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  1. A good watch once again, thanks for posting. I wondered if the hen pheasant that Ted eventually picked might have been a runner (as Bear missed it), but it seemed stone dead when he brought it back. Running in is such an emotive subject it deserves a book all to itself. My view is that running in is only a sin on walked up shooting, where the dog can disturb unshot ground, by running in to a bird. When wildfowling, especially on tidal estuaries, I liked my dogs in ASAP, ducks can seem to disappear if left too long on water. On driven days it may look untidy, but I don't think its a crime. There is a lot of difference between a dog "running in" and a dog "rioting". I have seen "rioting" dog owners sent home immediately. .
  2. All good as usual, thanks for posting. I have to make sure my monitor screen is clean before I watch your wildfowling episodes, otherwise I am mistaking marks for incoming ducks.🙂
  3. outh Africa were better in every department and were so quick off the mark, it was great rugby to watch. I am as patriotic as the next Englishman (if not more than most), but I was rather irritated with all the pre match jingoism in the papers and among the "pundits", all assuming England were definitely going to win. There were even discussions as to which honours they should get at the Palace and estimates as to how much the future sponsorship deals would be worth. I am surprised the team even turned up with their boots, as that was even considered not essential for the assured victory. If I was a Springbok all that clap trap would certaionly have had me very fired up.
  4. Its nice to see the birds in such good condition and the dogs working so well, I really enjoy that. The speed of those teal brought back some memories, I wish I had a pound for every one I missed behind.
  5. Nice video as usual and some good shooting, thanks for posting. I have to agree that gorse bushes are your "trademark".😉
  6. Its good that you enjoyed your first game shoot and I hope you choose to do many more and post the videos here. Like everything else its a learning experience, anyone born knowing it all is lucky. I recall my first driven days as me being not very relaxed, rushing things and anxious not to miss, or look stupid. Once you have a few shoots under your belt you will relax more, take your time, probably not feel the need to premount your gun, pick your birds and really enjoy the day. Relax is the key word.
  7. I've been away and just catching up with your new duck season's progress and as usual, I am impressed. Very clear videos, good shooting and some excellent dog work, Bear is really doing well, but Ted's long retrieve in the earlier video was spectacular. Thanks for sharing with us.
  8. Alls well that ends well, but it would be nice to some how let people living in that area know what these people are like, they do deserve to suffer some pain over this disgraceful episode.
  9. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this story.
  10. Glad the Mrs is fine and enjoy your holiday, you do realise that we will expect to see photos of mullet in neat rows.😉
  11. Lets hope that a backlash from this incident will lead to some clamp down on the, "do what they likeys". Intimidation fears from these people are very real, its how they avoid prosecution.
  12. Assuming this thread is referring to the murder of a policeman in Berkshire as he was " investigating a burglary", I cannot understand how 10 people can be arrested. Are burglars going around in large gangs ? There is a strange story behind this incident.
  13. Cranfield

    Sinn Fein

    The countersignatory on most applications is supposed to be necessary to prove you are who you say you are, hence the photo endorsement.. Why this has to be by someone from a list of so called "worthies" is ridiculous. Their job title does not guarantee they are worthy. I am in receipt of a private pension and every two years I have to get a statement signed by, " anyone who has known you for over 5 years" , this is to prove I am still alive. The signee has to print their name and address, which is obviously checkable and one assumes if any fraud or deception takes place they would be liable to prosecution, that should be sufficient deterrent for most people.
  14. Another good video and the way your dog was jumping over the straw reminds me of a springer 40 years ago, she was a great hurdler too.
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