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  1. Our garden has been invaded by moles,gutted only just finished levelling lawn last year and now it's wrecked. I have five traps set,but nothing yet. Can you use something like a verminator ?I have propane torches 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Any help appreciated.
  2. Made a set during lockdown for my daughter out of used circular blades and a chunk of rose wood for the handles.
  3. I planter 3 hazel 7 years ago and we have very few nuts off them each year for a couple of years now.we have one that was here when we moved in that's massive and produces a bucket ish each year. If you are planting add something like elixa to the roots,you can also layer them or air craft for established plants,they pollinate in the wind. There are a couple of farms on you tube that have gone in for hazel,worth a watch. Can vouch for crab apple,we have masses.
  4. Got the Lidl Parkside 25ltr compressor a few years back,compressor is still going strong and hasn't missed a beat,the accessories have been dying one by one,mainly internal o rings. Only regret is I didn't buy a 50 ltr.
  5. I have just bought this jacket,Deerhunter pro gamekeeper . Sold the musto as it was to big heavy hot and cumbersome,but brilliant coat and quality 2nd to none,so wanted a replacement.£hundreds?? Percussion,go a size up they are small,good lightweight jacket with gillet,not warm though,you will need fleece as it's no warmer than a shirt,very smart and loads of pockets ? £100 Deerhunter Pro jacket,chest size is 50" went with xxl and perfect for like it's tailored .was expecting it to be bit more musto like,but it's more percussion lightweight and will defiantly need fleece inside
  6. What ever you end up with,the right tyres makes all the difference. 2 door freelander you can stand in the back for lamping,or the old frontera you could take the lid off.
  7. What Vic said. I have rejected a car under this law and it was collected,we were refunded less some for the use we had. Was happy with deal and relieved ,my daughter is a solicitor 👍😂😂
  8. I just brought it to the top,it's 18 posts down in private guns for sale,just type baikal into search,or go to my content. Thanks.
  9. Electric under floor heating, then latex, then vinyl,this will achieve what you are asking.
  10. Wow just pop back to 2015 🤔 I Have the eruber multi tool corded for work and it's incredible tool with quick blade change,use it for allsorts,how I ever managed without it . it will do skirtings👍
  11. Wife has the 2.0 tts,I can't hardly get in or out,fast as anything,change the audio,rear lights get faulty contact is common. Change oil regular and tired are £120 a corner. Harsh ride for daily use. apparently we may be selling it and my freelander to get one vehicle ,she thinks x trail and I think disco 4.😂
  12. I have one listed on gun Watch will rfd in plywood shopping crate £35 posted to your rfd. Subject to cleared funds.
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