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  1. Cranfield

    Funny eye

    Eye issues can be symptoms of more serious problems. I have no knowledge of your personal health, age, history, etc., but you may consider popping down to your local A&E for an opinion.
  2. Cranfield

    Christmas Paint Job - Prezzie From Me To Me

    You know you're a Redneck when …………………………………………………………………………. 😉
  3. Cranfield

    Kindle books

    I have always researched criminal genre books from the 20's todate, mostly by American authors. When I find their first book, I buy it and if I like it, I then buy every other book they have written. The majority are in paperback and being old, sell on Amazon, eBay, Barnes and Noble for pennies, but the P&P can jack the price up to £4-5. Now with Kindle I can build my collections for a lot less. A lot of books are still not on Kindle, but it is a great facility.
  4. Cranfield

    Glens Hunting & Shooting

    Its not that chap. Here is his You Tube site. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdXL__oYvbmKo0Ccm-vWRfw/featured
  5. Cranfield

    Glens Hunting & Shooting

    Haven't seen anything from "ollie" of Glens Hunting and Shooting posted in the video section (or on You Tube) for ages. Does anyone know "ollie"? I hope everything is alright.
  6. Cranfield

    Paddy Ashdown RIP

    My sister is a nosy woman, they trump the SBS every time.🙂
  7. Cranfield

    Last Shoot Before Christmas

    Thanks for this great report and all the others you have submitted during the year.👍 They are always informative and an enjoyable read, much appreciated. I look forward to next years instalments.
  8. Cranfield

    Paddy Ashdown RIP

    The woman he had a long term affair with lived two doors down from my sister, he was seen frequently creeping in and out of her house at all hours. That's when his SBS training kicked in.
  9. Cranfield

    Watership down

    The animation IMO was almost amateurish, the original was not much good, this was even worse. I gave it 15 minutes.
  10. Cranfield

    "real" flame effect electric fires.

    Thanks, I will check them out.
  11. Cranfield

    "real" flame effect electric fires.

    I am looking for some guidance on "real" flame effect electric fires (wall hanging). Its a big problem to find a retail outlet with a decent amount of examples on display. We bought unseen a fire and the effect is produced by fans and bulbs , which is very disappointing. I see LCD and LED mentioned, but only photos of the effect, which is supposed to be the most realistic. Does anyone have personal experience of a make and model ? Unfortunately, gas is not an option.
  12. Cranfield

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    Are you still restricted to fibre wad cartridges with this modification, as you are with the full barrel Hushpower ?
  13. Cranfield

    Poker games

    No , it was a game you could choose "hard" or "easy", against 3 or 4 other players and you all start with $50,000. When I say you play against a computer, I mean you are not playing against human opponents. I appreciate the suggestions, and will have a further look around. My "real" gambling takes place physically in Casinos and my game is Blackjack and occasionally Roulette...............and when the fun stops, I stop.
  14. Cranfield

    Poker games

    I don't want to play with real people, I have experienced those that go "all in" on every hand, because its imitation money and they are idiots. I did find a game where you played against "computers", ie you were the only real person in the game. The opposition were supposed to have the various styles of a variety of different players. Unfortunately, I can't find that game
  15. Cranfield

    Poker games

    Can anyone recommend a free Texas Hold' Em Poker game ? I do not want to play online with real players for money, just play for fun and improvement.