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  1. sandspider

    Engine carbon clean

    I thought the 2stroke oil addition wasn't recommended for modern diesels? Apparently archoil has some good diesel cleaners, though I've never tried myself..
  2. sandspider

    Woodwork/tool question

  3. sandspider

    Woodwork/tool question

    Use seasoned wood for your wedges. If you use unseasoned, it will shrink as it dries and the wedge will pop out...
  4. sandspider

    mullion cove cornwall

    Good to know that place is still going. Went in there once as a child many years ago looking for a BB gun - they explained that they weren't a toy shop!
  5. sandspider

    The Wild Life

    JLS writes some good books, on foraging, country life, trees, meadows, hares and some historical stuff about the military / ancient wars. He hasn't written many books that I've not enjoyed.
  6. sandspider

    Emergency Alerts

    My OnePlus has the option. Never received an alert, fortunately... As for Radio 4, I seem to remember seeing somewhere that one of the factors used to decide to allow our submarines to launch nuclear missiles is if Radio 4 is no longer broadcasting!
  7. sandspider

    Bean to cup coffee machine

    We have a similar machine, but the espresso version. We don't often use the steam wand either, microwave is easier and quicker, but it does make really nice coffee, with or without steamed milk. Would have another. Ours is OK with pre-ground coffee too, but the bean stuff is nicer. Random coffee drinkers compliment it!
  8. sandspider

    Super glue "varnish"

    That's a nice looking handle.
  9. I've noticed a few ricochets from my Winnie subs recently. I don't seem to get them with RWS Z-lang, which are solid heads, but they're also lower power - so that might be why. They do drop more than the Winnies, but that's definitely because they're lower powered!
  10. sandspider

    DAB radio time signal query

    Ours has gone an hour wrong several times over the past couple of months. I thought it was because we have poor signal, but maybe there's more of a problem?
  11. sandspider

    Tesla one year on

    How is the range? And who's the rock star?!
  12. sandspider

    4x4 for £2.5k

    My Subaru Legacy wasn't great - thirsty and unreliable. (I was expecting good things from it, but it really didn't live up the reputation) Jimny was great, but I wouldn't want to go 130 miles in it! I'd look at a Vitara.
  13. sandspider

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    Not driven a Fiesta Ecoboost, but I'd be wary of VW after the emissions scandal - and more to the point how they dealt with it. (Flat out denial, no responsibility, minimum warranty for affected cars in the UK, contributing as little as possible to failed components - or not at all where car owner isn't wise to the scanal etc. Whereas in the US affected cars were bought back at full price I think by VW)
  14. sandspider

    1986 Porsche 944! 2.5 litre Lux

    They are great cars, and I've enjoyed this one a lot. (Tried a 944 turbo but the Lux is more usable as a day to day drive - smoother power delivery. I'd consider a 3.0 litre S2 though!) As the rubbish rotten ones become uneconomical to repair, the good ones should appreciate - in fact, values have definitely gone up since I bought mine. Had a strong interest from a chap today, and now I'm tempted to keep it!