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  1. Another top offering, blue skies one minute, pouring rain the next, the life of an Irish shooter. The stills at the end were especially good, the one with both Ted and Bear on the bed was a masterpiece. Another huge dose of enjoyment, thanks.
  2. Excellent video, most enjoyable.πŸ‘ The story of the new gundog was very nice and interesting, I am sure she will turn out well. Thanks for posting.
  3. Like many others my wife and I have paid for funeral plans with the Co-op. Its a sensible idea, as costs are rising all the time. I don't want our children to have the financial burden of the funeral cots, if they want to have a cup of tea and cake afterward, thats up to them.πŸ™‚ Choosing an organisation like the Co-op give me some confidence. There are many around offering similar services, but not all have the Co-op's excellent reputation. I have heard stories of supplements having to be paid and other similar problems when the time comes to settle up.
  4. I was born within a mile of the site, it is definitely as marked on JKD's Google map. The Norwood Reserve has been there for over 70 years, although it has expanded slightly during that time. The area on the map shown as "Wildlife Sanctuary" is the main and original area. It is heavily wooded and surrounded by shrubland and rough ground. Once the area was predominately fruit orchards, but there is now a good mix of arable. Contrary to an earlier opinion, this is an excellent area for all birds of prey, including Buzzards. Its not obvious , but the whole reserve area borders the
  5. Anyone who has had kidney stones will sympathise, passing them (or when they move) is extremely painful. I am a habitual sufferer since my 30's. I have passed in excess of 30 stones/shrapnel and have had 10 operations to remove them from my kidney, or bladder (no scars, its via the eye of the needle 😝 ) and 1 key hole surgery to remove one as big as a small chicken egg. Although I have stones in both kidneys, the problems always come from the right one, apparently this is not unusual. I attended Kings College during my 40's for research purposes, but I never heard if anything came of t
  6. Wherever you shoot there seems to be water nearby, even if it is flooded fields.πŸ™‚ That looks like a nice bit of ground and a walk one/stand one is a great day out. I love the way your dogs are so keen, right characters. I also saw this first on YouTube, but its worth seeing at least twice.
  7. As your videos are on YouTube, posting a warning at the beginning is probably advisable. Some more good shooting and I also think you did well not to take the close fox, many would have had a go. I liked the night creatures you found, its a different world when it gets dark. Thanks for posting.
  8. https://ublockorigin.com/
  9. Having watched the Fieldsports Channel video, I don't think it makes anything better. https://www.fieldsportschannel.tv/staginwater/
  10. Another fine video, well done, some fine shooting there. Its always a pleasure to see your videos, you have some lovely country around you.
  11. Great video as usual, the camera work is clear and the subject matter excellent. Thanks for posting.
  12. The "rushed" comment seems to be valid, but its difficult to see how "rushed" with the slow motion effect. Some of the second shots seem nowhere near the birds, which could be poor camera fitting, or a rushed shot. A good video though, its nice to see some blue sky again.
  13. Roost shooting can be great fun, if you are in the right place. Nice shooting and good dog work again. When I have had trouble finding my way out, especially in fog on the marsh, I have found following the dog works.πŸ™‚
  14. Hopefully, the lenient sentence will be referred to the Attorney General, its ridiculous on lots of levels.
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