
  2. My kids have brought me an early Xmas present, DSC1 in April with BDS, never stalked yet so looking forward to it 👍 anyone else done there’s recently or booked for this year.
  3. willj


    Hawke scope 3. 9x40 mil dot reticle scope. in good condition, not been on my gun now for a few months now so surplus to requirements. Looking for £45 pp or collection welcome in Bedfordshire.
  4. willj


    Quality used 7x50 A MEOPTA scope in good condition, lens is sharp & clean, 25.4mm tube. I have just changed my scope to NV so no longer required. £230 recorded delivery or you are welcome to come & collect it. Bedfordshire area. please feel free to ask any questions.
  5. Old farrier, thanks for this info, I will start looking now 👍👍
  6. Old farmer, yes I am based just outside London so my flight would be from Luton the Glasgow, travelling up without the firearms but travelling back with a firearms, apart from my license & the correct for sale purchase form, what other paperwork will be required! Billy, the flight including rail & ferry would be around £80 - £100, I have never used RFD so not really sure on costs. I’m happy for you to recommend a good RFD 👍
  7. Thanks Walker570 👍✈️
  8. I’m just enquiring to see if any of your fellow shooter have taken a Rifle on a easy jet flight recently & was it simple or lots of hassle! I have read through there police & they state that Firearms are allowed in the hull of the plane but must be in the correct carrying case/bag. I have the chance to purchase a rifle but it’s in Scotland from my cousin, collecting it myself via a plane seems the cheapest option. any useful information would be helpful 👍
  9. I could be in the market for a 22 250, just applied for a variation, just paid the fee so bit of a waiting game now.
  10. Morning all, I’m looking to put in for a variation, just a little confused when I’m completing for form, do I need to put down just for the new gun or do I put down all of my existing guns & including the new gun 🤔 thanks
  11. willj

    22LR Magazine

    I’m looking for a 10 shot magazine for a cz455.
  12. Bedfordshire, Dunstable area
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