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    using shotguns, especially my 12 bore, using my dads 7.62,2.43,and 30 06.fishing and ferreting.and basically all other country pirsuits.
  1. flash

    gap year in ozz

    I've recently returned from oz and Nz for a year about heading back out beginning of December for another year and a half. I personally used viber app for smartphones. If you've got good 3G signal or wifi it is as good as a phone call!
  2. flash

    Vulcan V Bomber

    Dads an ex RAF wing co, so I've lived at most of the bases. He always enjoys telling a story about me in the garden as a littleun in one of those walking frames on wheels. Cruising round the garden happily under my own steam, when out of no where a Vulcan came over as low as possible, scared the living daylights out of me, and ended up in the flower bed upside down slightly miffed to say the least. And I've been a fan of the Vulcan ever since ha
  3. Hey guys, flying back from oz on the 15th but land at 8 30pm. got a friend picking me up, but can't be ***** with driving back to Devon that night, plus she wants to go shopping in London the day after, bloody women ha So need a decent hotel near to heathrow. Can anyone recommend a nice one, not to fussed on the price as long as it ain't ridiculous. After a 28 hour flight I don't wanna end up not being able to sleep cause of a bad mattress lol Cheers Flash
  4. flash


    Recently since I've been working abroad 4 or 5 bottles of corona a night, most of the time due to the 35c + temps everyday combined with a 12 hour shifts 7 days a week till it rains. Then when it rains the only place to go within 130kms is the outback pub so inevitably that's where we end up, don't even want to think about how much gets drunk there, although I do know th last big session we drank em out of all there champagne(cheap and nasty) and all the white wine. Never felt soo rough in my life! Don't think living snd working with 7 Irishman helps with the drinking situation one bit!
  5. flash

    FAC question

    Yeah that's what i thought! Gonna be in Nz for 6 months so probably just wait till im back. Out of curiosity where on exmoor are you?
  6. flash

    FAC question

    Hmm I think I'll send em an email then. Can't hurt to ask really. When they contact you to organise the interview is it normally through a phone call or via an email?
  7. It's the most beautiful place I have ever been, and they have everything you could possibly want there! Scariest I did was a 134 metre bungy jump, proper cack ya pants moment that was!! Back out in October for silage season, could get used to spending every summer in the Southern Hemisphere!
  8. Worked for 5 months on a dairy farm in New Zealand, makes for a nice change in scenery. Also happens to be one of the best places in the world for shooting and fishing, which I found as soon as I started travelling after finishing work! Here's some photos, trying to upload them on iPad but only allowing one at a time the ******! First is of me and some mates on a possum hunting trip, not the best or most flattering of pictures. We were lamping them from a truck with .22 WMR The following three pictures are from the nicest trout fishing spot I have ever seen! .
  9. flash

    FAC question

    Currently in Australia working, but back in England for a month or so in September. After working out here I've finally got a decent amount of money in the bank, so now can afford to get my fac, and the exact rifles I want etc. only problem is the time I have in England, don't want to apply and then get a phone call when I'm in New Zealand to organise an inspection etc What are the chances of the inspections etc being done within a month of applying. Gna print out the forms and get em filled out ready to post as soon as I arrive in England. I'm in Devon if that helps with the processing times etc Cheers Flash
  10. flash

    What you do for a living

    They also have the largest gun shop in thr world, or so the say. It is believable. Incredible place, aptly named gun city! Everything from 22 air rifles to 50 cal rifles and aks!
  11. flash

    What you do for a living

    Yeah some of the old tractors are hellish pieces of kit! Mate runs a fiat 110 90 and she's an absolute beast when's she's really working hard!
  12. flash

    What you do for a living

    I'm thr other way. Like my new kit. But I'm not payin so that could be why ha Although I am partial to nice David brown
  13. flash

    What you do for a living

    The dynas are nice. But ain't driven em much