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  1. I think OP had a problem with justin bieber back in 2012.
  2. £50 ******* quid my doctors are asking for!!!! Pisstake. Who do we complain to BASC? Our MP? The chief of police? @David BASC please advise as this is clearly aimed at reducing the number of lawful SGC and FAC holders.
  3. Been out of the shooting loop for a little while, and my SGC has come up for renewal. Enclosed in the reminder from Essex Police is a letter stating we have to download a form and give it to our GP to fill out from 1st November 2019 I thought this all got thrown out the other year when I renewed the FAC with BASC stating don’t pay the doctors and inform your FEO that it’s not a requirement? As I remember the BMA were advising their doctors/members not to fill the forms out too. Whats the the going rate for having these forms signed by your GP?
  4. Approaching end of business and still no licences for pigeons.
  5. The Microsoft Word link is working for me but the PDF is still down. Will try saving target tomorrow rather than opening in browser.
  6. Seen loads on the cut haylage. Farmer only does arable so doesn’t need them dealt with. Cheeky **** are well tame.
  7. Sure wabbitbosher must have something suitable @wabbitbosher
  8. I have a 1517 Thumbhole deluxe. Not skeleton stock, was too light. Made sure it had 2 stage trigger on order form. I went for the 14” barrel. Should of gone 18”. I haven’t chronograohed it but it’s a dirty round as it is and I get a lot of half burnt powder in the mod. The groups on mine are tight out to 100-110 yards then really start opening up. Sub 1MOA @ 100yards and about 2 or 3 moa at 125 yards. The 14” barrel is very light and pointable but I wanted the .17 for 150 yard rabbits and it’s just not capable of that. It only has about 20 yards more ‘very accurate’ range than my cheapo CZ .22LR.
  9. I went with the remote and you know what I should of got the standard one on a timer. The remote is handy if you don’t want to spoke incoming birds but you soon get bored of pressing the button!
  10. Hi cranfield yes I’m interested in magnet bouncers and some crow & pigeon deeks. + cradles and Carp sacks
  11. I’ve just ordered an ff5 with remote. Looks the absolute business and haven’t seen a bad word about them.
  12. Three weeks turn around so should be just in time for when the farmer starts pulling in the haylage. Them crows better watch out!
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