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  1. I will get it chrono'd at some point. I can use a ballistic app a bit more accurately then.
  2. That data is comparing the barrel tolerances more than the lengths. They're not factory barrels.
  3. Amazing Shot with .22lr

    Blimey that's a long way! And in the dark off sticks.
  4. Do you know what you get out of the Hornday 17gn V Max? Box states 2550. Would be very interesting to see what you get out of a 15” barrel as I’ve got a 14” anschutz.
  5. My thoughts exactly Ben, the .22LR still has a lethal range of god knows what. The .17HMR has a lethal range of 2km or something like that it says on the Hornady box.
  6. Lamping on your own

    Just been out tonight, no foxes but 4 rabbits. Bought a T38 from Ludicrous lumens two weeks ago and it’s pretty damn good. NM800 may be better but this is 1/3rd of the price.
  7. How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    4 more this evening. TOTAL = 37
  8. I’ve had rimfires for 6 years, never had an issue. Didn’t even have an interview or a chat on the phone on renewal? Had a look at bisley they don’t seem to do a beginners course or anything like that sadly. I’ll ask around see if anyone wants to come shoot some foxes and let me do a bit of target practice with a centrefire in return.
  9. They shoot 8 days a season. They had a 10 year lease granted in 2008 from what I can see online. The moor won a conservation award in 2015 due to the work and investment made. The group which runs and manages the moor and neighbouring privately owned moors pledged £800,000 upfront and a further investment of £1.3m over ten years
  10. Interesting, I know people with cebtrefires so wouldn’t be hard to get the experience. Can you do a range day at bisley and use one of their rifles? Pretty sure this bit of land is cleared, if was some time ago I got my FAC but my feo looked at my other bits of land apart from that one stating it was already cleared for centrefires. Not a problem if not.
  11. Certificate is open for my rimfires. One permission is cleared up to .243. No experience of the calibre, but is required for foxes.
  12. Just put in for a variation to my firearms cert. Adding on a .223 Rem. Only have a .17 and .22 at the minute so not a standard variation. Will be interesting to hear how quickly it is turned around, they done my renewal pretty quick last September. Also does anyone know if you have to send more passport photographs for a variation?
  13. Variation mistake

    Just leave it on there and get rid when you renew.
  14. Bloody joke. The problem is exposure. If you google grouse Ilkley Moor all that comes up is anti pages and biased news articles.