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  1. Hello guys have a beamshot 1000super laser comes with weaver mount and barrel mount.. Used once laser is in full working order.. £45 Deben bipod 9-13inch brandnew still boxed never been used.. Is just to small, £40 One piece mount.. Dont no what make never been used.. £9 Selling my tracer tactical 500 all still boxed used twice just looking to buy a nitesite or something similar so no longer needed.. £90 Pictures on request Cheers.. Jb.
  2. You can see the cloudy mark looks like a light reflection but it isnt.. Can i get anywax from B&Q to coat the stock? All guns shops are closed by me today.. Thanks again! Jb
  3. Ive stripped the gun and cleaned every possible bit.. What shall i do to repair the spilt? Is it worth coating the stock with anything to protect it? Thanks for the replies! Jb
  4. Hello guys bought myself a air arms few weekends ago i used it last night and the weather started drizzling then i didnt realise how much it was actually raining and ended up getting soaked.. I got home very late and said i would clean the rifle first thing this morning which i did but when taking it out of the case i noticed the stock has split a tiny amount and gone a pale kind of colour.. How should i go about repairing this and whats best to coat the stock in to pretect it against a bit of water? The water has also made the barrel white in a few places, tiny dots of white! Is this a rookie mistake or should a air rifle be able to handle some bad weather conditions? I have pictures but cant upload them from my Phone. Thankyou! Jb.
  5. After a nite site or somthing the same cheap as possible.. Message me with what you have.. Thankyou! Jb.
  6. This post is a bit random but I'm new to Instagram and was wondering if anyone else uses it? sharing shooting and hunting related pictures? All the best! Jb
  7. I bought a SJ4000 online because it was cheap and looked good.. I love it! The filming quality is superb! Battery dosent last forever but you can buy spare batterys for about £5 the only down side is its from china so takes a while to get here and i wouldnt say its the best build quality but the filming side of things it is perfect! Check it out and see what you think.. Ill try upload some of my videos for you to see. Cheers! All the best! Jb
  8. I appreciate all your replies.. I phone them and asked for a full l refund, i couldnt be bothered with all the hassle so i left a negative review about there shop warning others.. Name of the shop is sunderland air guns other buyers beware! Cheers guys! All the best! Jb
  9. Just bought a new Nikko Stirling AirKing 3-9x42 AO IR offline for £68.99 and they have messaged me saying " thankyou for your order. Unfortunately we have just received our new price list for the Nikko Stirling scopes and they have gone upto £133.95. For the inconvenience i am willing to sell you the scope for £99.99. If that is ok" Surely because i have paid already this is there mistake and have to send me the scope? Where do i stand on this.. Thankyou!
  10. All sorted now thankyou!
  11. Dont know if anyone can help with this but im after a Beamshot RF9 mount and they only have them in America and wont ship over here so dose anyone happen to have one or has any ideas on how i could get myself one? Thanks! Jb
  12. As already stated not worth losing your licence over trust me its really not! Call the police and get them out to take a statement and then they can photo the injuries to both dog and your wife. All the best Jb
  13. Only just seen your question.. Used this most of the day till about 2 where the tubing melted so had to call it a day dog got 5 missed 2 have no upgraded to a leaf blower running rich so it smokes a little will be trying that out tomorrow will post my results.. All the best Jb.
  14. Just flicking through and found this.. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eSN78d6-218
  15. If I lean it to the side at a funny angle it smokes dose stink so might be worth leaving it as it is because the fumes might kick em out anyway.. I don't feel I would do the correct job playing with the carb aha thanks for the replies Dose anyone just rat using the 2stroke engine at the correct ratio? Thanks again Jb
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