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  1. I believe she had to be sown into those leggings every time, and couldn't take them off to wee! Sad times.
  2. Post a thread, we love shed / workshop porn on here! Thanks
  3. I'd be interested to see pics if they're handy? (Another shed is one of many things on the list to do!)
  4. Went to school with a chap who's currently in Broadmoor (or was, anyway) for stabbing his roommate a lot of times with two knives. To the extent he snapped one of the knives on the floor through said roommate. He was a bit odd at school, but not that odd we didn't think.
  5. Moth trap is a good idea, lots in our garden. Presumably some sort of light in a box, funnel underneath, with egg cartons stacked for the moths to crawl into should do it... https://butterfly-conservation.org/in-your-area/east-scotland-branch/budget-bucket-moth-trap
  6. Apparently (according to Nextdoor) they were out last night, letting down the tyres of a couple of hybrid volvos - not exactly big petrol guzzling 4x4s. Also, apparently a TV crew was accompanying them, and the TV crew hung around after the event to interview the car owners next morning! Their report will be shown on channel 4 on Monday night, possibly...
  7. Sounds like it's more of an overnight thing. I suppose they don't want to be caught in the act by a justifiably irate car owner.
  8. Quite common around Bristol at the moment it seems. Ironically, the tyres then have to be pumped up again, consuming carbon (assuming an electric pump is used) and delaying and inconveniencing the car owner too. Having said that, I have little time for big, thirsty 4x4s only used in cities, no need for them.
  9. Tap water is fine, bottled water is a waste of money and plastic.
  10. Thanks. Might plant a few of those too...
  11. Very smart. What are the blue flowers in the second and 3rd pic?
  12. Thanks folks. Alas, when the previous owners of our house bought the land from the neighbours they agreed that they (previous owners) would be responsible for the fencing. Then they didn't, and we bought the house. Also, the neighbours are pretty good generally and we want to keep good relations. And the trees are windbreak / hedge plantings, not mature or valuable. Secondhand fence from FB marketplace with fence hangers might be the best solution. 👍
  13. Tried that, they didn't seem bothered! Said I could put up an elec fence if I wanted to. Will have a look at MVF, thanks.
  14. Hi all There are horses in my neighbour's paddock, separated by a post and wire fence (mine), and the beasts keep leaning over to chew my trees. Thinking of fitting an electric fence wire to the existing fence posts. Can I put it straight up in the air from the tops of the posts? (Further from walkers in the field, and further from growth that might earth it) Assuming I can use the existing posts to hold a wire, am I right in thinking I just need an energiser, wire, a battery and (solar) charger, a ground rod and the insulated holders to keep the wire clear of the fence posts? Where's a good place to buy electric fencing kit? Sure someone here knows! Thanks.
  15. But a decent sized installation and batteries is now closer to £20,000 than £10,000, as I understand it? So a lot more up front cost and longer payoff? Though I suppose electricity costs are only going to go up...
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