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  1. My local rfd sold 20 air pistols in a day and close on to 15,000 pellets.
  2. I use a Primos Power Crow caller. It certainly has an effect but I haven’t mastered the calls yet. You need to use the right calls at the right times.
  3. Blimey. So you’ll have to buy from sportsman and have an RFD TO RFD transfer? CZ might loose a lot of business.
  4. NO. Stop the massive shoots, no one needs to shoot 500 birds a day.
  5. In what way? Their website hasn’t changed in about 3 years that I’ve been looking on there occasionally. I’ve just ordered a CQB from Essex Gun. They got the price from the 2020 price list so unless it’s changed in 3 months? I thought hard about the SL5i, but silver really won’t go on the gun and I’d want it to be a hard finish like cerakote which would be extra expense. I had a look at a SL5 (old model) which was .25 cal on a used rifle and it was quite weighty but not heavy at all. Difficult to choose when you cannot get hands on with these moderators or get a feel for the size and weight.
  6. It might just look a bit odd on an all black rifle.
  7. Well, I got in touch with Jackson rifles who were very helpful and said that my local dealer who I bought my rifle from, was setup and had dealt with them before. I sent an email, but I’ve been told the SL5i is only available in stainless steel? I thought it was available in black too? I then got the price for a CQB, which I’ve seen for £340 online, £470!!! Apparently there has been a price increase! I will give Jackson Rifles another call tomorrow and see what the coo is, otherwise it looks like it will be a drive to go and pick up a CQB at a reasonable price.
  8. Never seen a polecat. how would you tell a poleCat and ferret Apart?
  9. There aren’t words for what I think of BASC, what with the GP letters, then the general licence and now lead. They don’t have the interests or thoughts of their members at heart.
  10. I’ve priced up a 1 piece Dewey rod, jag and brush. Plus a bore guide for my new Tikka. Do I need to use square or round patches for Dewey jags? I’ve also seen people using like a fibre pellet to push up the bore. Are these a useful addition to your cleaning kit? I’ve been looking at the boretech solvents but a bit lost as to what I need. people still seem to reference wipe out, any good?
  11. They’re bloody dear. Sometimes come up on eBay.
  12. Does anyone know of a dealer down this end of the country (Essex)? I cant seem so tell the difference between the Jet Z Compact and the CQB looking online. my new tikka is threaded M14x1. Ideally I want something calibre specific rather than .25.
  13. I think OP had a problem with justin bieber back in 2012.
  14. £50 ******* quid my doctors are asking for!!!! Pisstake. Who do we complain to BASC? Our MP? The chief of police? @David BASC please advise as this is clearly aimed at reducing the number of lawful SGC and FAC holders.
  15. Been out of the shooting loop for a little while, and my SGC has come up for renewal. Enclosed in the reminder from Essex Police is a letter stating we have to download a form and give it to our GP to fill out from 1st November 2019 I thought this all got thrown out the other year when I renewed the FAC with BASC stating don’t pay the doctors and inform your FEO that it’s not a requirement? As I remember the BMA were advising their doctors/members not to fill the forms out too. Whats the the going rate for having these forms signed by your GP?
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