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  1. @ endfieldspares. Where do you get the bruising thing from. I shot flighting duck over stubbles twice in januaryall in excess of thirty yds and all fell on barley stubble and strawberry plants. all were processed by me for the food chain. No birds showed bruising from 35 grams number 3 steel shot nor from hitting the ground..
  2. I have aquired approimately 200 12 gauge three and half and three inch 35 gram mostly number 3 shot magnums but they are rejects from clever mirage. The question is are they worth salvaeing the components. Ive reloaded for centrefire for 15 years if required i used a kinetic hammer to redo cartridge but never for shotgun. If worth doing they are free anyone to collect. Im in east ayrshire.
  3. Ayrshire wildfowlers Associtation
  4. Another vote for Brian Webster. Exellant service.
  5. Ive lived in Scotland for 46 yrs but am not Scottish but would have been proud to have been.
  6. Will someone Explain how the shotkam is set up. I dont have or intend to get one.
  7. I would ditch the camera for a few sessions at the pigeons and concentrate on shooting woodies. Sussing where you are going wrong by watching film is of no use to you at woodies way to late. Use shotcam at skeet and film stations you are struggling with then maybe replay and adjust if you know where to. Repeat see a coach or have someone who is a regular pigeon shooter stand with you in hide.
  8. Get a lesson with a coach booked too many amateur coaches on here. They cannot see where you are going wrong. If not taking a lesson get on a pattern plate but even then you need someone who is knowageble on these things to accompany you.Shooting a 50 bird skeet round will not teach you anything if you dont know where you are missing. Good luck.
  9. Are we talking standing or laid crops. Im currently shooting over laid crops by request from two farmers. one is laid so much that only the tram lines are standing. ive asked both owners will they still be able to harvest laid barley. Yes from both. I use 3 dogs at times and no complaints.
  10. I shoot steel excluvsively for clays and pigeons using 28 gram 7s costing £186.00 per thousand and heavier loads for duck £220.00. At a difference of £163.00 i dont think i will change. I know i could use the 21 grams and still cost the same. Just cartridges charge £15.00 per thousand delivery and as i shoot on average 10,000.00 its definately a no from me.
  11. I shoot a miroku 7000 trap gun its 35 yrs old and have been shooting steel through it for at least 14 yrs. its a multi choke so any combination of chokes.
  12. There is no such thing as (easy ones) easy targets you need to kill them all to build a score. Most people over lead close targets. Good video and tricky birds in the wind.
  13. Thanks for the commnents. No takers as of yet same stalking directory. The day is going ahead with the two signed up and 6 or 7 adults that are happybfor a free day.
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