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  1. What, youv'e put fat Sarah in the drawers😮
  2. Same type of scam happened to me,sold set of rock sliders...….agreed to refund...……..turned up...…….not the ones I sent out🤬
  3. Transits,secure as a tent and lets just skip rust prevention,good old ford.Thanks…. Really like the new defender 90 and I also like the jaguar f pace,cant afford either so hey ho.
  4. Not much to go on,from the description it may be the soil .Could go on a multiple choice of possible answers without pictures.
  5. Same here.Fed up with scammers its a regular thing and is the ebay norm.
  6. Am ok with ladders,although I now get twitchy on the treble if its got the ladder stand off fitted. 30 years ago I used to run round the outside of scaffolding on the putlock poles and slide down the wooden ladder,we used to have races along the ridge from chimney pot to pot,think its what you get used to. Laying bricks whilst on scaffold and being the one going backwards,your heart would be in your mouth as you stepped off the overlapping boards. Have flown a microlite plane which I loved and was fine till instructor made it wobble,could smell the fear,he said I wasn't a natural pilot.
  7. just managed to get in.Am thinking Zapp has pirogued pigeon watch
  8. My old boss used to leave rabbit over night in salt water,then cook for 2 hours in a bowl of olive oil,best rabbit I ever tasted would have that every week.
  9. vampire

    Book Valuation

    what does it say about the cyclist ?
  10. crikeys boh thut sound like ut us Suffolk **** might not talk soo bad arta all.
  11. She was a stunning looking spaniel. Always hard to say goodbye for the last time,our gsd was sadly taken at six years old,we now have two labs and another gsd.
  12. what ever you do, don't sand them🤬
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