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  1. Those dogs work well, pushing those foxes out nicely. Some good shooting and that tungsten seems to hit hard. Are you using it for environmental reasons (as against lead) or for ballistic preference ? What loads are you using ? Thanks for posting.
  2. Thats what I thought, if it was staged it would have looked a lot more convincing, at least "reload" after the "shot". I don't think Mr Crow would go for simulation.
  3. Another good video, thanks for posting. Your daschunds are very similar to the European teckels , the only dachunds I see are little fat things waddling about, or carried by old ladies. 🙂
  4. Good shooting, no shortage of grey squirrels in your area. Thanks for posting.
  5. An excellent video, very professional and some very good shooting. Thanks for posting.
  6. Thanks for the responses and the PM's, there does seem a lot to consider> Perhaps it would be easier to move to the USA or Canada.🙂
  7. Is it worth having a VPN ? I have never had security issues on my PC and have always tried to have the best security systems. I would like to watch overseas TV (mostly USA and Canada) which is not available via Pirates, Amazon, etc. Is there much fiddling about when you open your browser to select VPN, or the "normal" connection ? Is having access to both an option ? As saved login info on sites is based on recognising your IP, I assume that doesn't work if access is via VPN. Pros and cons please.
  8. You don't need Firefox as a browser to get an Ad Blocker. Most of them suit any browser. I have Microsoft Edge and I use UBlock , which works perfectly.
  9. Thats what I meant, brain working faster than my fingers.🙄
  10. I agree with the earlier comments about the hare close season being months with an R in them. Be sure the usual scum will take no notice of any close season, I have found as many half grown hares dead, as full grown ones. In our area 4x4's drive around with large bullbars/winches on the front, just to break through aluminium pole farm gates. The Police take little notice. Most Farmers are digging trenches and/or putting large concrete blocks across field entrances. The main problem is that the coursers have to be caught with a dead hare, or have witnesses to state that they
  11. Panic over, its a "tilde".
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