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  1. novice cushie shooter

    Fly tying materials

    Id happily pay postage if no one is interested
  2. novice cushie shooter

    Boxing tonight: Smith vs Groves

    Delighted for him and the family.
  3. novice cushie shooter

    Boxing tonight: Smith vs Groves

    Well done mundo well deserved. Great tactical display
  4. novice cushie shooter

    Boxing tonight: Smith vs Groves

    Great fight so far.
  5. novice cushie shooter

    Joshua v Povetkin

    I had similar score to chris with aj 1-2 rounds down. Povetins way to find an angle to get that second punch away was superb. Good workout for AJ and a stunning ko. **** undercard tbh. Price hasn't had a fight in him in 4 years and needs to retire and good to see luke campbell with a great workmanlike fight however i feel he doesn't have the power to worry the top 3 or 4 in his class
  6. novice cushie shooter

    Cocker dropping short and now refusing to pick

    She was ok but not brilliant, i have a lesson with a trainer to try and resolve a culmination of things. Thanks for the input folks much appreciated
  7. novice cushie shooter

    GGG v Clenelo,Take 2.Sunday Morning.

    Cant believe alvarez won tbh. I thought ggg won by a round or 2 comfortably. Set up for a third fight unfortunately which is not what alvarez deserves. Shouldn't even be allowed to box.
  8. novice cushie shooter

    Cocker dropping short and now refusing to pick

    Nope i have put the dummies away for a wee while. Will go back to basics again by the looks of it
  9. Hi all my 20 month cocker has been dropping balls and dummies short for a while now. I have tried moving back, sideways etc. To no avail. She has started to refuse retrives now so i have stopped until i find out why. She seems to want to play or chew or jump about with objects too and not really focused on the retrives. I had her following me around the house with balls and dummies and paint rollers but as soon as i go outside to distraction it goes to pot. What am i doing wrong?? Thanks ncs
  10. novice cushie shooter

    VPN providers

    My new provider claims you do t need a vpn on their service. Been solid so far tbh but not watched much they would block ie sat 3pm ko on footy or ppv
  11. novice cushie shooter

    Packing in booze

    Yeah its weird but i slept worse when i was drinking even though you think your actually sleeping better. I work shifts and it didnt affect me as im always tired 😂
  12. novice cushie shooter

    Packing in booze

    Well done the fact you want to give up is great all be it for a month a week etc it doesnt matter its giving your body that break. I gave up 6 years ago due to a combination of having alcohol related ibs and hangovers from hell. I wasnt in a great place 7 years ago. Long story short we had tons of **** going on in our group of friends which wasn't helpful. I dont miss anything, the hangovers, depression or lulls that go with it, the cost, the lost days due to hangovers. If i go out now i drink alcohol free beers which are more and more popular and getting better. I still have a great laugh with my mates. Good luck its well worth it. Gordon
  13. novice cushie shooter

    Khan v Vargas

    Brook will defo retire him IF they fight. Ive got a haunch khan will kack it and fight pacquio for the ££££££.,
  14. novice cushie shooter

    Khan v Vargas

    Saved by the bell again
  15. novice cushie shooter

    Khan v Vargas

    Always looking to the ref!! Poop bag