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  1. Have laid some of this when doing a patio turf for customer,get the base right then best you can afford grass some very realistic ones on sale now,needs standing up and sand brushing in to keep like upright. It's not tidy getting dog poo off it and does smell of they urinate in same area ?
  2. Has been the norm for a while,no ploughing drilled direct and deep without any spill,new combine drops nothing except on beans. Need to find small farm with old gear.
  3. Seen pigeons fly off rape today and over the road as I passed,they were heavily loaded with a multitude of little snow balls frozen to their breast.
  4. I use same diamond plate I use for my chisels,only difference is with a knife I then run it on the mdf wheel on the bench grinder,couple of passes and it's sharp.
  5. vampire


    We burn what ever grows in the garden,apple,pear,hazel,hawthorn,buddliegha ???,an abundance of timber off cuts and kindling all mixed in with an occasional load of bought wood. Only thing I don't burn is painted or teated.
  6. Your roofing felt would only sweat if ventilation is blocked or missing.
  7. Casey super blue if instructions followed comes up quite well.
  8. Bought my old man one like that from go outdoors as he seems to destroy most things,watch still going strong though.
  9. Have you tried cold bluing ?
  10. Got him 😁😁😁 As some of you said,it was just one mole unbelievable how much they tunnel. Had five scissor traps set and these were old traps from my dad left outside. I followed your instructions and raked all the hills flat,this highlighted where he was working as he mended the hills 🤔🤔🤔🤔 So flattened them again and set the five traps with buckets covering and I also opened the holes on the hills thinking it would give him something to go to. Two days later and I got him in the trap my dogs had been suggesting ? No new hills for days now,fingers crossed. Than
  11. Our garden has been invaded by moles,gutted only just finished levelling lawn last year and now it's wrecked. I have five traps set,but nothing yet. Can you use something like a verminator ?I have propane torches 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Any help appreciated.
  12. Made a set during lockdown for my daughter out of used circular blades and a chunk of rose wood for the handles.
  13. I planter 3 hazel 7 years ago and we have very few nuts off them each year for a couple of years now.we have one that was here when we moved in that's massive and produces a bucket ish each year. If you are planting add something like elixa to the roots,you can also layer them or air craft for established plants,they pollinate in the wind. There are a couple of farms on you tube that have gone in for hazel,worth a watch. Can vouch for crab apple,we have masses.
  14. Got the Lidl Parkside 25ltr compressor a few years back,compressor is still going strong and hasn't missed a beat,the accessories have been dying one by one,mainly internal o rings. Only regret is I didn't buy a 50 ltr.
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