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  1. Thats really neat, a good capture. I have watched badgers for years and never seen them do that.
  2. A different, but still an absorbing location, its hard to believe that you are shooting a landlocked water, I keep thinking the tide is coming in. There was certainly a lot of duck action and the dogs were kept busy. Ted's retrieve was spectacular, its always worrying when they go on for a while, dogs can easily get exhausted working in water for a long time. I anticipated the wind noise being worse that it actually was. Most enjoyable as always, thanks for posting.
  3. Nice video, its interesting what you can see moving around at night. You think its all quiet and still, but they are out there.🙂
  4. Better link. https://www.mylondon.news/news/south-london-news/live-orpington-police-raid-gunshots-18902074
  5. If he is in a "critical condition " , I doubt it was an airgun. The press and police describe everything that goes bang as a "firearm", as real firearms are not that easy to get hold of, my guess it was a shotgun.
  6. Thats not even remotely funny.👎 I agree with the " a lot of fuss over nowt" comments . Its still a free country if I remember rightly.
  7. https://news.sky.com/story/armed-police-in-high-risk-raid-of-suspected-gun-supply-gang-in-london-12067036 🙄
  8. It looked a nice day for it, good hide setting, clear skies, some wind and the birds coming in very nicely. There were some nice head shots in the video, they look as though they have run into a brick (lead) wall. Thanks for posting.
  9. We also think its good that you (and the dogs) are back. Some slick shooting and as always, I love to see the dogs working so well. I have shot wildfowl in public access estuaries in the past and many a session has been spoiled by marsh cowboys not understanding the range limitations of their kit and their own ability.
  10. I heard last year from our local Rural copper that there was some legislation going through regarding trespass, which was supposed to be to assist in dealing with coursers and others that wander around farmland looking for their "dawgs". The current laws regarding coursing require the possession of a dead hare, or evidence of the possession of a dead hare, to get a conviction. I do recall two young coppers explaining to me that the 4x4 they stopped contained "no evidence of coursing". It did contain three blokes , three lurchers, was seen on private land, but apparently they were just
  11. This is a good video, I saw it on your You Tube channel . I am also looking forward to your duck shooting season.🙂
  12. Thats a good video and thanks for posting it. Corvids can be very deceiving targets, often moving faster than they look, able to turn on a sixpence and have damn good eyesight. You did OK.👍
  13. Excellent video as usual, you are lucky the rape stubble is still there, the discs follow the combine round here. The white woody is a cracker, I have only shot two in almost 60 years of shooting.
  14. Some more good shooting, thanks for posting.
  15. Most enjoyable, I first viewed it on your YouTube channel, but its well worth a second look. Thanks for posting.
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