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  1. nice write up sounds like a classic lung shot to me I've had that before to!
  2. they could be landing in the field to digest or just to scratch around i wouldn't right it off at all! don't get me wrong i thought it was strange when we shot that but i have had the odd 20 bags on plough as well!
  3. i had a 90 odd bag last year on the plough and this was just down to the traffic as fenboy says. I'm pretty sure we didn't use a magnet either as it goes,but we did use two bouncers...im sure a magnet may still work though,take it and give it a go if it doesn't work bring it in!aint no harm in trying!
  4. a centre fire rifle!... cheers bullet boy
  5. That looks like a lovely hw80 mate is that how it came out of weihrauch or have you done anytng to it?
  6. I have one and it's an excellent gun the choking is noticeably better than my old bettinsoli to.
  7. Yea definitely it's ideal setting up on a flight line....a luxury which sometimes you just can't aquire! I never go pigeon shooting without my magnet,priceless!
  8. Are we talking for foxes yea? Can't see how it would make it spread more im not saying it don't I just can't see the logic behind it. Cheers mate Cheers fenntiger
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