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  1. Thanks Dougy, and for the pm. Filter was changed a year or so ago iirc, so should still be good I hope.
  2. Thanks all I have tried running it for a while on max heat, didn't seem to help much. Will try it again with cold first, then hot, then try a cleaner if that doesn't work!
  3. Hi folks Considering one of the above, as my car aircon smells a bit grim when switching from air con to just blowers. (Not been used much recently, so sitting in the damp and rain a bit). Do the aerosols actually do any good, or are they just a waste of time and money? Thanks.
  4. Been there a few times, better under James than the old chap (Richard?). Still a bit hit and miss, but generally worth a visit.
  5. Glucosamine gel can help. Seems to help my wrist tendonitis issues, but apparently doesn't work for everyone.
  6. Thanks, but given the amount of draughts we already have I don't think more trickle vents will cut it! Thanks.
  7. Possibly so! One half of the house is damper than the other, anyway...
  8. Ah, just found it. Up to 200m2. We'd need bigger, maybe they have an industrial one that would work...
  9. Thanks, all. Sounds encouraging! Jaymo, what sort of size is the house? Can't find figures for surface area where they're effective online. Also, are they DIY level to install, or need pros?
  10. Hi all. Toying with the idea of one of these, but not sure it'll really help. It's a big, old, cold, stone house in a damp Welsh river valley. Not very well insulated and quite rambling. It has the odd damp patch and quite a lot of condensation, even on the few DG windows. Would PIV help, or just be a waste of time with draughts and damp air outside? Or would it run up a huge electricity bill warming cold attic air? I'm sure someone on here knows all about it! If it would help dry things out, then some idea of likely costs to purchase, install and run would be useful, if anyone can advis
  11. Of course not. But dark humour can be an escape from the horrors of the sad reality.
  12. That did make me chuckle.
  13. Cheers folks. Giving glucosamine gel (cheers Aled) and ibuprofen combined a try, seems to be helping, but I can still make things worse by overdoing it, and quite hard to avoid that. Full time wrist splint too, but I really don't want to make matters worse or cause long(er) term problems.
  14. Many thanks for the responses, all. Some good suggestions & info here. Will talk to my doctor again about the options, but wrist support overnight does seem to be helping a bit more than during the day. Already using mouse left handed, and trying not to type with right hand. Failing, as I'm doing it now and it's so slow left handed only. Pretty sure the "adult content" on my router is not to blame, alas, hence the children!!
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