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  1. Sadly not. I only watched the tries. Working 12.5 hr shift all weekend and have dog etc to sort out when i get home. Will watch full game next week.
  2. Parisse is the most consistent player in the northern hemisphere imo. Imagine if he had slightly better players around him.... Just watching highlights now. Given Scotlands injuries and performances its a fair position.
  3. Well done its great to see so many greys getting bashed with hopefully opening up territory for the reds. I was fortunate to see 2 reds earlier in the year in the cairngorms. Braw
  4. No longer required. Free to good home. Will be monday before i get a chance to post am afraid.
  5. Had these a year and just not wearing them. In good condition. £20 posted
  6. Good afternoon. Brand new and never used. £8 posted?
  7. Really?? I think GGG still has the power to deal with bjs comfortably. Degale was well beaten and will retire. Some less than classy acts from both fighters. Jnr still not good enough to step up again.
  8. I too have just started. 39 years old and its getting harder to move each morning. Been using yoga burn myself
  9. I would say its more a shaking to kill the thing tbh. She shakes it and rags it there dislodging feathers making her her drop it. She is small. I dont want to shout or punish her as it may put her off and god knows ive had enough of a job getting her here.
  10. How can i stop my 2 year old cocker shaking game, its mainly freshly shot stuff but she has done it on cold game too. She is fine on dummies.
  11. That was one of the pages i have been looking at. We all know how companies portray themselves so just curious as to what its really like
  12. Yeah id read they do 2 hour stints due to high concentration requirements
  13. Yeah looking at the training and salary take a fair hit. Responsibility not an issue as work under pressure just now. Cheers
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