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  1. phil21


    Photo please Philip.gowers@icloud.com
  2. Just bought granddaughter a 20b semi which is the best choke to put in the gun for clay shooting 7/12 cartridges
  3. i have a valmet 12 b o/u sst but 13inch and barrel 36 inch granddaughter used she is 14 now just changed her to a semi £120.
  4. if i can get rid of my 22lr or 17hmr or 222 i could be interested
  5. 1 on airgun bbs cheap all ready shortened £40
  6. Or if you can keep it till I sell it let me know
  7. If interested in a night vision for a swap let me know pm me your number and I will send pictures and details
  8. Looking for semiautomatic for grandchild to have a go at clays close by if possible
  9. valmet o/u sst fc £200.00 and I got a midland 308 set up +mod £550.00
  10. I have got gun powder, bullet heads, cases and primers and dyes, if I can sell my gun with scope and silencer.
  11. lee 243 dye set + crimper some new Remington case + once fired case swap for 308 dyes
  12. I live in Clitheroe, BB7 I have for sale Valmet o/u 12g ST EJ FC, MOD and IMP £200. Tight head and a light gun. Hatsan 12g semi auto MC 3 1/2 mag synthetic butt £200 410 SB £100
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