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  1. We had an outdoor hot and cold tap installed. It is a Woodford Model 22. It self drains and thus cant freeze. https://www.arleymosssupplies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2712
  2. Try this link via Money Saving Expert. https://travelmoney.moneysavingexpert.com/?_ga=2.9131253.1599373358.1633710656-1419622783.1620165609&_gac=1.15146308.1631050060.Cj0KCQjwm9yJBhDTARIsABKIcGY_oQKJPyWClsMpOxYrmNJlM7kcjpKBDx6Mrrk9bOIrRBtwv0Wr2c4aAk2mEALw_wcB
  3. Try a search via this moneysavingexpert online article. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/insurance/breakdown-cover/
  4. I am after a 12 Ga silenced shotgun, ideally multi shot. A 12 ga moderator may also be an option. If anyone has one to sell, please PM me. Thanks. Tony
  5. I have had this and after pointing out that permission was required they promptly left. They had already recoverd a number of empty centre fire cases, which they were convinced were worthy of informing the police about !
  6. I have a need for a condensed document in respect of a new lease ( for cash ) that I have been offered. It will cover all species from deer to rats. The BASC sugested document will frighten the land owner(s). Please can anyone offer guidance in resect of this via a PM. Thanks, Tony
  7. I am in need of about one hundred .38 Special gas checks. If anyone has any to sell please PM me. Thanks. Tony
  8. Peer to peer lending is one of the investment options that we use. It is at risk but secured against property. We have had non payers in respect of our loans, however, unfortunately from the borrowers standpoint, the propery was repossed and sold on to clear the debt at an additional 2 % interest that was paid to us. We favour SoMo https://www.somo.co.uk/ All our funds are 1 st charges against a propery and averaging a 9% pa return. the minimum investment is £5k.
  9. I am after a one man ( and 2 dogs ) pop up hide for pigeon decoying. I use an idleback chair, that is wound up to full height, however I need to take my shots stood up. Can anyone help with a recommendation. Thanks
  10. I am after a rook rifle in its original calibre ( ie not atlered to .22 / etc ) Please PM any info if you have one to sell. Many thanks.
  11. I have tried pistols with .22 blanks and 8mm blanks and they dont have the same effect as a 12 ga. They deliver a differnet sound to a shotgun, and they can be a bit expensive on the ammo.
  12. I have just bought a S1 from Holts Auctioneers and it is to be delivered to a local (ish) RFD. My FAC was posted recorded delivery to Holts for them to enter the firearm on it, I paid them £35 to ship the firearm along with my FAC to a local RFD and I paid the local RFD £25 to recieve the firearm and to hand it over to me.
  13. I am after a Brady leather " motor " shotgun case to hold one 12 ga SLE shotgun, with 30" barrels. If any member has one to sell, please PM me. Thanks. Tony
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