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  1. Freebie. I have 2 ex british army jackets size 180/96, pit to pit approx. 21 inchs. one is standard dpm jacket. one is standard dpm waterproof with hood.More like showerproof. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have for swaps. 5 goose decoys. 2 with keels, two flatpacks with wooden spreaders n one with 2 removable legs standing upright. could maybe use a paint touch up but ive shot loads over these. 4 mallard decoys 2 each hen n drakes with keels. a mixture of 23 mirage no 2s n no 3s in 3 inch magums in steel. asking swap for 5 boxes 28 gram no 7s in steel. I will bring above to next shoot at dalry if any interest.
  2. My shoot bus a grand Vitara lx7 has shed a timing belt. My mechanic replaced said belt and there is a noise from engine. He says he needs to remove engine to check what damage,maybe a shot valve. Does the engine need to come out.
  3. Its my local so it would be rude not to attend. Yes will be there.
  4. Remember why you use safety glasses. Broken clays and more importantly lead shot fallout. I have personal experience of shot rebound off trees and shot coming back off the rim of a quarry. Ive used cheap safety glasses as you guys are buying but I bought two pairs and shot at one pair at 40 mtrs with full choke 28 x 7.5s. Smithereens one pr other pair reulgated to theb grinder bench. You have only one pair of eyes.
  5. Im on the dark side john. Im a SACS member. Have a goodun.
  6. it says basc members and then open shoot. Is it members only.
  7. Good day again thx all. Bridesmaid again lol. No objections to photos.
  8. Yes had a goodun and enjoyed the spread. Thx John. Barry
  9. 714 cartridges a day really. £1000 a week really.
  10. I will take you up on that offer. What time will you be leaving Falkirk.
  11. John,Are you running a bus to this venue as well. barry
  12. John, I see your desire to shoot loadsa different venues (ive shot most SCTA reg grounds in Scotland except seals cove) and I too crave the variety. Your suggestion for these distant venues (seals Cove 170 mls from me n 3 plus hours travel) means I cant attend even taking in your generous offer of a lift. I think you will find attendances will be down because of the expense involved, although some might not admit it. There are good grounds reasonally local for all. Cluny Clays. (my limit distance) Falkirk. Crosscrows Bing. Auldgarth/burntkettle. Drummond (Edith Barnes near Creif) Lindertis Wood ( Stewart Elder) kirrimuir. North Ayrshire Shooting Ground. Cowans Law. Ayrshire. (Not been in a while so not sure whats on. Westerjawcrag/ Forest experience/ St johns Town of Dalry. Westlands/ Pushing it for distance again. Dunns Millerhill/ Edinburgh Way, Used to do open shoots I will leave it at that and see if there is any response. Barry
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