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  1. I thought the subsidies on field margins and conservation strips have mostly ende. That was the reason given for all the headlands to be plowed in my area. Even the "skylark strips" were cultivated.
  2. The Law/System states that to perform certain activities we are required to be certified/licensed. The certification authority states that we have to provide a medical certificate, at our own expense, to confirm our fitness to perform that activity. Its our choice, comply or don't apply, but we shouldn't insist that someone else pays for it. I don't think we can object to some sort of medical screening prior to the issue or renewal of a certificate/licence, it does make sense. To do so its very close to insisting we don't need the certificates or licenses in the first place. Its unlikely we are going to agree on this, but thats fine, we are all entitled to our opinions.
  3. Equally you can say why should the public purse pay for us to enjoy your pastime/hobby and/or how are we as shooters benefiting the public ? I expect there are many other pastimes/hobbys that require certification/licences and require medical clearance that the applicant has to pay for. A private pilot licence springs to mind, but I am sure there are others. The cost of a medical exam does not seem excessive when you consider it covers five years. The suggested costs I have heard were between £25 and £35.
  4. Cranfield

    Dog walker in pea crop calls the police

    I am not sure a Hushpower helps the situation you describe, as noise doesn't seem to be the issue, your presence was her problem. As has been said, you behaved correctly IMO , so just carry on as you have been, I doubt she will bother you again. I never have informed the Police prior to any daytime shooting activity. If its a sensitive area, I make sure the Farmer knows I'm there and just use my commonsense.
  5. The original premise is that if an applicant does not disclose any "relevant" medical (or other ) conditions and signs the application as being a truthful declaration, then they should be waved through. I don't think its unreasonable, where guns are concerned, for the authorities to think that this is rather a loose control. They are able to run background checks on most issues affecting the applicant, is it too much of an impediment for the applicant to be liable to pay for a medical certificate/report to accompany their application ? If the Police have to pay for it, that means we are all sharing the cost, is that fair ? The matter of referees for applications has always been a weak link, I have doubted their value going back to the days when a Postman was deemed qualified. Nowadays it just has to be someone (not a relative) that has known you for over two years (probably varies round the country), how challenging is that ?
  6. There seems to be some contradictions in what Kent Police intend to do if no medical report is forthcoming. In the Kentish Express this week, "Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Steve Corbishley said, "It is a dangerous assumption to believe that just because someone has not provided medical information that they are safe to own and use firearms, shotguns, or explosives, and we are no longer prepared to accept that risk". So it would seem that no medical report, means no licence. It is difficult to argue against his logic. Surely applicants are unlikely to volunteer any information about a situation(s) that would prevent their application being approved.
  7. Cranfield

    Denny's Dippas.

    Thank you, I will post them tomorrow. My Paypal account is besmith01@btinternet.com . Cheers, Cranfield
  8. Cranfield

    Denny's Dippas.

    3 Denny's Dippas for sale, these are used and come highly recommended. £22 posted , Paypal accepted.
  9. Cranfield

    Break in at Oakridge Shooting Ground

    I often suspect that the stories of people getting no response from the Police, but then telling them an outlandish story involving vigilante activity, guns, violence, etc., and the Police then turn up, are at best exaggerations, or wishful thinking.
  10. Cranfield

    Boxing - Tyson Fury Vs Someone-or-other

    During the Fury bout there seemed to be more fighting outside of the ring than in it. Even Fury was peering over the ropes to have a look. A pitiful shambles, as most forecast.
  11. Cranfield

    Handing in rifles

    Probably sensible to have them removed, it means no accusations can be levelled at him involving the guns. He is fortunate to be able to take his guns to a local Gun Dealer to hold. An acquaintance of mine had his seized in a similar situation and when he got them back from the Police the woodwork was marked, a scope was missing and a bolt. No amount of complaints got the Police to do anything about it.
  12. Cranfield

    Its Been a Long Day

    A great result after a strenuous and what could have been, a frustrating day. I find in the hotter weather its not often I set up before 2pmish. I do envy you those enclosed fields, trees and hedgerows.🙂
  13. Cranfield

    Franchi Falconet 12 gauge

    SOLD - SOLD - SOLD !!!!!!!
  14. Cranfield

    Hushpower Investarm 20 gauge

    This gun has now been SOLD !!!!!
  15. Cranfield

    New kitchen ???.

    Its all about your budget.