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  1. I have had excellent service from on line sales at Sportsman Gun Centre, but I was not buying a second hand gun. I feel obliged to mention that another place to find good guns is https://gunwatch.co.uk/guns
  2. This seems to be a rolling bandwagon with any dissident group chucking on a yellow vest and promoting their cause whatever it is. I understood that it originally started as a fuel tax protest.
  3. Definitely place them away from public view, over the years I have had birds released and traps smashed. It gets a bit tiresome after a while.
  4. The Countryside Alliance seems to get prodded by the Farming organisations most of the time, perhaps they are on to this. It use to amuse me when seeking permissions, how many Farmers had never heard of the BASC, fortunately I was a member of both organisations so it was OK.
  5. Everything crow/rook related gets posted in "Other Types of Shooting" - "Vermin Control".
  6. Don't hold your breath.
  7. What will you be doing to mark this important day ? I will be doing nothing.
  8. Local gunshops, YellowPages and similar places are best for info, you need it to be as local as possible. I have always taken my dead bids to the Game Dealer in the feather, fresh or frozen. I don't believe you need a licence or training if you are not processing the birds , but someone may come along and disagree. Do remember to let your birds cool down before you freeze them, I use stacking "bread" trays.
  9. I saw this japanese drumming troupe at their show in Kent last night and was stunned. It was an incredible performance and they obviously enjoyed their work. If they come into your area, the are well worth going to see. There are a few vids on YouTube to give you a taster, but live............phenomenal !!
  10. Cranfield

    Funny eye

    Eye issues can be symptoms of more serious problems. I have no knowledge of your personal health, age, history, etc., but you may consider popping down to your local A&E for an opinion.
  11. You know you're a Redneck when …………………………………………………………………………. 😉
  12. I have always researched criminal genre books from the 20's todate, mostly by American authors. When I find their first book, I buy it and if I like it, I then buy every other book they have written. The majority are in paperback and being old, sell on Amazon, eBay, Barnes and Noble for pennies, but the P&P can jack the price up to £4-5. Now with Kindle I can build my collections for a lot less. A lot of books are still not on Kindle, but it is a great facility.
  13. Its not that chap. Here is his You Tube site. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdXL__oYvbmKo0Ccm-vWRfw/featured
  14. Haven't seen anything from "ollie" of Glens Hunting and Shooting posted in the video section (or on You Tube) for ages. Does anyone know "ollie"? I hope everything is alright.
  15. My sister is a nosy woman, they trump the SBS every time.🙂
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