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  1. I have a customer waiting for me to do this to her hall boards, not in a hurry to get there.
  2. With you entirely on this and previous post and I am 55.
  3. Are you sure you should even have a dog,if you have to ask a first page question how are you going to properly look after her. Buy a cat.
  4. Got a Baikal o/u, s/t, m/c, ej £150 ftf.
  5. This time of year is great,like waiting for xmas when you were a kid.Pigeon shooting during the day and rabbit shooting at night.
  6. I thought the country file feature was suggesting that wj were an irritating crowd funded pain to an underfunded natural England and the country side farming and shooting communities and what had they achieved, other than a costly nothing and that the whole charade was being discussed later in the year on the way forward and to prevent such crowd funding issues happening again. That's how I saw it, totally not what I was expecting a favourable report for a change. Well done Country File.
  7. Bought a second hand free standing unit last year,really wanted to see what we end up with.It does chill a large 6mx4m bedroom but is so noisy the only way to go is a split unit
  8. your son is replaceable at that rate of pay,so if he rocks the boat he will be out of a job. The roofer just wants cheap labour and at the moment that's your son,or any number of unskilled guys out there,if he wants to continue in this trade which is hard physical work but has financial rewards, in the end and that's where he needs to get,to the end and he has only just opened the door to that journey,once he is skilled and earning his boss good money then he becomes a valuable asset because he can get a top job anywhere or he could take all the risk and start on his own. If he was working for me he would fail the test if he asked for more money now,instead of working hard learning the job and getting on with being the lowest step on the ladder and no employer wants problems from below .
  9. vampire


    They would be able to put scaffold on his roof,no different as if bridging a ridge for chimney works.You will get mess on your patio and even the chance of objects falling,so I would insist on netting and just be aware when using your patio.
  10. My latest one is a Silverline,yeah I know,but its lasted the test of time and after all they always used and abused.
  11. Wow,thread started in 2007,started up again in 2010 then 2017 and now this week.
  12. You could try damp seal,paint it over wider area than affected as the tide will spread as it cant breath the area could get bigger. Plasters should of stuck insulated plaster board to the wall which would be a damp barrier and prevent thermal bridging of the dabs bleeding damp/salts.
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