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  1. Hi all Thanks for the thoughts. The flimsiness is my main worry, having had a gazebo that was described as "heavy duty" collapse after two days of minor breeze. Beefed up polytunnel is a good thought, as I've had a fairly basic one on a similar site for 2 years or so with fairly minimal damage. Door's not big enough to get a tractor in, but there's probably a way! 👍
  2. Thanks Stephen, that does look fairly decent, though pics aren't big enough to see joints on struts etc. Will try and see one in the flesh. Hope it stays up for you!
  3. Hi all As above - thinking about getting some sort of tent / temporary garage thing to hold a small tractor, on softish ground. It will need to be strong enough to stay up year round in all weather conditions. I see quite a few on eBay and similar for the £200 - £500 ish mark, but all look a bit rubbish and often say they're not liable for wind damage - which defeats the purpose. Can anyone recommend a good one? Ideally closer to £200 than £500, but don't mind paying a bit more if it gets a better product... Thanks.
  4. Thanks chaps, they look the right sort of broker.
  5. Thanks chaps. No local broker, long gone! A previous occupant of a neighbour's house managed to flood his property by blocking a small stream, years ago, and it's still on record. It may never come off! Pain.
  6. Hi all Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good home insurance company, for a small holding type property? Oil heating, trees, bit of land, some public access / liability etc. NFU won't cover it as it's in a flood area (small stream!) The usual big names sometimes will, but they're expensive and I'm not sure how good their policies are for rural things like oil theft, tree falling, bridge collapse... Anyone know of / use a good one? Cheers.
  7. I used Alliant 2400 for my 410 home loads. I also got a very basic hand reloading kit from an RFD, a couple of powder scoops and a hand powered RTO for a few quid. Bought a little electric scale and made some nice shells. Not quick, but it was cheap!
  8. I've done it for tomatoes and chillis in the greenhouse, and it certainly seemed to help.
  9. sandspider

    Rde on Mower

    Is it any good on steepish slopes?!
  10. Thanks. I looked at them, but they said they wouldn't insure us if the rental provider (Canadream) didn't have their own CDW policy, which apparently they do not. But Canadream do offer insurance, so there would only be an excess to pay - so I think it's CDW by another name, and the above policy would probably work! They're also the cheapest I've seen by a fair way.
  11. I looked into this vaguely a while back. My impression was that the wood pellets were pricey (and only likely to get more so) and the install costs of pellet boilers were high, to get the RHI value. In the end, we went oil boiler, with a couple of log burners.
  12. Do you have UFH? Had a leak that was hard to track down, turned out to be the UFH manifold...
  13. Hi all Just wondering if anyone can recommend a company that does good value excess insurance for motorhome hire? Found a couple on the internet, but a recommendation would be good if anyone has one... Cheers.
  14. Thanks zapp, sounds encouraging again. Sandero is ncap 4, but it is quite a small car...
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