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  1. As has been said, there is no difference in stopping power between identical cartridge loads in a 12 g or a 20ga,. I have owned a few of both and have often appreciated the lighter weight of the 20ga. Its also good to have lots of guns, put 16 ga and .410 on your list.🙂
  2. Very interesting video, those eels certainly weren't shy. In the 60's as a school kid, I spent most spring/summer weekends setting out home made hand lines in the local cement works (on the Thames) clay pits for eels. I would set as many as 50 to 60 lines and continuously go round them and check for tight lines. All eels were kept alive in wet sacks and sold to a local man who had a stall in Gravesend. There were some monsters in those pits.
  3. Ignore the loud beat music, the pathetic masked ninja (that nobody wants to look like) , then examine the features on the gun and it starts to make some sense. I can't see it being welcomed in the coverts, but I have heard they are gradually accepting over and unders, so who knows. I know a few who will eventually own one, if only for the novelty value.
  4. The velcro should be OK, but I don't know what its "longevity" is like, getting wet and probably muddy frequently. I have always thought that something like those slightly elasticated cat collars might work well.
  5. I saw the premiere of this on your You Tube channel a few days ago, another good video . With two shooters and three dogs in that hide it looked a bit cramped, you may have to build an extension.🙂 Do you see many geese over there ?
  6. Excellent video and excellent shooting, well done.👍 The change in gauges made for some interesting viewing, its much like your pigeon/.410 videos, if the bird is in range you will kill it, just shoot appropriately. We need more videos from you, they are always worth watching. I saw this video on your You Tube channel and have been watching the "Sporting Shooting Videos" section to see if you had posted it here, it was only by chance I noticed it in the Wildfowling section.
  7. As has been said, that price seems a bargain, jump in quick. If the Farmer has designs to develop the land beyond this strip, £10,000 is peanuts for him to pay for access.
  8. The opening scene looks like something out of a 60's porn film.🙂
  9. Welcome back John and its good to read that your life has got back on track, I can only imagine what a sad time it has been for you.
  10. Good shot, well done. I accidently had my headphones volume up a bit and when you fired I nearly jumped out of my chair, not the moderated bang I am used to.🙂
  11. We can, just fill in this form. There are a lot of us about who remember life before the European Union and it all worked very well.
  12. As a historical reference it is very interesting. A bit like a display of clubbing baby seals I found in an out of the way museum in very north Norway. Interesting, but not acceptable nowadays.
  13. Without wishing to derail this topic, I have always thought the fuss about UK commercial fishing rights is a bit misguided. The following suggests we all have to eat a lot more UK caught fish. Extract from a Parliamentary Report published 7/9/20, "A parliamentary report published today has found that some 75 per cent of fish caught in the UK is exported, mostly to the European Union, while the majority of fish eaten in the UK is imported."
  14. This was the first thing that occurred to me. They are not "farming/breeding" them, I am not sure how it can be "sustainable" if elvers are the offspring of a protected species. No sympathy from me, time to get a proper job. Extract from their website, "Glass Eels, a sustainable fishery which has been catching and distributing glass Elver eels from the River Severn since the 1970s, currently exports to countries including Germany, Sweden and Lithuania without the need for checks or restrictions."
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