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  1. Hi Everyone, I am wondering if anyone has any information on this club. Any contact details or opening times would be great? Thanks Neil
  2. What a great day & the weather looked good aswell. Good pictures.
  3. Good result guys where in Lancashire were you shooting?
  4. Go for it you will only know if you try.
  5. Great video I have enjoyed watching all the days you have put on. Cheers
  6. What a fantastic few days you had.
  7. That was absolutely fantastic. I bet he go some treats that day!
  8. gurus5000


    Lovely looking lab you have there mate!
  9. This may seem a strange question but what kind of spaniel is the brown dog? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply thats really helped I think I need to go & buy a few bits to start. Thanks
  11. Hi All, I have recently picked up a permission which seems to have a problem with crows. I have never shot pigeon or crows etc before so I need some help in the following areas; 1. Where to set up in the field 2. What Decoys to use 3. Should I wear camo 4 How best to set up a hide with camo netting etc? I know these may seem basic questions so sorry for this. Thanks in advance
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