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  1. Beginning of the end?

    I agree entirely and I often wonder what the same shooters do if they shoot a rook, crow, rat, fox or any other vermin on the General Licence. It probably varies by location , but I have always found restaurants and similar outlets reluctant to take shot pigeons, as suppliers of food/meat are supposed to have some food handling qualification/licence, or something similar. I naturally have nothing like that.
  2. Books for countryfolk.

  3. Books for countryfolk.

    BRYAN3 and geordieh you have PM's.
  4. Books for countryfolk.

    Pigeon Shooting - Hardback - Archie Coats - VGC - £10.00 --------------------SOLD stc Tales of a Rat Hunting Man - Hardback- D Brian Plummer - VGC - £10.00-----------------SOLD stc The Pigeon Shooter - "Paperback" - John Batley - VGC- £10.00 Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing , 50th anniversary edition - "Paperback" - Bernard Venables - VGC - £20.00 Hardbacks include original dust covers and "paperbacks" means the thick card original bindings with intact spines. All prices include postage.
  5. Utility bills - swapping provider

    I am not sure how you could get an annual saving, but with higher monthly instalments, unless it was a 12month year -v- a 10month "year". Toward the end of your contract with your current supplier, they will give you a forecast usage, with estimated costs, use their forecast usage to make the cost comparison. Its always worked for me. Good luck.
  6. Utility bills - swapping provider

    These are the people I use, https://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/guides/find-cheap-electricity-supplier/ . Your present supplier will give you your previous years usage and a quote for the coming year, using the usage number you can check what better deals are available. I have just switch from SSE to OVO for my electricity, projected savings of £184 for the year.
  7. Glasses and the rain!

    I normally wear varifocals, but my shooting glasses are my long range vision prescription, in "reactolight" lenses. This clears up the sunny day and reflective problems of ordinary lenses. As has been said before on this thread, you do get use to wearing glasses eventually, even when its raining.
  8. Hide seat to short

  9. Never seen as many

    Still seeing nothing much in my part of Kent, there have been a few flocks of about 30 birds recently arrived, they distinguish themselves from the "resident" few by flying off in a huge panic if you slam the truck door, half a mile away from them. Its been one of the quietest Winters I can remember. When the big flocks are around I have had some very large Winter bags, but as has been said, there are many days when I am just a mobile bird scarer.
  10. Glasses and the rain!

    I wear glasses shooting and find that most any hat with a brim works, I wear a trilby with a decent brim. Its also fair to say that after some time you will not notice the rain, even if there are a few drops on your glasses. I have never got on with baseball style caps.
  11. How can anyone not agree with (or "welcome") this statement ? Perhaps BASC's communication slip up was the use of the word "welcome", which suggests they have been sitting around for years just waiting for this initiative, when in fact they have been promoting exactly these issues as part of their basic reason for existing. Being involved suggests the opportunity of influencing outcomes, not being involved could be considered as failing to represent their member's best interests.
  12. Pigeon Magnet

  13. Pigeon Magnet (second one)

  14. Electronic flapper.

  15. Electronic flapper.

    Romney Marsh, could arrange collection in the Ashford area.