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  1. Looking for the above. What's around? Cheers
  2. Elliott

    Larsen trap

    Will do. Cheers
  3. Elliott

    Larsen trap

    Looking for one with multiple traps in it as mine lost a battle with a silage bail. Closer to wakefield the better. Cheers
  4. PM re 6.5x55 hornady dies
  5. Elliott

    Ar15 parts

    Looking for a buffer tube, stock, pistol grip and forend. Cheers
  6. Elliott

    rem 700 mount

    if I cant find a rail ill defiantly have them off of you mate cheers
  7. Elliott

    rem 700 mount

    how much you wanting for them?
  8. Elliott

    rem 700 mount

    as long as they are weaver I suppose not
  9. Elliott

    rem 700 mount

    anyone got a weaver rail mount for a rem 700 short action?
  10. Elliott

    .22-250 rem 700

    ive had a look thanks, its a bit out of my price range at the moment and it looks too good to be chopped and changed as well I forgot about that, my bad. ill send you a pm with the details
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