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  1. novice cushie shooter

    Another glorious 12th, another protest

    Happy glorious twelfth everyone. Enjoy stomping the Heather.
  2. novice cushie shooter

    Club de tiro jarapalo

    Had the pleasure of shooting at the above venue near malaga this morning, Pepe and his daughter run this very well, a few emails and a little later and were on the range I was shooting both the compact sporting layouts. The heat makes it a little interesting but with stunning views its a great venue. Currently in the middle of a huge upgrade to facilities too. I could talk to Pepe all day long about hunting, like myself he comes from a more game shooting background so it was great exchanging stories and tales.
  3. novice cushie shooter

    Syndicate spaces in Scotland

    Thanks I have emailed the given contact. 👍
  4. novice cushie shooter

    Syndicate spaces in Scotland

    Looking for a syndicate for this year if anyone knows one about an hour max from Edinburgh. Can shoot alternative Saturdays from the 6th of October and most midweeks shifts depending Fully insured and have dog and car. Can provide references if needed. Thanks gordon
  5. novice cushie shooter

    Huawei Phone

    I've got a p20 pro. It's okay but still getting used to it
  6. novice cushie shooter

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    Fishing but it's taking a backseat trying to train this cocker of mine!! Mainly fly and sea
  7. novice cushie shooter

    Tonight's boxing

    Some night. Undercard was fantastic. Great fight for Derek chisora. Whyte looking to kick on in 2nd half. As a side note I was angry again a fight is billed as PPV but we'll worth it tonight
  8. novice cushie shooter

    Vass Heavy 350 Smock XL

    What size?
  9. novice cushie shooter

    Beretta Ultralight 12 gauge

    Final drop to £1100
  10. novice cushie shooter

    SD CARD for Audi in car

    Thank you
  11. novice cushie shooter

    SD CARD for Audi in car

    Evening, can anyone recommend any sites I can download music onto my SD card, preferably free? Thanks
  12. novice cushie shooter

    Go pro 3+

    Now sold
  13. novice cushie shooter

    Shetland sea fishing

    I can imagine. We priced Norway and it was over 1200 all in. Was less than half that for Shetland all be it 3 days and not 5. There have been a few skate caught at over 100lb but If I caught one that large I wouldn't waste 4/5 hours playing it unless I was targeting skate. Have a good trip. Look forward to a report. 👍
  14. novice cushie shooter

    Shetland sea fishing

    Your 1St time? This was ours, Need to do some arm excersices done I was burst after day 1!! Enjoy. We never managed any coalies which was disappointing, the weather wasn't playing ball.... Meant we have to go back next year. 👍
  15. novice cushie shooter

    Shetland sea fishing

    Thanks but going by the stories the locals in Shetland tell of trawlers just dumping fish after their quota is maxed I wont hold my breath.