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    Remington 1100 410

    ok thanks for letting me know, the search will continue! 😞
  2. JBH

    Remington 1100 410

    Hi Eyefor, I'm a little late to the party but did Donkey have this from you? I'd be interested if it's still available. Thanks
  3. JBH

    Winchester 1897

    I'm seeking a 12G Winchester 1897 pump, preferably an FAC version with 26" barrel but anything considered. Cash and vacant slot waiting. Thanks
  4. Ah yes, I see now! Must have been my internet playing up last night. KJ Pearson Firearms doesn't appear to be trading anymore searching a couple of West Mids. area RFD lists.
  5. I see this advert is over three months old, but is this gun still available as the links keep failing?? Cheers
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