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  1. It was a poor display from the Cameroons, just an amateurish group, badly managed. Even with VAR so many of the off the ball incidents went unpunished. In the end the referee was acting as a diplomat (trying to prevent a war, or walk off), not as a referee. It will be interesting to see if there is any follow up discipline. I think the VAR was in part a contributing factor to frustrations, all the right decisions, but it took so much time , I believe there was a total of over 30 mins of extra time in the game.
  2. Find someone with a Hushpower, I have shot next to and away from (not over) fields containing horses and they take no notice. These were not bombproof draught horses, but quite fine fillies.
  3. I thought his actions were totally over the top, we are not talking about an armed terrorist, it was a middle aged woman. They carried no banners, milkshakes, or other possible weapons, just shouting slogans. He had plenty of time to see her coming and gauge the threat, on the video he comes across as an aggressive bully . I would be surprised if he gets away with no action being taken. You also have to ask where the Mansion House security were. I am not a supporter of Greenpeace, but I have appreciated the right to protest in the past, notably the Countryside March in 2002.
  4. Our friend lives in the mountains in Cantabria, between Santander and Bilbao, we have seen a bird of prey with a white underside there and was told it was a Booted Eagle.
  5. It was a very poor format, regardless of the people taking part. Five people sitting in a half circle, get asked a question and are given 3 minutes to respond, none of those minutes without some sort of interruption. "Chaired" by an irritating, antagonistic host. Then people complained that nobody gave a straight answer, unless the answer was "Yes", or "No", none of them had a chance to give an answer. It would have been better with a 30 minute one on one with someone of the calibre of Andrew Neil, who can be firm, but not irritating. I have to agree that Rory Steward is an odd bod, nothing likeable about him at all.
  6. Nationwide have the FlexPlus account which costs £12 per month, this has an insurance benefit and covers vehicle breakdown and recovery, travel insurance and mobile phone insurance. Cheap loans and overdrafts and commission free cash withdrawal overseas are also other benefits of the account.
  7. The over 70 insurance costs are quite extraordinary, a couple we know were quoted over £1000 for 3 weeks in Cyprus, just basics, no sky diving, free fall parachuting, etc. I did a search on compare sites for annual, no limited periods, incl USA, for a couple over 70 and the cheapest was over £900, some were well over £2000. Another concern, some of these Insurers you have never heard of, cheap costs, but whats the claim efficiency like ? We are insured through our bank account, but have to pay a supplement for our age, which amounts to less than £150, so its still a good deal in comparison to whats out there.
  8. When we launched our dinghy we would reverse the trailer into the shallows, push the dinghy off and thrn drive back up the beach in the same tracks . Or...………..……...it could be aliens.
  9. David BASC has posted further down this section that roost and stubble shooting is permissible.
  10. Its my experience that you do not want too finely defined definition, this permits commonsense to be applied.
  11. tSome nice shooting and a good video, thanks for posting it. Your dog is definitely the star of the show, it looks like a turbo charged cocker. I can understand a fast dog does not always please the purist and there are some situations where the speed would be a nuisance, but I do love to see a keen dog. I look forward to seeing more of your videos (with the dog please) 😉 .
  12. Cranfield

    Jo Brand

    Once she was a bit of a novelty as a female stand up, but she is seriously dated now and her "humour" (much like Ben Eltons) is archaic.
  13. He is a complete numpty nobody. I always thought that the "talking with closed eyes" routine was to express deep thought and concentration, but a Psychologist told me it normally means that the person is embarrassed, evasive or being dishonest.
  14. I saw the "highlights" on You Tube and it almost looked like a mismatch. Every time Ruiz hit Joshua, it looked as though he was going to fall over. Is Ruiz's nickname the Pillsbury Doughbioy ?
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