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  1. it's a shame you're banned, who's gonna rip the **** out of everyone now? huh?

  2. Oh no Alex, According to this thread mine are only pets as they live indoors. The fact they haven't eaten the house is that I have taken the time to house train them and not just shove them in a shed in my garden. However the fact that I have never lost a bird since having Merlin or the fact that my shooting is far better because I have a companion is irrelevant. They live indoors so they can't possibly be working dogs can they?
  3. I am just off to walk my pets, I won't get them to work or do any training as they are pets as they are sometimes in the house and they wouldn't be able to manage it.
  4. What makes you say that if they are inside they are a pet that works or a full working dog that lives outside. Mine are full working dogs that are inside if I am at home and outside if I have to go out. If you want to treat your dogs like a lawnmower that is in the garage until you need it then fine. Just don't knock others because of what they do :angry:
  5. Strange because she looked just like that when I met her.
  6. I am sure she can accomodate you Alex
  7. Click on the word HERE in the above post. Give Lucy a ring and tell her that Martin sent you. I am MC as in that is my username.
  8. It was from me Terry, Saf T Plugs are available HERE
  9. MC

    North vs South Shoot

    Only one pint? Mines about 4 to start with
  10. You'll be at the wrong shooting ground then :lol:
  11. The feeling is mutual, believe me.
  12. I think you have the wrong person, well respected? Generous? doesn't sound like me at all. Right now where are those hatsan wielding, canada goose shooting numpties for me to get stuck into?
  13. I thought they came with enough cable ties, jubilee clips and duck tape to keep them working for at least 10 shots? As for ringing up each year for spares rather than buy a proper gun like a Beretta. Don't make me laugh, my beretta is over 6 years old now and has never missed a beat. It certainly has never fallen apart or had bits missing or broken. Hatsan Escort - MAJOR FAIL :lol:
  14. No really, don't bother.
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