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  1. Ahh, that explains it. Did feel nice in my pants though!
  2. We don't want anyone releasing anything unsuspected from their members! 😨
  3. I tried the salt, and the weeds came back in a couple of months! Did turn my manhole cover nice and rusty though...
  4. Thanks all. Waiting for a chippy from here to have a look as it happens. It's an old stone house, so nothing is level, even or square! I don't dare take any stones out, the whole thing might collapse!
  5. Powdery oak mildew? Had it on mine in the past, think they all (or at least mostly) survived. I didn't prune or anything, just watered and mulched a bit.
  6. Thanks all. I'm sure I could make a start, but I fear that once I get stuck in I'll find something else wrong and will make matters worse! TT, thanks for the kind offer, I'm just outside Chepstow, so not a million miles out of your way perhaps. Can certainly find bacon sandwiches and tea! Maybe even coffee if you're lucky
  7. Thanks gents. But it's not just the overhang that's rotten, it's the whole sill, almost back to the windows. And the sill sits under the bricks on either side, so I'm not sure how I'd cut out the affected bit?
  8. I've got an old wooden window sill with some rot. I was going to cut out the rot, fill it, sand it and paint it, but on looking at it, there's quite a lot of rot, and it really needs a new bit of wood, which I think is beyond me. It will also happen again in a few years I imagine. So, I was wondering (possibly foolishly), could I fit a length of plastic sheet over the top of the sill (with spacers to keep if from touching the wood directly, to let the wood dry out if it does get damp), overhanging the sill by a couple of cms to push drips away from the wood, to keep the (worst) of the rain off it and slow down the decay? Or is this a waste of time? Thanks.
  9. Another vote for the solar LED ones, surprisingly good.
  10. Change the filter too. Most garages will only change the oil, as according to Skoda, the filter isn't replaceable. But it is, and it will help! I had trouble with this with a so called VW specialist garage - I explained they needed to change the filter too, and explained how to do it, and they just did the oil! This explains how to do it, for Gen 4 Haldex anyway: https://www.haldexrepairs.co.uk/replace-generation-4-filter-andor-pump/ Having said that, I think newer Haldexes are a bit easier to change the filter, and it may even be a service item? Mine's 2011 and Gen 4. Worth double checking.
  11. Counter productive virtue signalling numpties.
  12. Autoaid here too. It has gone up by about £20, but still one of the best options. Covers me and my wife in any car; includes hotel expenses and such though I've never needed to claim them, fortunately. Have used them a handful of times, and service and time to get to the breakfown varies a bit - they use local operators. Never been fixed at the roadside, but never expected to be really. Overall, happy with them and have just renewed at the higher price.
  13. Thanks all. I know how you're supposed to light them, I just don't want to have to lug meths around as well as paraffin if it can be avoided...
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