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  1. tignme

    Theresa May's speech today

    Northern Ireland is as British as England.
  2. Teal,you will be aware I was stopped from sales on here. Dec 2015.

    Am I still on stop and if so why.

    Cheers Barry

    1. tignme

      Browning XBolt Varmint barrel chop.

      Had my x bolt chopped after a year old. Down to 20 ins and very little to tweak to zero. Absolutelty no difference in performance, I tweaked my homeloads a bit and the roe and foxs don't know.
    2. tignme

      Scotland Firearms Amnesty

      For the sake of a small fee (5 or 6 pds) have it put on your SGC when renewing. I have never owned an airgun but will add cert on when renewing in October.
    3. tignme

      Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

      Ive always been under the impression that pea harvesters ban the use of steel shot over their crop. That's the case for me on a few permissions with small acrerage. I stand to be corrected. Lawn ranger. North Ayrshire shooting ground has a steel pattern plate free of charge.If you decide to try it shout n I will meet with you. They sell loadsa steel shells. You mihght find the brand you are using does not pattern well in your gun. Barry
    4. tignme

      Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

      I used to shoot 28 gram seven n half trap loads in lead for woodies but requested to supply all of my birds to BOP guys I changed to steel. I have used 28 no 7s since then. My averages per year were 2600 birds and changing to steel they are the same. Ive converted quite a few to steel and they would not go back. Over ponds I use the same load (half choke) on rising teal and mallard dropping into decoys.I see no difference in bags. The only thing I find with steel is it tends to be a tighter pattern so when at woodies I use quarter choke after patterning on the plate. everyone at decoying should know their permissions. One or two of mine the birds flight in over some tall trees so I always use 32 no 4s for the extra distance although I can take decoying birds to 40 odd yds with the 7s. The good thing about steel is the premium the BOP guys pay. How much. NOYB.
    5. Andra, I have an ff4 for sale if your are interested. Take it away n try it.

      I'm scaling down on pigeon gear. Have 3 flappers.


      1. tignme

        BASC Scotland Members Clay Day 3rd June

        They are awfully shy and don't like to post scores.
      2. Well has farmer decided who gets to cull his rabbits,its 18 days since his post.
      3. tignme

        North West 200.

        Used to live 150 mtrs from one 0f the points of the triangle in Coleraine. two of my brothers in law n their sons into Norn Irish road racing. meet Yer Maun Joey a few times at bils.
      4. tignme

        Scottish Members Clay Day 11

        my old spurtles broken,too much use. will get another one for the next round. lol. John I knew Tam was a pw member. I was meaning he was out because he shot for the fowlers trophy.
      5. The sole distribtutor for Clever Mirage in the UK,Continental Shooting supplies a few years back had 250 loose boxes but health n safety stopped the transport of loose shells.
      6. tignme

        Scottish Members Clay Day 11

        thx johnny. We have the results for 3 pw members. Barry 40. john 39. Alex 49. How many Pw members were there. Tams out as he was a wildfower n high gun on ???? Dave, the next shoot maybe at auchterhouse so might suit you. (Saturday).
      7. tignme

        Scottish Members Clay Day 11

        Ok then I will start it off. barry a crappy 40 ex 60. PW members. Wildfowlers. Non members.
      8. tignme

        Scottish Members Clay Day 11

        and the scores on the doors were.