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  1. Thanks one and all. I'm not trying to look at bores, so think I'll give this one a go. Can't really go wrong at the price.
  2. Hi all Thinking about getting one of the above, to look for leaks in pipework, inaccessible bits of cars etc. A quick squiz on ebay finds me this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HD-1200P-Inspection-Camera-Borescope-Endoscope-USB-Type-C-For-Android-Phone-PC/264132845064?hash=item3d7f8b5e08:m:mD-PN2BjxPmiCCnoOZOnhyw It comes from China, but seems to have a better resolution than the usual 640x480. Is this all I need? Is there any reason to spend more? Can anyone recommend a good one? I don't mind spending a bit more if there's a tangible difference in quality, functionality etc. Thanks.
  3. I've heard very little in the mainstream media about Farage's new party. Are they being hidden so people don't know about them, or have they not actually said / done much?
  4. She's out https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-47369669
  5. Dip the cutting bases in hormone rooting powder, and keep damp. Put a little plastic bag tent over the pot to keep moisture in - the soil needs to be damp, not soaking wet. If hardwood cutting you can scrape a bit of the base of the cutting to encourage root growth before dipping in HRP. Having said that, some species' cuttings root better than others.
  6. http://chng.it/HdYPZ5ksMM Petition saying MPs who leave their party should step down, not stay on as independents, as they were voted in on party manifestos.
  7. sandspider


    I have a similar Tag, yellow face but steel gold bracelet and gold crown. I love it! Think mine is a Tag 2000 if I remember right.
  8. I've never actually tried a pipe, I just like the smell of tobacco more than the taste...
  9. Good effort, future custodians of the countryside, and helps to get them outside away from the screens.
  10. There's an old fashioned tobacconist in Bristol that I like to go into, it smells so nice and is full of old, dark wood. I smoke the very occasional cigar, might try a pipe at some point. Would be nice to find a tobacco that smells nice and doesn't taste grim. Or hire someone else to smoke them for me, while I stand down wind!
  11. Ex of mine does it. Pays well, but a lot of responsibility and a lot of training to get there I believe.
  12. Don't work for them, but complain to them on a regular basis! Good luck...
  13. Any photos? And do you ever come up near Chepstow at all?! Cheers.
  14. X27 works well, but is a bit pricey. A £12 (or thereabouts) maul from Toolstation does nearly as good a job, but is heavier. I usually use the X27 as I have one, but the big old maul (or the chainsaw) come out for stubborn bits.
  15. I'd like to know more details (make, model etc.) on the new good system, please? Sounds like a good price if the system is decent...
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