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  1. Some nice shots and good action , thanks for posting. The long retrieve by your dog is also worth mentioning, we do like to see some dog work. Were you just forgetting to release the safety catch, or is it a problem ? Its my experience there is nothing worse than an intermittent sticky safety , I have had a few problem guns over the years.
  2. Some more excellent shooting, you must need a shovel to clear under that feeder after a session. I was surprised that the blood on the lid of the food box didn't seem to put them off. What range are you shooting at ?
  3. I would suggest that the answer will always lie in the agreement/lease between the owner and the tenant. I doubt there is a catchall answer to this question.
  4. Its been suggested that the "misconduct" allegations involving Kent police, concerned case information and possibly photographs being tweeted and fed to the media.
  5. I recognise that posture, the driven vermin swivel neck. Need eyes everywhere for driven foxes and rabbits.
  6. Well done, here I don't see foxes moving around much in the wind and rain, definitely need dogs to put them out. Its still a bit strange to see you hunting with dachshunds when they are only seen as pets here.
  7. Nice shooting, well done. Quite a bit of side action with the rat and then the magpies, going after the bait and the dead squirrel. Its all happening round your way.
  8. Great viewing, thanks for posting. I think I need some of Jack's pills.🙂
  9. That is an old "management training " trick that was once popular. Lowering your voice when getting to the salient point of any presentation, is supposed to make the audience listen carefully to (better absorbing) what you are saying. Whispering is a bit OTT.🙂
  10. It must be difficult for sportspeople (note woke influence 🙂 ) ,to accept that their exceptional abilities are waning. Mo has had a good run , pun intended, but it is time to come away from serious competition, before he damages his reputation. Despite rumour and insinuation, I don't think he has ever knowingly cheated in any way.
  11. The fact that he hasn't resigned, shows his complete disregard for his wife, the public and his office. Arrogant little man.
  12. As has been said, "why is it in an auction ?". Online, or not, a residential property in an auction is usually a problem case, mainly sold as seen, no Searches or Surveys. If not, it would be easier for the owner(s) to give it to an Estate Agent and in todays market it would sell. If you have some spare cash and can afford to take the hit, then go for it, but if not, don't touch it.
  13. A recent similar experience to this. Looked "locally" , we inspected their stuff, checked references, etc., They helped my wife design it, they made it and fitted it. We chose and purchased the flooring and the tiles (my wife insisted), they fitted everything. Most of our appliances were less than 2 years old and were retained, free standing. Only the fridge/freezer was replaced and that was a built in. I have had friends buy ready made, with a local chap to fit. Their problems started when there are any shortages faults or mistakes with the units supplies. Hanging around waiting for stuff. If its made locally any probs are dealt with quickly.
  14. Good shooting, you must have quite a squirrel population in that area. I know that the shots were edited in, but what surprised me is that there were sequences with dead squirrels on the ground and still the fresh targets appeared. Normally something obviously dead , scares off their compatriots. Keep posting the vids, they are very interesting. Some info on the gun, ammo, etc., would be appreciated.
  15. Most enjoyable watching, as usual. I certainly look forward to your videos, thanks for posting.
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