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  1. Cheers, will have a look.
  2. Which are these copy sets of which you speak?!
  3. Thanks folks. Will look on TFF too. Bridge needs to take at least 12 tons weight, mini oil tankers, and feeds 4 or 5 houses, so I'm not willing to self build it. Stream is usually medium flow, but in winter it can really flood and has a lot of power. (This scoured out and cracked the bridge foundations in the flooding last year) Will try SWP, cheers.
  4. Yep, that would work. But cost wise it looks like they'd be more than repairing our existing bridge, albeit they'd probably last longer. Hmm.
  5. Thanks all. It's to cross a stream. Stone foundations in place, but would need a bit of patching up. Just trying to figure out if it's cheaper to patch up the existing bridge (which is a bit too small and quite aged now - lime mortarted stone) or replace with something modern, less characterful but stronger and longer lasting. A big culvert pipe would probably work. I'll have a look at costs. Access isn't great, however.
  6. Hi all Slightly random, but does anyone have any ideas of costs for pre-cast concrete bridges? Not very big, maybe 1m high by 1.5m span. I've asked for quotes from a couple of places but no one has got back to me. Just a very rough figure would do for now. Anyone had one recently? Or can recommend a supplier / installer in the South West? Thank you.
  7. Did you get a chance to find what model Edd, and where you got it? Thanks.
  8. Thanks Edd, that does sound more within my skill level. think 250m2 would still take me a while!
  9. Ditto the above question. I was toying with the idea of the Aldi chainsaw, but as I don't have the battery or charger it would be more like £100. If I can get a decent Stihl for sub £200 that would be pretty tempting...
  10. Battery saw? Toying with this idea for my next chainsaw... (Not for big felling, more processing logs etc.)
  11. Ahh, understood - I thought you were all referring to GRP roofing sheets, pre-made, not make your own. This makes more sense. Not cheap, mind.
  12. Thanks, but a gel coat and a top coat of what?!
  13. Fair enough! Just lay up to the edge of each roof segment, then fit some sort of cover over the joins? Thanks
  14. Hi all I've got an oldish summerhouse with a 4 sided roof (not the normal 2 side / apex roof) which could do with a new roof. It's currently got fake tiles made from roofing felt which haven't lasted too well and tend to leak, tear and blow off. What can I replace them with that is cheap and easy DIY? (Rest of the summerhouse isn't in a great state so don't think it's worth spending lots of money on). EPDM rubber? Roofing felt? Tile effect metal roof sheets? I'm not quite sure on the best way to make the joins neat and water tight on each corner where the 4 sides of the roof join... (Much
  15. This is the thing. Doubt any airlines or travel insurance companies will be keen to refund in the event of Corona outbreak or cancelled travel for other Corona related reasons. Hmm.
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