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  1. Are we talking standing or laid crops. Im currently shooting over laid crops by request from two farmers. one is laid so much that only the tram lines are standing. ive asked both owners will they still be able to harvest laid barley. Yes from both. I use 3 dogs at times and no complaints.
  2. I shoot steel excluvsively for clays and pigeons using 28 gram 7s costing £186.00 per thousand and heavier loads for duck £220.00. At a difference of £163.00 i dont think i will change. I know i could use the 21 grams and still cost the same. Just cartridges charge £15.00 per thousand delivery and as i shoot on average 10,000.00 its definately a no from me.
  3. I shoot a miroku 7000 trap gun its 35 yrs old and have been shooting steel through it for at least 14 yrs. its a multi choke so any combination of chokes.
  4. There is no such thing as (easy ones) easy targets you need to kill them all to build a score. Most people over lead close targets. Good video and tricky birds in the wind.
  5. Thanks for the commnents. No takers as of yet same stalking directory. The day is going ahead with the two signed up and 6 or 7 adults that are happybfor a free day.
  6. As title im in the position to offer a young shots day at a farm in east Ayrshire. At the moment ive two dads and lads interested and have room for a few more. Initially sporting clays but maybe include airrifle and rimfire. I will supply 250 steel trap loads,pellets and 22 subsonics. I have 3 volunteers to operate manual traps and maybe one for a barbie. Im am not a clay coach but can keep peeps right. You need your own insurance and sign a disclosure on the day. If enough time adults can have a go after the boys/girls are finished. With things as they are im looking at sometime in august. Age limit I suppose is 16 yrs but older kids are welcome to shoot with the adults. Any gauge but other than 12 you use own ammo. All this is free. Barry.
  7. When I worked as a general builder I was asked loads of times to explain my price. If I charge £100.00 one pound is to do it ninety nine pounds for knowing how to do it. Go down the professional route.
  8. Yellow Labrador.
  9. NO restriction in N I . Its down south.
  10. Nial, google paving jointing compound. Its a brush in method. Most builders supplies stock it and you will need a pointing trowel. If you want a day at pigeons come harvest message me. Barry
  11. Google a guy called Matthius Wandell. he has a video how to make abed.. Ive made two based on his.
  12. tignme

    gamo 22

    Zeroed airrifle today. As said awful trigger.shot off quad sticks. Target at 25 measured yds. 1st target all over the place ,2nd got tightened up and changed finger position resulting in clover leaf 3 quarters of an inch. shot two ferals in barn. Happy buuny. will do the job for rats and ferals.
  13. tignme

    gamo 22

    Been gifted a Gamo 22 air rifle. Expo 26 or 28. Comments please good or bad. Have 5oo tin of milbro jet pellets but they are discoloured and need pressed into rifle. gun fires ok and am attempting zero later today.
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