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    landrovers and shooting, sometimes at the same time?

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  1. I see lots of newish houses belching smoke from the new must have logburner, burning rubbish and wet wood, with the stove throttled back, banning the sale of logburners to the public would be better, if fitted by someone who knows what they are doing they work,
  2. If they didnt have a reason to come, benefits etc, they would not want to come,
  3. as long as I dont have to join in, Im not bothered what other people do, mate of mine came out a couple of years back, he gets a ribbing, but all good natured, his "friend" said one night, " if a bloke said his wife took it up the wrongun, everyone would be pleased for him" thats not the point mate......
  4. bobt


    I had them round a couple of years ago they had a complaint, I asked who as 2 days earlier somone smashed the top off the trap to release the call bird. so was interested about trespassing and damage, the numptie standing there in his pretend police uniform didnt seem to have a clue why I would be trapping magpies,
  5. if your house/area has a history of flooding, you cannot get insurance. would you cover them?
  6. bobt

    Paul Gascoigne

    how do you pick up a fat lass? peice of cake
  7. I met him a couple of times at his mums, his mum was lovely, he was ignorant.
  8. standing in a hedge one evening waiting for the ducks, a sparrowhawk landed on the highest point in the hedge, my barrels, it soon realised and flew off.
  9. bobt

    brave dog

    why would anyone breed a litter of staffys? the rescue places are full of them, I like the dogs but the feral scum who seem to own most of them put me off owning one,
  10. a local had a collection, the police needed two transits to remove them all. he didnt think he needed a licence if he only looked at them.....
  11. bobt

    Lorry hire

    but horses tend to load themselfs
  12. I would like to try a walnut tree too
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