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  1. just travelled back from Dundee on a full tank in a howling hooligan and heavy rain yesterday,did 207 miles on 36.5 litres...25 .5 mpg...Honda crv 2.0 vtec. kept to 75 mph.going up I stuck at 60,and got 37 mpg.used £146 of fuel from Grimsby to Dundee and back
  2. they are taken now,see you in the week wokkywokky
  3. as per title,i have 19 full body decoys,in good condition, in a sack and a rotary .pick up only.grimsby,dn332np
  4. I,ll be down Saturday morn mick with cash and cert,send me your post code please
  5. joknob

    First swifts.

    lots down rosper road in ming ming{Immingham for the last 2 weeks.strange how they don't get inland that early. craig
  6. nice one bill,still collecting fowling club badges ? have I got the right chap ? craig
  7. a few years ago a pal snapped the stock on a nearly brand new baikal over & under,he took it out in the field and tied twine round the trigger and put an express 1.5 mini magnum shell in and shoved a piece of wood up the barrel and put the barrels in the plough,he hid behind a hedge 20 yards back. anyway after 2 shots through the same barrel,there was a slight bulge at the barrel end and the first inch of the rib lifted at the breech. strong old guns!
  8. ring keith birkett on No 07772773401,he is secretary of the humber wildfowlers and a member of the north lincs fowlers and he,s got ted jervis,s number whos the secretary. craig
  9. I was up at kev,s ranch near annan testing some home load tens,a few years back when he told me,they might have improved by now !!
  10. kev bellis chrono,d the 3 inch lyavale and found most were doing 900 fps at 3 ft !
  11. yes,were they are feeding is a game shoot and the keeper is a goose shooter but he leaves them alone. never seen so many pinks stop this long on the lincs coast
  12. good to hear,they,ve started feeding on the linc,s wolds west of Grimsby near cuxwold and roosting just south of tetney.hope they,re not shot too much on the land and they might just hang round a bit
  13. I use a 25 gram load for geese in a 67 mm case,cx2000 primer and BB steel.a cracking little load thro a Briley IM choke
  14. plenty up there JDog,i only want a couple.i,ll be down the wash next sunday after the geese
  15. lots passing over while beating at bully hill today and 2 more skeins southeast over Grimsby at tea time,should be a few left in Scotland when I head up in morn !
  16. friend of mine had one[ few months old] down at sheps last winter,i was sat next to him for a while but he didn't have a shot.when he got home he rang me,when he cleaned it there was a split in the bottom barrel !!
  17. joknob

    Golden plover.

    talking to senior RSPB man at our marsh the other day and he said they are in decline because of heather burning and grouse shooting ! I just said ok and walked away.
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