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  1. Made from the T 34's and old mess tables if i remember correctly.
  2. DUNKS do you mind if i make a copy of that second pic?. Steve.

    The 70's

    Tomorrows world. Great program.

    What are these.

    i'll start the bidding at £5.00 - seriously.
  5. Are they steel mid sole and toe cap?. Steve.
  6. Coronavirus update - how we're helping you Dear Stephen I hope that you and your family are well. Things continue to be uncertain and I know you might have questions or concerns about money right now, so I'd like to let you know about some of the new things we've introduced to help you since I last wrote to you. These include Barclaycard payment holidays and temporary changes to reduce the cost of borrowing through an arranged overdraft. New ways we're helping you Our coronavirus help page is being updated regularly with the latest information, and guides to banking from home using the Barclays app1 and Online Banking. Visit our website and choose 'Coronavirus help' to find out how we can help you. Barclaycard - You could be eligible for a three-month holiday on your Barclaycard payments2. Don't worry if you've already missed your most recent payment - you could still be eligible as long as you haven't missed any other payments in the previous six months. We'll continue charging interest during the payment holiday but it won't harm your credit score. Visit our coronavirus help page to see if this could be right for you. Holiday plans affected? If your plans have changed, or you're due a refund from a retailer to your Barclaycard, you can now ask us to transfer any credit balance to your bank account (UK accounts only). Visit the Barclaycard website to find out how to do this. Arranged overdrafts - Whether you already have an arranged overdraft or would like to apply for one, we're not charging interest on personal current account3 overdrafts until 30 April. Then, from 1 May to 9 July, we won't charge interest on overdrawn balances up to £750. If you use more than £750 of your arranged overdraft during this time, we'll waive some of the interest to reduce the annual rate of interest (EAR) from 35% to 19.51%, with interest charges capped at £90 per month. Check our coronavirus help page for details. **** you - from everyone at Barclays I appreciate the effort many of you have made to get your banking done online or with the app. Doing this instead of calling us helps us to work with customers who have financial worries that simply can't wait - so thank you for bearing with us. The coronavirus help page on our website is the best place to find our latest updates and guides. If you do need to get in touch you can chat to us on Facebook Messenger, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching 'Barclays UK' for news and help. Yours sincerely Matt Hammerstein CEO, Barclays UK My own little edit at the end - sorry.
  7. Thanks Newbie. Wish had looked more at the camera than the auto cue though , still it was a very good and heart felt speech. Steve.
  8. Any one got a link to the speech please?. Steve.
  9. Fixed that for you. The firm I've worked for for the past 6 years went bump on the 6th of march with no warning - I am now claiming UC because I have to but working 16 hours a WEEK in a local shop because that's all I can get in this current situation. PS: £15.10 ph down to £8.35ph - yes that does sting.
  10. Could be wrong but = wheres that Cooking Fat. pink panther ?.
  11. Mick did you say Doveridge?, that's an hour and a half from you. Steve.
  12. Yes please Mick if still available. Tried calling on both numbers but you are busy. Will try to phone again in the morning if that's OK. (also looking for a Mossberg pump action if you come across one) Steve.
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