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  1. sandspider

    car trailer for sale

    Any photos? And do you ever come up near Chepstow at all?! Cheers.
  2. sandspider

    Splitting Axe

    X27 works well, but is a bit pricey. A £12 (or thereabouts) maul from Toolstation does nearly as good a job, but is heavier. I usually use the X27 as I have one, but the big old maul (or the chainsaw) come out for stubborn bits.
  3. sandspider

    Swan cctv cameras

    I'd like to know more details (make, model etc.) on the new good system, please? Sounds like a good price if the system is decent...
  4. sandspider

    Smart meter?

    My energy supplier is very very keen for me to have one - too keen. I'm happy the way I am, giving the odd meter reading and with an instantaneous / daily consumption meter (non smart) to keep an eye on what's doing what in my house.
  5. sandspider

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    Thanks for the recommendations for Jim Corbett. Got a couple of his books on my kindle, great reading. The man had balls!
  6. sandspider

    Decent waterproof shoes!

    They look good. Overkill for my needs though! I ended up with a pair of Beaulys by waldlaufer. So far very comfortable, and lighter and better made than my previous goretex type shoes. Not cheap though. We'll see how they last.
  7. sandspider

    HMS Belfast

    Great book! A bit of dramatisation, but definitely some truth in it too.
  8. sandspider

    Wales / Bristol clay ground

    Brookbank is good. Had a lesson there once with the blonde girl who shoots for the UK olympic team, Abbey something? Seems that Treetops in Wales has closed down, shame, it was good a while back.
  9. sandspider

    Responsibility for bridge?

    We already take the bins etc. over the bridge to the main road. And nothing too big (and hopefully heavy) could fit over the bridge anyway! Cheers, that seems a reasonable inspection regime. (I do our trees more often, but they're more likely to change than a bridge is...)
  10. sandspider

    BREXIT - merged threads

    My MP (a leaver) is going to back May's deal. He says that's still a better option than no Brexit at all, which he thinks is the alternative. I'm not sure myself...
  11. sandspider

    Responsibility for bridge?

  12. sandspider

    Responsibility for bridge?

    Yes, I know it is - I just want to know what I need to do to have shown a duty of care. I've spoken to my insurer, and we have public liability insurance that would cover bridge collapse! So all is well. It was, but only in basic terms - "everyone agrees to contribute to maintain shared access to the lane" or similar. The bridge isn't mentioned specifically. In retrospect, our conveyancers weren't too good, or thorough.
  13. sandspider

    Responsibility for bridge?

    Thanks all. We don't have a road committee, it's just a little hamlet. We share the access road (shared responsibility for maintenance, we each own different parts of it, everyone has a right of access down it) but the bridge is on our bit! Don't think any of the neighbours would want to play blame games, but not sure about deliveries etc. Will talk to my house insurance. If they wouldn't cover it, some sort of indemnity insurance might be wise. I think it's in pretty good shape - I was just wondering if I need to have it profesionally inspected or anything. Sounds like that's probably not necessary as long as it looks in reasonable condition. Cheers.
  14. sandspider

    Responsibility for bridge?

    Hi all Bit of a random question, but wondering if anyone on PW might have an idea... We have a bridge crossing a little stream on our property, which provides access to our house and several neighbours. We and the neighbours share upkeep of the road (private /non-highways road) and in theory the bridge. The bridge is pretty ancient, though it seems in fairly good condition. I wonder where we'd stand legally if someone drove over it and fell through? I imagine we have a duty of care to keep an eye on it (no problem), but do we have to have it checked by surveyors etc.? I don't want anyone to fall through it, but also don't want to throw money at surveyors etc. (which I doubt the neighbours would want to contribute to, even though they use said bridge) if that's not necessary. Would my keeping an eye on it, keeping a record of this (and fixing any obvious damage, which I would try and charge the neighbours their share) be enough to show that I've fulfilled my duty of care? Any thoughts (ideally legal ish ones!) would be great. Thanks.
  15. sandspider

    The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs,Coen Brothers Movie.

    The actual people that Narcos are based on (not Pablo!) did a few Q & A sessions, including one in Bristol. Apparently 1/3 of Narcos is dead accurate; 1/3 is reasonably accurate but sexed up a bit; and 1/3 is pure Holllywood rubbish. Good series though.