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  1. I fish Ladybower in the Peak Distict, as a member of a local club, and I am definately ready to go fishing !
  2. I am after a .243 cal Steyr Mannlicher rotary magazine to fit a model 69 SSG sport rifle. Any help appreciated, preferably via a PM. Cheers. Tony
  3. I tried for an individual licence. They wanted a site visit to inspect the steps that had already been taken to preclude the doves from the grain / feed sheds. They were expecting all the openings to all the buildings to have already been fitted with nets to exclude the birds, but to allow in a flow of fresh air. This was a must with no exceptions. I withdrew my application !
  4. I am contemplating buying a Winchester Wild Cat .22RF Semi Auto rifle, and although I have probably read all the reviews, I am wondering if any PW members have one of these rifles and if they can give their personal opinion. Thank in advance.
  5. Nurses are always an emotive issue. When I worked in engineering and we wanted a pay rise above what our employer was offering we were told we could have it, but it would have to be funded by redundancies ! Thats the real world for you !
  6. I use A-TEC Carbon Wave sound moderators on my .22 fac air rifle and my three .22rf rifles and with a variety of ammunition in the .22rf's. They are very effective, however, I dont think they are much better than the trusty Parker Hale moderators that I " upgraded " from.
  7. Totally agree, and I have done so on now what must be 100's of occasions !
  8. Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whisky.
  9. I am after an Arthur Turner ( Sheffield ) 12 ga side by side sidelock ejector shotgun in 12 ga, however a 16 ga or 20 ga would be considered. A Charles Henry Maleham ( Sheffield ) would also be fine. I have drawn a blank searching the internet, and whilst I am set on a sidelock I feel a boxlock may be the only current opton. If anyone has any of the above for sale or can point me in the right direction I would be most greatfull. Please PM replies. Thanks. Tony
  10. I am after a Ruger 10 -22 .22rf rifle with a synthetic stock, blued barrel and screw cut for a sound moderator. I dont want the model with the barrel band on the forend. Not an easy find, but if you have one to sell please PM me. Thanks. Tony
  11. AYA, you get a lot of gun for your money, I have an AYA Number 1, an AYA Number 2 and an AYA model 25. As a Sheffielder I still want an Arthur Turner or Maleham.
  12. Hi , Pics please, Is it swivel. Cheers, Tony pm my mobile
  13. Totally pleased for you. His shot to kill average is excellant for a first outing on live quarry.
  14. Hi, no rush now that we are in lockdown !
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