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  1. I am after a one man ( and 2 dogs ) pop up hide for pigeon decoying. I use an idleback chair, that is wound up to full height, however I need to take my shots stood up. Can anyone help with a recommendation. Thanks
  2. I am after a rook rifle in its original calibre ( ie not atlered to .22 / etc ) Please PM any info if you have one to sell. Many thanks.
  3. I have tried pistols with .22 blanks and 8mm blanks and they dont have the same effect as a 12 ga. They deliver a differnet sound to a shotgun, and they can be a bit expensive on the ammo.
  4. I have just bought a S1 from Holts Auctioneers and it is to be delivered to a local (ish) RFD. My FAC was posted recorded delivery to Holts for them to enter the firearm on it, I paid them £35 to ship the firearm along with my FAC to a local RFD and I paid the local RFD £25 to recieve the firearm and to hand it over to me.
  5. I am after a Brady leather " motor " shotgun case to hold one 12 ga SLE shotgun, with 30" barrels. If any member has one to sell, please PM me. Thanks. Tony
  6. Gary Marshall, at Fine Cane Rods in Derby is my recommendation. I can't seem to find his website, however, he has done some first rate repairs for me. Not cheap, but he is a perfectionist.
  7. I am after a number Motorola GP688 walkie talkies, ideally with chargers. If you have any for sale, please PM me. Thanks. Tony
  8. I am after some .243 Win. Norma unfired brass cases. If you have any for sale please PM me. Thanks, Tony
  9. Its for a young shot, so it needs to be small (ish )
  10. I am after a .410 leather closed loop cartirge belt ( ideally a Brady ). If you have one for sale please PM me. Cheers, Tony
  11. I have now bought one, so please ignore this post. Thanks.
  12. I am after a Turner Richards Dummy Launcher. If you have one for sale please send me a PM. Cheers, Tony
  13. I fish Ladybower in the Peak Distict, as a member of a local club, and I am definately ready to go fishing !
  14. I am after a .243 cal Steyr Mannlicher rotary magazine to fit a model 69 SSG sport rifle. Any help appreciated, preferably via a PM. Cheers. Tony
  15. I tried for an individual licence. They wanted a site visit to inspect the steps that had already been taken to preclude the doves from the grain / feed sheds. They were expecting all the openings to all the buildings to have already been fitted with nets to exclude the birds, but to allow in a flow of fresh air. This was a must with no exceptions. I withdrew my application !
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