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  1. ive got one i shot from a swiss 50 cal address and ill send it to you
  2. just travelled back from Dundee on a full tank in a howling hooligan and heavy rain yesterday,did 207 miles on 36.5 litres...25 .5 mpg...Honda crv 2.0 vtec. kept to 75 mph.going up I stuck at 60,and got 37 mpg.used £146 of fuel from Grimsby to Dundee and back
  3. they are taken now,see you in the week wokkywokky
  4. as per title,i have 19 full body decoys,in good condition, in a sack and a rotary .pick up only.grimsby,dn332np
  5. I,ll be down Saturday morn mick with cash and cert,send me your post code please
  6. joknob

    First swifts.

    lots down rosper road in ming ming{Immingham for the last 2 weeks.strange how they don't get inland that early. craig
  7. nice one bill,still collecting fowling club badges ? have I got the right chap ? craig
  8. a few years ago a pal snapped the stock on a nearly brand new baikal over & under,he took it out in the field and tied twine round the trigger and put an express 1.5 mini magnum shell in and shoved a piece of wood up the barrel and put the barrels in the plough,he hid behind a hedge 20 yards back. anyway after 2 shots through the same barrel,there was a slight bulge at the barrel end and the first inch of the rib lifted at the breech. strong old guns!
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