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  1. Agreed. My neighbour is retired, and likes to hedge cut, strim etc. endlessly. I think he despairs over our garden, but ours is full of wildlife, odd plants and such and we like it that way.
  2. I thought the end of August was the end of bird nesting season? I leave my hedges till then, my neighbours cut theirs sooner. I can see a pigeon nesting in me conifer hedge outside the window right now. Some robins too I think.
  3. Thanks walker. Will eat them as normal then!
  4. Mildew, spot, scab? A few brownish leaves but the tree seems generally healthy. Will the apples be worth eating?
  5. Always interested in biltong recipes! Made some good stuff in the past using my hot smoker, but have a dehyrator to try now too... Can't remember the exact recipe I used but it was delicious!
  6. Not a fan of Plusnet, they went downhill quite a lot after the BT buyout. No experience of EE direct, however.
  7. I still have a couple of litres of proper creosote left, don't have much faith in the watery mordern version...
  8. Any thoughts on dulux trade ultimate opaque? Supposed to be better than the weathershield preservative, apparently?
  9. I'm not sure. Some sort of tropical hardwood I think, quite possibly iroko or similar. The conservatory is 20 plus years old and not in great shape. I'll do what I can to delay the inevitable!
  10. Many thanks for the advice, all. Will take it on board, get some bits and wait for a dry week. Cheers.
  11. Hi all As above - any suggestions, please? (Wooden conservatory and window frames in a damp Welsh valley!) A professional painted the window frames in question with (I think) a specialist paint by Zinsser, and it lifted off after a few months. Though the paint was applied to bare wood, no primer, which I thought was odd, but the joiner said it would be OK. It wasn't! Thanks.
  12. Thanks for that, will investigate further. Or get father in law on the case once lockdown is eased...
  13. Well, we've already spent some money on this bath, and it keeps costing more! Probably better in the long run to replace the whole thing and do it properly. You're right though, everything else will need to be done too. Oh well, it does function, mostly, at the moment anyway. The plastic cover around the taps & shower hose isn't moulded into the bath, it is separate. I slightly fear taking it off though, given that the bath & shower do both work (enough) at the moment. Bath is made by Jacuzzi, model JP 12F-DIS I believe. I have got the installation instructions for it, and it doesn't refer to the shower hose at all... Many thanks for taking the time 👍 Think the bath is a Celtia.
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