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  1. After years in the construction industry, I have power tools for different jobs - If I'm drilling into concrete / brick etc then I use a hammer drill, battery or corded, corded for longer periods. Wood or metal I use a percussion or normal chucked drill, I have had these combi drills before and they do not like masonry or brick. All my tools are either Bosch or Makita 18v lithium Ion or 110v corded because of site worked, they don't like 240v. Never heard of Einhell however I hear Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, Festool and Dewalt are the mainstream when buying quality tools, but do c
  2. From the reconnaissance we noticed now and again one or two birds would land on the cut grass so we presumed they had a fancy for a bit of seed.
  3. Had an invite from a friend who shot this area of 2000 acres of arable land for 30 years until someone purchased the shooting rights for a pheasant syndicate and kicked all pest control shooters off, now all he's got is this small grass field for a couple of horses. So to the right is a pea field and a block of wood behind then a wheat field to the left and we have seen pigeons hammering the pea field but not in great numbers at any one time. Did not start until about 1.30pm and put out his old 4 way pigeon magnet and my flapper plus some shell deeks scattered at 25 - 30 yards, we se
  4. Doesn't sound right for a lab does it. As above, different foods if that doesn't work then a trip to the vets.
  5. Bones are the best thing for dogs teeth, got a 2 year old Lab and a 9 year old Beagle and both dogs teeth are bright white. Lamb ribs, turkey necks, duck and chicken feet for pups, then a bit older they get knuckle bones once a week. Be careful of weight bearing bones though as they can crack teeth, however the teeth on my dogs are fine.
  6. Yes, have been for a few weeks, however not in great numbers as it used to be though. I was supposed to be going today down to either Hythe or Samphire hoe, but cant make it now, stay away from the Admiralty pier (Dover) or not if you like getting tangled up with the tinsel tossing foreigners. Good luck if you go.
  7. Could the PW massive give a bit of help please? I'm after the make and model of this air rifle as I will be fixing it up for a future sale if possible. To me it looks like a Falcon but not sure. Thanks in advance Worz
  8. Hope this is in the right section admins, apologies if not. I am looking for a new pair of walking boots purely for walking the dogs and rough shooting during the summer months. I am covered for the winter months with my Meindles and Aigle wellies, however I suppose they still have to be waterproof but light. I also have wide feet (man from Atlantis) so looking for a manufacturer that will allow for this, I've currently been wearing cheap Karrimor stuff for summer but the sides always split after a few months. Budgets not a problem btw. Thanks in advance for any information rec
  9. If this has no rips or tears and zip works ok I'll take this please.
  10. You need a translator on the sites I've been on in London.
  11. 18mm plywood for your shuttering, timber battens for stakes to hold the shuttering in place. 50mm type 1 road stone (compacted) 100mm C35 mix of concrete with or without fibres. Make a tamp up for tamping down the concrete (4"x 2" timber length) Trowel to float off the top of concrete after tamping (if you want a smooth finish) Hire a cement mixer and a few mates. 1 days work.
  12. Exactly that, saw quite a few today on the duck feeders (barley) while beating
  13. I've got a black lab that eats a few sticks and twigs, or anything else really, horse, cow, sheep and cat ****. I'm putting this down to puppy stage though as she's only 14 months. Could be cleaning its teeth or needs a bit of fiber in its diet
  14. Hog-weed, brings back a memory. Summer 1986 me and a friend decided to bunk a day off school to go fishing to the river Medway first day of the season. It was a very hot day so we were down to a pair of shorts, when we arrived there were giant plants everywhere along the river bank so being young and stupid we got the machetes out and chopped it all down and then had a sword fighting game with said stems. Fished all day for 1 roach as obviously the fish weren't biting as it was so hot, decided to leave for home. On our way back both of us were feeling really tired and sick but we put it do
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