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  1. NHS and self pay for us if we need a referral / procedure. A surgeon pal told me not to use medical insurance but instead to opt for self pay as and when it is needed. Luckily our GP practice is excellent.
  2. An episode of Little Britain had a sketch where Harvey and Jane, along with both sets of parents were discussing their wedding plans. A vegetarian meal option was suggested and one of the parents replied " vegetarians, string up the lot of them , I say " I am after a video link / etc of this sketch, please can anyone help. Thanks, Tony
  3. Sentences 1 and 2 are made up to suit themselves. Sentence 3 is factual. Ask BASC for guidance ( if you are a member ).
  4. I only use this brand and have never had a problem. I have ruger 10 / 22 ( x 2 ) and a BRNO semi auto and shoot probably 5,000 rounds p/a.
  5. The answer to this ( which i do not have ) may be scary. I needed 100 rounds of Sako 7 x 64 ASAP and i got quoted, by the RFD, 5 times the cost of the ammunition for the courier !
  6. I have it on good authority that .410 ga and 28 bores will become almost obselete ! Just look on Holts to see whats not selling, even at bargain basement prices.
  7. This should be of interest to members. It is an extract letter from the RSPB and WWT submitted to shooting organizations in a bid to secure a total ban on shotgun lead by the season 2024/25. The whole document is on the BASC website. "We conclude that only a statutory end, i.e., a ban on the sale and use for hunting of lead shotgun ammunition, accompanied by good communication and surveillance, is likely to achieve the outcome to which all of our organisations are publicly committed. Recognising the work you have done in preparing the shooting community for change, and given that we agree with you that the use of lead shotgun ammunition should cease by the time of the 2024/2025 shooting season, we urge that you join us now in recommending to government that legislation to ban the use of lead shotgun ammunition for hunting should proceed as soon as possible and come into effect by then. We appreciate that your views on other ammunition types may be different from ours, but we are clearly in agreement about the use of lead shotgun ammunition for hunting. "
  8. My small driven shoot is " rumoured " to be going up from £2.5K pa to £4k pa for the exact same days / birds. The dilema is pay it or it will fold !
  9. Totally Agree with London Best. No shooting man should EVER consider voting Labour.
  10. As Smokersmith says, The Wild Trout Trust 2022 Auction goes live on their website on 1st March 2022. I've had a look at a " provisional" auction catalogue and you will certainly find it interesting
  11. Sent you a pm ref my fishing club. A guest ticket, via a member, is a possibility.
  12. I had this in the SYP area. I was told all occupants are already past the first 2 levels of my security, 1st level was taken to be my alarm and cameras and the 2nd level was taken to be my external doors, so their credibility was taking into account. I actually support this. I heard a whisper that not just their police intelligence file entries were looked at, but they also considered their medical issues !
  13. I am still after an English 20ga Sidelock Ejector, ideally with 28" barrels. Can anyone please point me in the right direction. Thanks, Tony
  14. £40 per driven bird on our game shoot and on my rough shoot it will work out about £28 per bird ! The game shoot has a significant waiting list, so obviously the money is not a problem !
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