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  1. Thank you but no... However should I be in a position to pay for stalking in the future, I would of course gladly offer it to one of the generous folks above who have offered there time to me unpaid.
  2. Any offers are greatly welcomed, thank you Truly humbled by the offers I have received, some amazing people on here.
  3. With me it was more of a "request" than a condition, or at least I hope it was,but from what I've been hearing it's quite a common thing these days, if your shooting anywhere other than a range.
  4. Yeh not far from the air balloon, any help would be appreciated, where a outs are you?
  5. Hi, At the moment it would have to be on someone else's land, my permissions all have crops on right now, farmer has asked me to keep to the pigeons until harvested however it shouldn't be a problem when it's cut I'm by birdlip hill
  6. Hi everyone Just wondered if anyone local(ish) to me would be able to help me out with a bit of mentoring on rifles, looking to put in for my fac later this year and my FEO says a bit of experience goes a long way. Happy to swap for days on pigeons, any help will be appreciated. I live between Cheltenham an Gloucester but happy to travel to surrounding areas Thanks.
  7. Apologies for the lack of info, currently have several permissions in Gloucestershire passed down to me from my dad for pigeons/rats/rabbits also a cracking spot for geese/ducks come the rainy season but seems nothing about atm, a few rabbits but nothing worth shouting about. Happy to help out any way I can for a new permission or even just a decent days shooting, or a you show me yours I'll show you mine kind a deal. Failing that as mentioned above looks like knocking a few doors.
  8. Permissions wanted for pest control in or around Gloucester 👍
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