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  1. No sorry...the price stated is as low as I will go,it will cost £11 to post...if it doesn't sell I'll keep it for another rifle. Thanks for the offer though.
  2. weebster

    Hw110 filling

    Had the same thing happen when filling my aa410... I use one of those best fittings quick coupler do dahs,inbetween the air hose and quick coupler sits a bonded seal washer and that had perished causing air to leak before getting into the gun. If its now ok after using ptfe tape then that was probably the problem.
  3. Undo the objective lens collar at the front,you should then be able to wind in/out the lens carrier to alter the px distance depending on whether you want it further or closer....use google for more info. 😉
  4. Flight case model in vvgc,only been used on a pcp (2nd gun now sold) seen little use. Comes with sidewheel/pointer/sunshade/butler creek flip ups/spare battery in original flight case. £155.00 posted rmsd https://imgur.com/Z9YpNcX https://imgur.com/2LMK0fX https://imgur.com/IlfRdOm https://imgur.com/Rd9yNbe
  5. Price drop to £40 will also consider posting at cost.
  6. CCTV camera,selectable video output ahd/tvi/cbs etc, 2.8mm-12mm lens is externally adjusted as is focus. 850nm ir leds...been used for 2 weeks before replacing with PTZ dome camera because of blind spot. Unused boxed dvr, item number 382659548986 on the bay for details 4 ch video & 4 ch audio recording,internet access via phone also 1 x ip camera connection I have only checked to make sure it works and changed time to GMT,power supply,mouse,and remote control included. Not required due to getting a hikvision 8ch dvr. Also 25 metres of video/power cable for the camera and new unused 12v 3 amp power supply for the camera. Both dvr and camera are boxed. YOU WILL NEED A SATA HARD DRIVE FOR THE DVR...NO HARD DRIVE INCLUDED. COLLECTION ONLY AT THIS TIME....NO POSTING. £50 https://i.imgur.com/GmfWGZw.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ECJfo6P.jpg https://i.imgur.com/iLXpKWx.jpg https://i.imgur.com/dDkx1cw.jpg
  7. Tracking number ringed in red.
  8. On hold until Monday evening.
  9. I can do it in bubble wrap and cardboard but post would be £11 via parcel force
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