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  1. Yes had a goodun and enjoyed the spread. Thx John. Barry
  2. 714 cartridges a day really. £1000 a week really.
  3. I will take you up on that offer. What time will you be leaving Falkirk.
  4. John,Are you running a bus to this venue as well. barry
  5. John, I see your desire to shoot loadsa different venues (ive shot most SCTA reg grounds in Scotland except seals cove) and I too crave the variety. Your suggestion for these distant venues (seals Cove 170 mls from me n 3 plus hours travel) means I cant attend even taking in your generous offer of a lift. I think you will find attendances will be down because of the expense involved, although some might not admit it. There are good grounds reasonally local for all. Cluny Clays. (my limit distance) Falkirk. Crosscrows Bing. Auldgarth/burntkettle. Drummond (Edith Barnes near Creif) Lindertis Wood ( Stewart Elder) kirrimuir. North Ayrshire Shooting Ground. Cowans Law. Ayrshire. (Not been in a while so not sure whats on. Westerjawcrag/ Forest experience/ St johns Town of Dalry. Westlands/ Pushing it for distance again. Dunns Millerhill/ Edinburgh Way, Used to do open shoots I will leave it at that and see if there is any response. Barry
  6. With only 3 definite PW members and two tenatives so far its not looking good for a big turnout. My 3 friends have all decided its to expensive. 240 miles, most of 5 hrs travel,8 gals of fuel,cartridges,clays n chuck makes it a no no. So await the next one. Barry
  7. Ive chalked it in as 80% sure just now and have asked 3 others 2 of will drag out for reply the other a new member here will let me know when back off shore. John, how far from you to braidwood.?
  8. My total for 2018 shot over a lot of laid barley and wheat was 2632. This is about my average over the past ten years. I shoot all year round starting on spring drilling, laid crops and then stubbles. finishing on flighting birds two to three outings per week. Here on the west coast of Scotland we do not have rape to continue decoying during winter. Bags numbers were in the 40s,60s, 80s and a few 100s. Best days were 3 x 125s, 1 x 155 and a 185. There are a lot more pigeons here than 35 years ago when a good bag resulted in a 25. I am fortunate in that im retired and have a 24/7 pass so still getting pigeons. As others have said I know of lots being shot all over the west.
  9. Im up for some of your venues. South/ Ok for auldgirth and Forest experience, others too far for me. north.both too far. wildfowlers ok with both venues Basc open. Ok Scone gamefair entry fees plus very dear clay round put me out. Houston. Maybe.
  10. Northern Ireland is as British as England.
  11. Teal,you will be aware I was stopped from sales on here. Dec 2015.

    Am I still on stop and if so why.

    Cheers Barry

    1. Had my x bolt chopped after a year old. Down to 20 ins and very little to tweak to zero. Absolutelty no difference in performance, I tweaked my homeloads a bit and the roe and foxs don't know.
    2. For the sake of a small fee (5 or 6 pds) have it put on your SGC when renewing. I have never owned an airgun but will add cert on when renewing in October.
    3. Ive always been under the impression that pea harvesters ban the use of steel shot over their crop. That's the case for me on a few permissions with small acrerage. I stand to be corrected. Lawn ranger. North Ayrshire shooting ground has a steel pattern plate free of charge.If you decide to try it shout n I will meet with you. They sell loadsa steel shells. You mihght find the brand you are using does not pattern well in your gun. Barry
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