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  1. Got a lanber m/c s/t deluxe £180 need cabinet space. Also....Baikal st £150 And st manufrance pump action£99 last bsa airsporter £120
  2. Wish I had kept this,I had since the 70s
  3. Have lost count how many variants of coffee making in this house.she has fancy machine I have a £30 delonghi nescafe with grande capsules and love it. In the van now we can't drink customers I have opted for nescafe Alta Rica and I quite like it with powered milk and also powered tea,now that is nice.
  4. Ditch if you were nearer and I didn't already have one I would have offered you £20 which is how most of my adverts seen to be going🤔🤔 Good luck mate.
  5. vampire


    Got a lanber o/u here multi choke£180 suffolk. Or a biakal o/u single trigger £150 Pump action £100 Might be to low end looking at your list.😭
  6. Think anyone complaining about the great Ditchman himself should suffer an instant lifetime ban,because they are obviously just window shoppers to out brilliant forum and what would that be without Ditchy.
  7. Its just 4x2 and fence posts.could knock you one up this afternoon for £180. its not real and is not £180 worth it.
  8. I think it's a modern built item to resemble a butchers block. Google images.
  9. Heard same from feo today,who had got update an hour before he called me on another matter,honest 🤔
  10. Butchers block would be beech,this looks like softwood imitation.detail of fixings tell you more of quality age etc.
  11. You have pm. And 10 minutes up the road.
  12. Soak it,mix up a solution of Oxi action and apply liberally leave for a while to work then pressure wash with the spiral attachment works better than a fan pattern,leave to dry and coat with oil for best results new decking always leave for first year as to much preserver impregnation always soak new laid decking it will close any fixing holes to near invisable. All the old decking I have replaced on jobs over the years,the ones fixed through the invert rather than overt of the board are the ones that have rotted through fixing holes.
  13. Adze Briea Chugly Dozza ebb furlough Grrrrr Hob.
  14. Welldone👍looks good. have now got a little plank I clamp the blade to when sanding,which is a lot safer than a blade sticking out of the bench😭
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