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  1. Thanks. Might see if I can find some straws...
  2. As above. I have a Skoda with a Haldex unit - I change the Haldex oil every 4 years (I think) and the filter every other change, despite Skoda saying it doesn't need to be changed. I had to tell a supposedly good independent VAG garage how to to it as they didn't think the filter could be changed!
  3. With the .22 in the straw, does the bullet come out with any velocity? I'd guess not much, as there's no barrel to direct it and contain the explosion?
  4. True. But I'd still marginally prefer the US spyware over Chinese spyware- at least the us has some accountability and oversight.
  5. Got the new phone, removed some spyware / adware, and generally working well. Bigger and heftier than my old one, but good value. The Miui version of Android is a bit different, but I'll get used to it / set it up how I like. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. Well, I'm uncertain of the Chinese governments involvment in Xiaomi, and have some privacy concerns. But, the value is hard to argue with - and I couldn't find anything definite about data mining etc. on Xiaomi kit. Maybe I'm being paranoid...
  7. I feel the same about Apple products! So expensive and so limited in what you can do with them.
  8. Well, I've gone for a Poco X3 Pro. Supposedly a good budget option, decent storage & RAM, memory card slot, fast processor. Bit chunky perhaps and the camera isn't wonderful, but I don't really care about that. Just got to manage without a phone until it arrives now, could be a few days... :s
  9. Ahh, it's Xiaomi, which I'm not that keen on for the reasons mentioned above. Hmm.
  10. Anyone have a Poco? Some quite good deals on them at the moment, but not a brand I've heard of.
  11. THanks folks. I'd be happy with a Samsung, they're generally reliable in my experience. More than 32gb storage would be useful, but if the A20e supports external SD cards that would work...
  12. Hi all Just wondering, can anyone recommend a new middle of the range android mobile phone? My oneplus 5t has just died and can't be factory reset - it only lasted 3.5 years so I wouldn't go OnePlus again. I'm Sim free. I need to get a new one quickly! The OnePlus was £500 odd, I don't want to spend that much again... Budget of £250 maybe? Thanks.
  13. Plenty of rain down here! Did it leak this time?
  14. Ivy gets some water via the little roots on the stems, if I remember right. I know it takes a surprisingly long time (6 months?) for it to brown off when the major stems have all been cut. Having said that, if some have died off completely and others look untouched, you must have missed a stem or two!
  15. I've got about 20 ash trees, about half mature. One or two of the big ones seem clear and healthy (cross fingers), and one or two of the smaller ones. The rest seem to have it pretty bad and will need to come down, at great expense. I believe somewhere between 8 and 12% of ash have some level of immunity...
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