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  1. Brand new condition. Possibly worn but not reflected in the condition. Not original box supplied £25 posted https://photos.app.goo.gl/GEanAZW4SGfKpU9x6
  2. send me your details for payment for the cleaning kit

    cheers Mike ( hawkeye )

    1. Yeah happy to do that. No problem, will be a couple quid for postage.
    2. Canvas brady of halesowen gunslip, would fit gun upto 110cm. It has been repaired on both sides by previous owner. £40 posted https://photos.app.goo.gl/iKHCaD97MsoKLqWr8
    3. Having a clear out of the garage.... Snowbee chest waders size 9 fitted boot. No leaks or holes and plain boot. £30 Peltor kids ear defenders. Bought new in September and now outgrown already £10 Cleaning kit to fit numerous sizes from 12g to. 410 by the looks of it. Bought it and cant recall using it. £25 Wax barbour leggings in small, one set has a button missing and one halved. Both have wear at the base. £10 Barbour souwester style hat in large. £25 Rivers west cammo sou wester worn a few times but in good condition. £20 Deerhunter shooting sticks. £15 Postage and packing will be added to above prices. Any questions then please contact me. Will be posted wed/Thursday this week. https://photos.app.goo.gl/NdEkfuegQ471cW7NA
    4. Yeah would have liked an actual watch not a smart one but not sure if such a thing exists.
    5. Yeah the reason they wont replace it as its the second replacement after my original one stopped working. They dont warranty replacement ones
    6. Evening all, My 2nd fitbit in as many years has given up the ghost and will not be getting replaced. Like the heart monitor and steps of a fitbit but thats all i really use it for, any reccomeded alternatives that look good. Not wanting to wear the tag as i will damage it at work. Cheers
    7. Agree. Smith was never 6 rounds up in that fight.
    8. 9 rounds in and its a cracking fight. Smith seems like he may have underestimated ryder who has boxed really really well. I have ryder 2 up.
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