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  1. I have a box of 25 plastic cased 12ga shotgun cartridges from Hardys of Sheffield. The cartridges are printed " HARDYS specially loaded for Neville Crinson 367 Ecclesall RD Sheffield S11 0742 668403. For sale at £20.00 Buyer must collect from Sheffield S8.
  2. tonyshooter

    Hatsan Escort not cycling

    I have just been given a 12ga 3" Mag Hatsan escort semi auto shotgun and I am occasionally experiencing it not cycling the rounds. I am using 32g cartridges. An empty is not getting fully ejected. The fired cartridge remains part ejected / lodged in the action at 90 degrees to the barrel. Any help in rectifying this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Tony
  3. tonyshooter

    Hide net for stubble fields

    Hi, Please can anyone recommend a hide net for decoying in a field of stubble. Cheers, Tony
  4. tonyshooter

    Parker Hale 22 calibre cleaning rod

    Hi, Please may I buy this.
  5. Has anyone got, for sale, a pigeon rotary magnet and anything else that I will need as a newcomer to the sport. Cheers, Tony
  6. Hi, Can anyone please recommend a seat / chair / etc for me to use in a hide, I have bad hips and being seated is a must. Cheers. Tony
  7. tonyshooter


    Can anyone please help. I am wanting to buy a .22RF Revolver ( 2 shot ) and I am struggling to source one. I am preferably looking to buy one from an individual ( rather than a RFD ) as I do not want a big spend on this item. Thanks.
  8. tonyshooter


    I am after a pair of blued Optilock extra low scope mounts ( rings and bases ) to facilitate the mounting of a 8 x 56 30mm tube diameter scope. New they are a silly price, has anyone got a second hand set for sale. Cheers. Tony
  9. tonyshooter

    Wanted .22rf Revolver - 2 shot

    Does anyone have a .22rf revolver for sale which is restricted to 2 shots. Thanks
  10. tonyshooter

    .22LR Revolver ( 2 shot ) wanted

    Hi, I am wanting to source a second hand .22LR revolver with a 4" or smaller barrel, restricted to 2 shots. All help appreciated.
  11. Hi Alec, I have sent you a PM.
  12. tonyshooter

    Driven day 10th jan

    Please can you PM me some details. I am in S8 8LE and have spaniels. Thanks.
  13. tonyshooter

    Walked up grouse..

    Yes Please, I have 2 ESS dogs
  14. Hi topdog2010, I am stuck for some shooting and I live in South Sheffield, can we sort something out. Thanks
  15. Hi, Can anyone help, I am looking for Farm / Rough / Pigeon shooting near Sheffield. I am aware of some local shooting that is available via the NPPC. Thanks. Tony