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  1. Got the call from one of my farmers today,pigeons are hitting fields of peas he is going twice a day with rope bangers. As I understand it the new general licence gl31 version 2 may 2019,we do not need individual licence for woodpigeon crop protection if we have fulfilled its requirements.have read it twice and that's as I understand it. Anyway,hope to get a couple of hours out if only to check on flight lines and record the damage.
  2. Hammer block just lays on its side and will only fit one way. Now the hard bit,if the cocking spring is the 2 little open springs between the cocking blocks,oh boy took me hours to fit them little ………. If you don't get any joy I could send a picture of them in place
  3. vampire

    Air Rifle

    I have a Bsa Air Sporter in 22 with scope.woodwork is good,bluing is thin and it shoots as it should £150.
  4. vampire

    silverstone f1

    Am going to Silverstone f1 on race day with a general admission,have been before years ago but only on a free practice day, but never to the actual race,so hope someone could help with some questions ? 1.where is best place to watch on a general admission ticket,is there anywhere that you can see large screen tv and cars for more than 3 seconds,which is all I saw in Italy ? 2.is it better to park off track and get park and ride in. Any help or info would be much appreciated, as its first time for me and my daughter, so want to get the most out of what I hope will be a great day out
  5. I am with you. No way would you ever want to blindly fix a floor,makes me shudder just to think it
  6. As title. I have a wood turning copy lathe,on legs,with metal turning tail stock.£800 new,looking for £200 cash.Now got a smaller one to make more room in the man cave. located in Suffolk,collection only.
  7. vampire

    Air rifle

    got an air sporter .22 £150.
  8. vampire


    got an airsporter in 22 flavour,£150
  9. Got a lanber deluxe field, single selective trigger, ejector,multi choke,£185
  10. got a manufrance £100.
  11. Am sure I can remember Phillip Schofield talking about how he shoots crows on his estate ? He would be a good one to contact.
  12. every year I clean my workshop and have a tidy up,then I can fit more tools in,got to the stage where now thinking of extension or chuck some stuff out ?
  13. Saw a guy plaster boarding a ceiling and he was leaving nails poking out a couple of mm so as not to damage paper. Customer had been using a 50m extension cable almost fully wound and melted together. Lintel bearing of 30mm and brick it was almost bearing on had been shattered by window fitter. Stair stringers held up with one 4" wire nail. I had 3 accidents on site last year,stepped off a decking and twisted my ankle ripping ligaments off,the other 2 were both from hop up falling through floor boards nailed with traps left,ie no support. 3" deep cut out in joists by diy plumber. ground floor socket wired to 1st floor circuit,see this sort of thing a lot. Doors hung upside down and even hinges on light switch side.
  14. All mine are coated with this,used to put it on back of brake shoes when I worked in garage.
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