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  1. Sorry guy's should of explained - a friends dog was supposedly run over on purpose by a neighbour - it kept jumping the back gate while he was at work. He came home from work to find it dead in the cul de sac and had been told such and such ran it over and left it there - no proof other than what he had been told. Again sorry for not elaborating. Just to add this happened a good while ago and is still ongoing.
  2. IF some one killed your dog - what whould you do?.
  3. I might of posted this before but just came across it again. Good watch.
  4. https://www.qlocal.co.uk/southport/news_list/Squirrel_Pox_confirmed_in_Formby-55051296.htm Not good news for one of the strong holds in the north. My local woods.
  5. Dougy - asking for a friend -- any good in out door ponds?. Steve.


    Just getting into drone's myself - take my advice and buy a cheap (under £30.00) indoor one first - trust me. Steve.

    The Gentlemen

    Any one watched it?, good film in my opinion.

    Bowie fan's.

    As a life long listener to Bowie can ANY ONE explain this to me?. Black star. 1977 when i first started to listen to him. Steve.
  9. Steve your best bet for that kind of money is to build it yourself - not hard every thing is plug and play.
  10. Surely one is a 30" and the other a 26" - ps no nothing much about shot guns. Steve.
  11. HI, is this 100% waterproof? if so yes please - please pm payment details. Steve.
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