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  1. Al, From what I see of your shooting on video the gun shoots to poi. Try as is on a pattern plate at 16 yds.
  2. @farmboy, regarding what your supplier charges hes way over the odds, my local is £9.00 for black stds n £10.00 for coloured per box 150.
  3. Re two in a hide and trust. Ive fished n shot with a friend for over forty years. Not often doubling up in hide. He always sits to shoot whereas I stand. When taking turns he will sometimes shoot out of turn. If two birds decoying I try to shoot furthest away with chance to ping closest. Last time out two in hide ( 4 weeks ago ) I stood to shoot and he shot at my first bird in resulting in none shot. Said nothing and he proceeded to shoot at 11 birds in a row. During this I had my tea. Ok my turn two birds coming from the left to me, he sits on a stool 4 ins lower than me and swung gun onto birds and at my head level resulting me ducking swiftly. Im already deaf in right ear but I felt the heat and heard the noise from shot in that ear. right dangerous dan pack up and in car were going home. similar has happened before but he took no heed of verbal warning. hes very unsafe the way he carries the sxs loaded n closed but as he says its ok the safetys on. Needless to say we are not friends anymore. Ive cut my nose off to spite my face but at least ive still got my nose. Hes the loser as he doesent drive so I shall carry on regardless.
  4. Phone first as they might let you shoot if not an SCTA member.
  5. Tweedledee, Shandon Country Pursuits. tel 01436 820838. Check it out, as far as im aware they are only doing corporate days. I shot SCTA reg shoots yrs ago and fun days as well.was a good shoot. Clay Target Shooting School Renfrewshire not far over the Erskine bridge. they shoot Saturday practise n sunday competition. stands are in the woods and shot from old bus shelters. Ive shot the SCTa circuit with the 2 guys who run this. Im not overly keen on this because of my hearing probs and acoustics in the bus shelters. Targets too much the sameness. tel 01505 873547. North Ayrshire Shooting ground. Biggest layout on the west coast. As before my local. tel 01294833297.
  6. Tweedledee, I will echo stuartys suggestions and throw in if you are going to north Ayrshire for clays if you want company text me beforehand and can meetup. They are open 6 days closed Tuesdays. Good shop with skeet,dtl,ot,compact and 14 stands of English sporting. my local. Practice clays 20 pence each. Maybe even have a go at my pigeons depending when you are here. Im expat Norn Iron. Text me on07746553744 Barry
  7. We need to do 101 regurally as requested by 3 different farmers. we shoot in Ayrshire,Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire and although having phoned 101 still get a visit from plod after some local reports the terrorists in the barley. Last year I was shooting on my own near Glasgow. had phoned 101. mobby rings, hello Police Scotland we have a firearms incident are you still shooting, yes, could you fire 2 shoots in the air so that my officers in patrol car can decide if its you or someone else. Me, im in farmers field shooting pigeons. Plod ,please fire gun, ok bang bang, did they hear that, no, me where are they, plod xxx , me that's 8 mls away, Plod where are you. Me ***. I directed them to me and shot again. No they cant hear you. shoot again, no tell them to come to xxx f actory and get out of car. Two shots later 2 plods heard me. No its not you we are after, I said I knew that bye bye. 20 mins later same conversation with another plod. I said you want me come n get me. Phone switched off back to pigeons. You could not make it up.
  8. Freebie. I have 2 ex british army jackets size 180/96, pit to pit approx. 21 inchs. one is standard dpm jacket. one is standard dpm waterproof with hood.More like showerproof. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have for swaps. 5 goose decoys. 2 with keels, two flatpacks with wooden spreaders n one with 2 removable legs standing upright. could maybe use a paint touch up but ive shot loads over these. 4 mallard decoys 2 each hen n drakes with keels. a mixture of 23 mirage no 2s n no 3s in 3 inch magums in steel. asking swap for 5 boxes 28 gram no 7s in steel. I will bring above to next shoot at dalry if any interest.
  9. My shoot bus a grand Vitara lx7 has shed a timing belt. My mechanic replaced said belt and there is a noise from engine. He says he needs to remove engine to check what damage,maybe a shot valve. Does the engine need to come out.
  10. Its my local so it would be rude not to attend. Yes will be there.
  11. Remember why you use safety glasses. Broken clays and more importantly lead shot fallout. I have personal experience of shot rebound off trees and shot coming back off the rim of a quarry. Ive used cheap safety glasses as you guys are buying but I bought two pairs and shot at one pair at 40 mtrs with full choke 28 x 7.5s. Smithereens one pr other pair reulgated to theb grinder bench. You have only one pair of eyes.
  12. Im on the dark side john. Im a SACS member. Have a goodun.
  13. it says basc members and then open shoot. Is it members only.
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