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  1. .204 Tikka T3X Which model??

    Oh really? Didn't know that
  2. .204 Tikka T3X Which model??

    Why not go in between and get the hunter?
  3. Beretta SL3

    They fixed the clearance and inertia issues under warranty. Gun now out of warranty. So I will use the cartridges that don’t slip past the ejector.
  4. Beretta SL3

    Silver Pigeon S
  5. Beretta SL3

    Yep. Inertia/trigger issues on mine, headspace too tight - cartridges scraping down the face of the action and now certain brand cartridges going past top ejector. Maybe I got a Friday afternoon job but these issues are not rare at all.
  6. Beretta SL3

    Stocks snapping. Actions too tight. Cartridges going past ejectors. Inertia mechanism hit and miss.
  7. Beretta SL3

    All a bit for show isn’t it. Still going to have the usual beretta issues. I’d rather spend 20k on something used that’s been made by hand not made by machine and laser engraved.
  8. Enforcer flying pigeon decoys

    They look fairly good to me. I’d be more concerned about how good the poles are.
  9. Where to sell pigeons in Essex?

    Howletts Hall?
  10. And the antis say foxes don’t cause no harm.
  11. scope comparison

    Hawke on my smaller rifles but they’re not particularly clear in my opinion. I’d be looking at Vortex, Nikon or the used market. I just bought a swaro and that shows you just how poor other scopes are. This. Clearer glass with a finer reticle is worth at least another 2-4x magnification. A s&b 8x56 is awesome for lamping with a HMR. May be a bit overkill for a 22Lr. They can be snapped up new for £400.
  12. What have I let myself in for?

    Too late he has bought the tickets by the sounds of it. Thought it was gonna be about £30 quid!
  13. What have I let myself in for?

    A good friend of mine has been saying come to a Tottenham football match for about a year. At Christmas I gave in and finally said okay. He text me on Thursday said remember we’ve got football Saturday. Its £55! £55 to sit and watch what you could see on TV! Not only that kickoff is at 3 but he wants to leave at 11 to go for a few hours drinking! I have two pints and that’s enough for me for the rest of the month! Seriously considering giving him the money and saying see you later!
  14. Pigeon / Crow Decoying Setup

    Looking for a good setup to get me started crow shooting but could use some more pigeon decoys and nets etc. What have you got.
  15. What is this bird please?

    The birds will be very hungry at the minute. Going to pick up some more food for them today. Often get mistle thrushes and field fares