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  1. Strange how it varies locally. Here I can see a doctor same day (if I can get through to the surgery on the very busy phone lines while there's still an appointment available) but can't see a dentist for love or money. Can't book doctor's appointments in advance, but think that's a Welsh thing anyway - same day appointments only so their waiting lists can't be seen to be too bad?
  2. Thanks folks. Will try the suggested ones.
  3. Hi all Can anyone recommend a good company for the above? I'm currently with Cherished Car Insurance, and have had no problems with them - but have never had to claim, fortunately. Their prices keep going up though, I'm currently paying £80 a year for an old compact tractor worth £4000 on a good day - and this policy is one size fits all, and it includes road use, which I'm never going to do. I imagine road use would be a fair chunk of the premium... Any alternatives worth looking at, or is this a fair price really, even though I'm unlikely to use it on the road? Cheers.
  4. No, not a very common gun. Mine cycles beautifully, but only with one particular magazine! Looks like I'll be keeping the spare stock then ☺️
  5. Hi all As above, really. I found a spare stock for my cz 511 semi auto, which I'm very unlikely to use. It's got a few marks on it, but seems to be complete. Does it have any value?
  6. Given the waiting list for an orthopaedic consultation in Wales is currently something like 2 years, I'm having to have a private consultation too. Hopefully the consultant can then refer me back to the NHS for necessary surgery / follow ups etc. I begrudge paying too, but I want / need to be seen, and it won't be quick on the NHS...
  7. I hit it, and it seems to be working again anyway!
  8. Many thanks Hodge, that's good to know. Couldn't ring garage till Monday and gov site doesn't differentiate between front and rear windscreens, but sounds like it'll be ok. Thanks all.
  9. Darn, I was hoping it wasn't tested. A bit of googling suggests it's not, unless the requirements have changed recently? https://www.thewindscreenco.co.uk/help-advice/mot-windscreen-rules-and-regulations-for-cars/#will-windscreen-wipers-fail-mot This is from march 2021. Any MOT testers on here? I think the faff to fit a blanking plate would be almost as bad as stripping the motor!
  10. Hi folks Am I right in thinking that the rear windscreen wiper not working is not an MOT failure? Government guidance says that the windscreen wipers not working is a failure, but doesn't mention the back wiper. Mine has just stopped working and my MOT is next week! I don't want them to replace the motor as it's pricey, and I think I can fix it, given time...
  11. On a small test, I've not found much difference between Winchester 40gr and 38gr. Both seem to group well in my CZ.
  12. I've just booked a 10 year fixed rate. Can't see rates going much lower, surely the only way is up - but I don't know when... (Also, I'm prepared to pay a little more to know that our payments are fixed).
  13. Thanks. Might see if I can find some straws...
  14. As above. I have a Skoda with a Haldex unit - I change the Haldex oil every 4 years (I think) and the filter every other change, despite Skoda saying it doesn't need to be changed. I had to tell a supposedly good independent VAG garage how to to it as they didn't think the filter could be changed!
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