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  1. I would watch that as well.
  2. Lab comes straight from litter already trained,you then play catch up to their level and fine tune it or ruin it.
  3. ooopps, signed into plumbers forum 😂 Good advice and how to...
  4. I believe aliens are only seen by people with high fat content diet,live in the north and drive jags.
  5. 2 part epoxy is easy to put down anyone could do it and it works. Had a contract where i used this method, after redoing the drains,doing crack repair and re render,damp injection,replaster 1 m up,high build floor leveller and then 2 part epoxy which was the easiest bit.
  6. I read it as its something you are meant to test on a service call and if it hasn't been changed in last 5 years, then this is to be changed to keep system working properly ,embarrassed to say I cant remember where I read it.
  7. Go on line and get a quote for the boiler at plumbcentre and prob has flue inc the kit,then add a £1000 for fitting and commission certificate and warranty. Last ideal boiler I fitted was £6?? + 1 days labour for change over and gas engineer to do gas etc £50,so under a grand.
  8. Watch the heat and cleanliness of the hot tub easy become a breeding ground for legionnaires.
  9. Arden Grange ocean white fish,owning a german shepherd you make sure they have good diet after the first time something doesn't suit their delicate stomach,the labs do well on it as well .
  10. vampire

    Aldi heads up

    27th oct,they have 60x mag spotting scope £25
  11. vampire

    First pcp

    Pcp = quiet and accurate .
  12. Its now good practice to drain heating system every ?2 or 5 years cant remember (without checking the book) and add new inhibitor.
  13. What are we looking at😎
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