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  1. Handfasting Ceremony

    If they try to usher you into a large wicker man, my advice is to leave sharpish!
  2. Cci 22lr quiets.

    I use the Z Langs too, I know the odd stockist down here but that's probably not much good to you!
  3. Vitara GV1600 16V 2003 parts advice

    carparts4less.co.uk is the same company as ECP, but cheaper. And they regularly have ~15% off too. Had a number of parts from them with no problems so far - touch wood!
  4. Petrol chainsaw

    I've had a cheapy Chinese chainsaw (badged as Spear & Jackson) for about 10 years now. Cost me £70 odd, and has cut 30 or 40m3 of logs in that time. Bit hard to start sometimes but it keeps going, cuts well with a sharp chain and does the job fine for me. Never needed any parts for mine, so parts availability hasn't been an issue! Should imagine I could get an air filter and spark plug if I need...
  5. Lure making

    Like that, thanks.
  6. Help Required In Picking The Right 4 x 4 PLEASE

    I had a Legacy Spec B. Lots of fun, thirsty and capable. But one of the less reliable cars I've had. Front spring snapped, electrical faults, alarm problem, brakes corroded, various other issues. Sold it at a big loss. Not as good as I'd hoped for I'm afraid.
  7. Heating system

    Had a power flush on my CH system when we had a new boiler installed. Cost about £250 IIRC. Having said that, it didn't get all the sludge out of the two worst radiators (annoyingly). I had to get the plumber back, and we took the worst rads off the wall, took them out into the garden and put a hose through them. We also had one fall over, and that got a lot more black stuff out of it! So in my experience, power flushing doesn't do that much to serious sludge buildup...
  8. Transferring ammo

    Huh. I'm under Gwent police, and it seems that they do care. Ah well.
  9. Transferring ammo

    I used to shoot more than I do now, as I've now got a small baby, live in a different place further from my main permission etc. When I originally got my FAC, I was authorised to buy 500 and keep 600, as the granting FEO was happy that I wanted to buy bricks of 500 rounds at a time for consistency of ammo batching and accuracy, as well as a cost saving. Then I probably shot around 300 rounds per year. The new FEO said that wanting to buy ammo in bulk (for accuracy or cost) is not grounds for an ammo allowance, and I currently only shoot maybe 100 rounds a year. It's a bit of a moot point as hopefully I'll get more time to shoot when the baby is a bit older, but I was just interested as to whether there was actually no need to show usage any more? Sounds like there still is, at least in Wales...
  10. Aldi

    Can't remember exactly and not at home - De'Longhi caffe magnifica I think?
  11. Transferring ammo

    Do you know if this is official? Because at my last renewal (South Wales) my new FEO said that he'd be looking to lower my ammunition allowance (at next renewal) if I couldn't show more usage...
  12. Aldi

    Bean to cup all the way. Then I can choose the beans I like, grind them as I like etc. Not tied to a limited selection of pods, that may one day not be available, that are wasteful and plasticy etc. Random side note - I made a (bean to cup_ coffee the other day for a chap fixing my garage door. He said it was the best he'd ever tasted and that I should open a cafe! (Even if he was just buttering me up, I enjoyed it!)
  13. Dentists

    I paid £17 (if I remember right) for an NHS dental check up. Can't remember how long I had to wait, couple of weeks? Dentist did a good thorough job including a polish and didn't want to see me again for 18 months.
  14. TPM sensors stolen

    Pointless scum. Someone nicked my neihgbours windscreen wipers, and even went to the trouble of putting their old warn ones back on her car!
  15. IP camera

    Ahh, right. Didn't read the post properly! Thought it was just email that didn't work. If you don't get a notification on your phone when you wave at the camera motion detection might not be working. Assuming it's turned on, sensitivity is set right etc. Try a different app?