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  1. vampire


    Anybody gone down the route of intellectual property rights. Have invented a construction based product and made a working prototype,about to sign papers with a company that does the whole package. Just seeing if others have any advise.
  2. Planning department of local council refuse plans because they are not sustainable,have no shop etc.How backward when I can get anything delivered in 24hrs . High street is all tat shops and coffee .
  3. vampire

    top gear

    Always loved watching top gear,the tours were nothing short of brilliant viewing, as has been carried on with the grand tour. After multiple attempts top gear is now back to what it was,brilliant entertainment just like last of the summer wine,but with cars.......at last it's watchable again.
  4. vampire


    Just got my parents signed up to a lifeline.......
  5. I have a deluxe for sale,cheap £200 not mint.
  6. True,any dispute with a neighbour should be disclosed in the legal pack when selling a house. My Daughter is a senior solicitor and head of conveyancing.
  7. I have a flir one attachment that fits on an old I phone 5 for work and this works really well for what I want,just for a laugh I tried it on some sheep 300yrds away and they looked like little cotton wool blobs. At 40 yrds I can tell the difference between my dogs.
  8. Think I have most types of double and triple ladders.Double is lighter than triple if you only need to get to gutter height but you will need long arms to extend,triple will be easier to get to height needed. Both will now have a bar on the bottom and you should use a stand off rather than rely on the guttering to hold. Get a large d rung,much safer and more comfortable to work on and box section. 1200 people a year die/have accident on ladders...…..
  9. Thanks for all replies. I have read a copy of the Field and it was a good read,although full of adverts for clothes I could not afford or want to,guns I would not take out a mortgage to buy and never use and as for the property. So I may be subscribing to the sporting shooter.
  10. Stopped having beet on my perm,ruts all the tracks up,rats everywhere and the fields look like something from the somme,never seen any pigeons on them either,deer love em.
  11. Driving a transit during the day and a landrover at weekend,hate the wife's audi tt just to fast and low.If I could bare to see that much money sat on the drive😰 then my weekend car would have to be a jag f pace like my mates, actually my mates car,😍 or the sporty one is it a f series ?
  12. Like your style and I think they will be got at inside....
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