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  1. Looks interesting, thanks.
  2. I guess about a km, though I'm not totally sure where the street cabinet is.
  3. Plusnet used to be good years ago, but I found when BT took over they went really down hill. Speeds declined, customer service was useless. Now with Zen internet, and they're good. They do use BT copper, but they are competent and the customer service is good. Prices not too bad, think I pay £35 per month for phoneline and fibre to the cabinet. (So fast fibre connection to the street cabinet, then slow copper from cabinet to house). We get about 12Mb downstream, but we do live the middle of nowhere.
  4. We have a stream next to our house, which has flooded in the past. We have two options for insurance - cheap but no flood cover, or expensive but includes flood cover. We chose the latter.
  5. I've burned poplar and elm quite happily! Almost all wood will burn well if properly dried / seasoned.
  6. My Heta stove has a second airfeed at the bottom, a lever thing to pull out or in (under the ledge at the front, underneath the door). If you want to burn coal, you need to open this vent and close down the other vent once the stove is going, as coal fires need air from underneath, wood fires need air from the top as a general rule. Basically, try adjusting the various air vents. Having said that, I only burn wood on mine. It's only a small stove, 5kw, so it doesn't get through too much.
  7. Ok, thanks. I checked the spec online and it looks like you're right. Shame, but it might be ok.
  8. Thanks, that looks like the right sort of thing, and a decent price and reviews too. Do you know if allows email notifications rather than pushed phone alerts?
  9. The old one worked fine for this, and it had day / night mode with (I think) IR LEDs. My wildlife camera won't trigger on movement through windows however, I think because the glass blocks the PIR. I suppose it was motion that triggered my Keekoon, not PIR.
  10. Hi all As above. I'm looking for an IP camera I can plug in, connect to my wifi, point out of the window, and it will trigger when there's motion and send me an email with a picture (and maybe even a video clip) of the thing wot triggered said motion. I used to have a cheapy one of these, made by Keekoon if I remember right, which worked quite well for a couple of years. But it was a faff to set up, and eventually kept resetting itself to the point I gave up trying. Keekoon don't seem to make cameras any more, so can anyone recommend a modern, decent equivalent in the £30 ish price range? Thank you. Edit- actually, Keekoon do still make cameras. But I'd like to try something else, the security settings on the Keekoon camera weren't great, Gmail didn't like me using their SMTP servers with it!
  11. I moved from Bristol to South Wales two or three years ago. I've been surprised by how many tradespeople in Wales want cash and no paperwork. 40-50% maybe? I'd guess it was 10% or less in Bristol.
  12. Neighbour had a petrol XC90, fairly new. Reliable and good in snow, but thirsty.
  13. Hi all Found 8 litres of the above (2 x 4l, both unopened, fully synthetic engine oil) in my garage while having a clear out. I got these a while ago for my Subaru Legacy Spec B, but have sold the car. They don't seem to suit any of our current cars. Any use to anyone? Think I paid £25 ish per 4l, so I'd let it go for £15 ish per bottle? Collected from Chepstow or Bristol. Could possibly post, but it's heavy and liquid so might be expensive / difficult to post... I think the Pro Flex is the precursor to this, a pretty decent fully synth oil: https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-69365-fuchs-titan-gt1-flex-23-5w-30-fully-synthetic-engine-oil.aspx Cheers.
  14. Quiet, you! You haven't seen the state of the rest of it! Thanks. Maybe not something I can do myself with a quick fix then. Ah well.
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