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  1. I always just use the kit from screwfix now as its much easier no matter what centres are of mixer valve.Just remember not to use speed fit elbow in the wall void
  2. vampire

    Heart burn

    That's my medicine combo and I just take the lot plus others last thing in the evening,often sleep on the couch with cushions propping me up to lessen the heartburn.
  3. Self employed for 35 years and on my own for last 19 of them and get busier every year. Every day I drive past a building site owned by a company I was a contracts manager, promoted up from the tools,how I love every day I am not on that muddy site working with those muppets, or worst still managing them for a bunch of useless directors..Stupid hours, salary of nothing if you equate the hours put in,the stress and never ending politics,profit profit profit. You never know what's waiting round the corner,so look at it as a positive and a chance to do what you want.
  4. Changed all mine to 240v and cordless,got fed up with the transformer,now the 110v gear just sits there gathering dust.
  5. If all vehicles had a black box fitted and licences where reissued every five years subject to the results of speed recorded on the box,how many would pass or be fined banned,would you be one,who is now off the road,what do you do now ? The speed awareness course has certainly altered me and the way I drive for the rest of my life.
  6. Just done a speed awareness course. At 31 mph you would still be doing 8 mph where you would of stopped at 30mph.
  7. vampire

    Lanber forend

    Whats wrong with the one in pic.
  8. and rates are set by insurance company/management company that far exceed those charged by non insurance commissioned garage,or at least that's how the home insurance loss works,huge profits but long time and a pain to get paid. Dehumidifiers and drying out were the money/profit for zilch on flood repair/water leak.
  9. if you had more budget,Ryobi one system is hard to beat and you can add to it.Get a brushless combi drill and an impact driver with 4ah batteries,plus a titan sds breaker/drill then you have it all covered.
  10. vampire


    screwfix do silent inverters.
  11. vampire

    Lorry hire

    just make sure your moving date isn't the same as a county show,which is what we did and there was only one lorry left,yep it was carp ?
  12. Hazel's underbark is darker...…….. Ditchy will jump on this surely🤣
  13. Very nice sticks. May be if you store your sticks whilst seasoning in a drainage pipe with caps at either end it would prevent infestation,but no good if you've brought it home already infected. Storing sticks in a garage/shed is asking for woodworm if its like mine.I sprayed all the timber in the roof and chucked away benches that were in there when we moved in, as were heavily infected.You can get a pump up spray bottle from QD for a couple of quid that will spray a jet or mist,just be careful not to breath the mist or get it on your skin/clothes as it will do for you as well as the worm,oh and do several coats once one soaked in do another. have done a couple myself and have loads seasoning,coated mine with true oil.
  14. Received today,Thanks.
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