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  1. novice cushie shooter


    I too have just started. 39 years old and its getting harder to move each morning. Been using yoga burn myself
  2. novice cushie shooter

    Cocker shaking game-how to stop?

    I would say its more a shaking to kill the thing tbh. She shakes it and rags it there dislodging feathers making her her drop it. She is small. I dont want to shout or punish her as it may put her off and god knows ive had enough of a job getting her here.
  3. novice cushie shooter

    Cocker shaking game-how to stop?

    How can i stop my 2 year old cocker shaking game, its mainly freshly shot stuff but she has done it on cold game too. She is fine on dummies.
  4. novice cushie shooter

    Air traffic controller jobs

    That was one of the pages i have been looking at. We all know how companies portray themselves so just curious as to what its really like
  5. novice cushie shooter

    Air traffic controller jobs

    Yeah id read they do 2 hour stints due to high concentration requirements
  6. novice cushie shooter

    Air traffic controller jobs

    Yeah looking at the training and salary take a fair hit. Responsibility not an issue as work under pressure just now. Cheers
  7. novice cushie shooter

    Air traffic controller jobs

    Evening, anyone work as an air traffic controller? Looking at a career change but dont know anyone who works as this. Currently work as a production supervisor for a pharma company and feel i need a new challenge.
  8. novice cushie shooter

    Stove fan

    To be honest i think the stove fan has circulated the hot air out the room and upstairs definitely feels warmer. My mrs is a cauld tattie too. Normally have it sitting 21c. It makes very little noise too. LG yeah but i did expect the cool air to flow a bit more. Not a huge problem with the having the fan.
  9. novice cushie shooter

    Stove fan

    Heads up aldi stove fans are in stock again. In edinburgh anyway
  10. novice cushie shooter

    Splitting Axe

    Great advice to take from. I just started cutting and got the roughneck set from screwfix for 34 quid it will do me just now.
  11. novice cushie shooter

    Skiing trip

    Great pictures and write up. I haven't skied since high school and we went to saalbach/hinterglem in 94. Now nearly 40 and am going to aviemore skiing or boarding in feb and i cannot wait. Really looking forward to it even if its not abroad.
  12. novice cushie shooter


    HAHA Luckily it was my hand. It did work genuine and it is sterile after all 😂
  13. novice cushie shooter


    Urine worked for me!
  14. novice cushie shooter


    Did you get anywhere with customer services? Must have the proof of signature?
  15. novice cushie shooter


    I have never had any issues until i ordered a shirt from tk maxx on 21st dec. Still waiting...