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  1. Quiet, you! You haven't seen the state of the rest of it! Thanks. Maybe not something I can do myself with a quick fix then. Ah well.
  2. The open window is about 180 years old! (If original, anyway...) I know it's a bit tired and needs some TLC and paint... Anything else?
  3. Cheers gents. Will consider the options and what I'm capabale of!
  4. Thanks all I'm trying to avoid lifting the roof, I think it may become a larger project than I have the time or skill for! Something to pour or brush on to level things off a bit would help without major surgery, I hope. Screed I could probably cope with, as long as it's not to heavy. It will need to wait until Spring now anyway I reckon, it's not going to dry out until then.
  5. I don't think anything has sunk - it's a fairly new roof, about 15 years old. I think it was just done poorly in the first place, with no fall! If totally horizontal, less water would gather on it than now, when it pools. But if there's something I can pour on there then set a slight fall to, directing the water outwards, that would be even better...
  6. Hi all Just wondering, is the above a thing? We have a flat(ish) roof where the angles are wrong, and water pools on the lead, traps leaves and things and goes manky and smelly. Re-angling the roof and refitting the lead are fairly major work, but I was wondering if there is something I can pour into the lead dip to flatten everything out, or ideally slope it outwards slightly so water drains down to the gutter rather than sitting on the roof? It would need to be waterproof, obviously! Picture attached. Thanks.
  7. sandspider


    It would take up less space and probably last / keep better if you stewed the apples, then froze the mush?
  8. Thanks, we think so! It's a lovely car to drive...
  9. Hi all My wife's car is for sale due to new car. Full details at the link below: £900 https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/2004-bmw-316i-msport-saloon-e46-/1354518484 Cheers.
  10. Thanks Bumpy, nice offer. I'll send you a PM.
  11. Cheers all, food for thought. Will see if I can find a cheap one local ish to have an experiment with. Alas, the one on here is up north and not worth RFD ing at that price...
  12. Hmm, that is quite tempting. Maybe I just want another gun!
  13. That's pretty much what I thought, thanks. I know I don't have to be silent, but it just seems sensible to be discrete. Maybe I'll get a new air rifle instead! (I do have low powered subs for my .22, they work quite well)
  14. Hi all Just wondering, is the above really possible? When I say really quiet, I mean air rifle quiet perhaps? I have a permission in a valley surrounded by trees with houses in it, and even a subsonic .22lr makes quite an echo. If I can find a really quiet supressed shotgun, it might be a useful addition to my collection... I fear however that even a supressed shotgun is not likely to be that quiet? Thanks.
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