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  1. NO restriction in N I . Its down south.
  2. Nial, google paving jointing compound. Its a brush in method. Most builders supplies stock it and you will need a pointing trowel. If you want a day at pigeons come harvest message me. Barry
  3. Google a guy called Matthius Wandell. he has a video how to make abed.. Ive made two based on his.
  4. tignme

    gamo 22

    Zeroed airrifle today. As said awful trigger.shot off quad sticks. Target at 25 measured yds. 1st target all over the place ,2nd got tightened up and changed finger position resulting in clover leaf 3 quarters of an inch. shot two ferals in barn. Happy buuny. will do the job for rats and ferals.
  5. tignme

    gamo 22

    Been gifted a Gamo 22 air rifle. Expo 26 or 28. Comments please good or bad. Have 5oo tin of milbro jet pellets but they are discoloured and need pressed into rifle. gun fires ok and am attempting zero later today.
  6. First off. Im tee total so no pub, All of these guys I know of are local to me I see them using thermal on weekly basis. As it happens my daughter was a serving police officer here. She was also a firearms licensening officer for 6 yrs. two of the incidents were in the local rag. I speak to all of them because we are all in various fishing clubs. Ive fallen out with them in public and have been threatened. it does not make one difference to me whether you two don't believe it. the law saw fit to grant their certificates and they have guns and are legal poachers.
  7. Within a 10 mile radius of me I know of 4 guys who have both SGC and FAC. 1 Assualt on a police officer, 6 mths jail. Hes also been done for salmon poaching several times. His sons a police officer. 2 Poaching/ shooting red deer with a 17 hmr. fined but tickets not revoked. long list of simular offences. another salmon guy ,also with his wife. 3 Assault/Gbh 5 yrs jail. SGC n Fac. Another salmon guy. 4 Armed robbery. 5 yrs jail. salmon guy. I see 3 of these people using thermal spotting for deer on a regular basis. Waste of time reporting them. Go figure what firearms license peeps are thinking.
  8. £480.00 gets you 15 to 20 hrs with a coach. money better spent.
  9. Get a professional shotblasters advice or hire a machine and ppe. Cement render is a Northern Irish traditional finish as are new builds not many kit house there.
  10. tignme

    Asbestos !

    Back in the day I subbie to a local roofing company who did a lot of garage roof ( asbestos) recovers. 50 x 50 treated timber fitted in the dips in the corrugated sheets fitted by first drilling holes through sheets ( paper coveralls and proper masks) at joists. Screwing 50 x 50 down and fitting more of same at right angles to accommodate whatever type of finished roof. We finished in torch on felt or fibreglass or metal sheeting. depending on customers requirements we did the internals in either ply or plasterboard with a skim finish. The perimeters were all foamed or silicone sealed and new upvc facia. Don't know if it was legal or not but my son and I made a good living from this.
  11. Some people om here need to get out a lot more.
  12. At the moment my RFd only does pegoara in 28 gram 7s. I have purchased a pile of rejects that are Clever mirage which is what I used to use. I shot the clay target circuit here in Scotland for 25 yrs or so. I was in the camp for changing chokes at every stand, the same camp preferred fast cartridges. Five yrs buying the fastest Hull sovereign available at a premium I came to the conclusion my averages have not changed. My best friend was always a target or more ahead of me although we both shot the same shell. I changed to mirage bog standard cheapest load. Guess what my averages even today stayed the same. I know you are the scientific sort of guy but for me speed doesn't kill, place the shot in the right place and mark a kill. Nobody and I know several of the top Sporting shooters in Scotland can tell the difference between 1000 and 1350 ft per second. I use tight chokes for most shooting and steel. Ive shot nearly all Scottish members clay shoots using my bog standard 28 no 7s and from memory ive managed a first and mainly second. cartridges are not the main factor, gunfit and (bighead) capability place the shot in the right place.
  13. You don't say weight of shot in your no 5s so I cant compare like for like. I have in front of me detailed measurement of shot fall out.commissioned for and jointly funded bythe C P S A. All tests using fixed miroku barrels to a proof house type stand capable of 0 to 90 degrees and to horizontal. All tests shot over three lines 13 each of 2mm sheet metal 500 x 667 .each sheet had apiezoelectric dectector. for this I use only 30 gram no 6s lead no 4s steel. Man 1.85mtr high with a gun to shoulder at 1.75mtr shot goes 88.5 mtrs and steel no 4s 70.5mtrs. Change angle to 24 degrees oh I forgot all shot with a 3/4 choke. lead 206 mtrs, steel 191 mtrs. Your claim at 25 degrees does not compute. As you well know the more you raise the angle it will far closer to gun. My pigeon shooting from a hide with decoys set 15 to 40 mtrs with 3 on the perimeter 30 mtrs right and left,one at40mtrs guides me to my range for guaranteed kills if I do it right. Most peeps I know shoot sitting in hide .I don't I always stand and shoot 95% of woodies over decoys and seldom above 25 degrees. Test, 28 gram no 7s in steel. 184.mtrs In doing so I know my shot especially in steel aint going anywhere near 200 mtrs. Theres a lot more to this measurement detail than this but theres too many people out there not willing to believe the killing power of steel shot. If we were allowed to have the power of the cartridge altered like in U S A. then attitudes would change overnight. -------------------------------------------------- What was tour shot falling onto.?
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