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  1. Late to the show as Mcspredder says title was wrong. would have shot this and had 3 friends as well. any results Tam.
  2. The titles clickbait. The fish is nowhere near 6 ft. look at the 4 ft pallet if the fish is 6ft the guy is about 8 ft 2".
  3. I shoot a 35 year old miroku 7000 multi choked trap gun. ive put on average 16000 steel trap loads through it per year for 15 years clays pigeons and duck. The chrome lined barrels are like new. A freind shoots two spanish sxs identical guns and both have rifling from steel shot. hes been advised not to shoot steel by our rfd. another two friends shooting silver pigeons have no problems. they are about 12 years old.
  4. I can find ejectors at my RFD but he wants £100.00 plus fitting another £80.00. I had hoiped to buy a lot cheaper and fit myself. The gun is not worth a lot. The ejectors work ok with 21s 24s ad 28s. ive loads of 32s n 5s and thats were the ejectors seem to move to the side and cartridge slips below. ive removed both just now til i get new ejectors.. do you know where i can find some.
  5. original ejectors 35 year ols gun. cartridge sticking below ejectors mostly with 32 grams. have tested with snap caps and ejectors ad slides are both working. wanted to replace ejectors only. thx
  6. Have googled but no satisfaction. Miroku 7000 trap gun ejectors. help.
  7. tignme

    Member query

    I was posting on a thread and noticed im down as a RA member. Explanation needed.
  8. I bought a 2 month old A5 in may. i queried warranty and rfd says only applies to gun from new although he did say any serious problem he would send back to browning under first owners name. Its going back on shelf.I only use steel cartridges and shoot 24 grams a lot.This gun does not like less than 32 grams although some top brands 28s work. I have in the region of 6k in 24s so no brainer.
  9. I carry an extra 3 hide poles to do as you have but escape the thorns by erecting screen first as the back of hide. i use 20 mtres of hessian dyed and wrap a few times
  10. shoot were the target is going not were its been. Most game guns are choked quater n threequarter.
  11. Theres no shortage of woodpigeomns were i shoot. Ive used steel shot (28 no 7s trap loads)for 14 years and have never had a problem selling them. I shoot for pest control over 22 different farms and would lose at least 50% of permissions if not shooting pests especially woodies. there are markets out there if you look hard enough. i work 3 dogs so the meat would never go to waste.
  12. where in ayrshire did you pattern plate your gun.
  13. marples are made by irwin these days not the same anymore.
  14. I was rummaging through a freinds abandoned farm house and came across the old gun cabinet (glass display unit) with an old brocock air rifle in it. It was dark so not able to see much.Phone and torch in car. This gun appeared to have a bolt action. Is it worth restoring (40 plus yrs since house in use) I intend to return next week for photos etc.
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