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  1. This is just another load of tosh to grab a headline and continue with the smoke and mirrors, like all the other of Priti Useless announcements, none of which have either been forthcoming, or made any difference. Big day yesterday, 600 arrived, its nice and calm today as well. The majority of those that voted for Brexit did so believing the illegal immigration would be ended. I for one won't believe BJ again.
  2. Always a pleasure to watch, your videos are probably some of the best I have ever seen.
  3. Enjoyable as ever, the zeroing test was most impressive.
  4. Top class as usual, I do appreciate the speed between selecting your target and the shot. I get twitchy when the sight goes on the target, then off, then waves about, before the shot.😬 I sit here shouting, "shoot it", "shoot it". My wife worries about me.🙄
  5. There are many that agree that the crown should skip a generation, Charles is a bit of an old bumbler. Those that prefer any alternative should remember that there is no Royal yacht, but Putins little runabout cost £78million. Guess who paid for that and all the other billions salted away.
  6. Very enjoyable watch as usual. Thanks for posting the videos. I think a lot of us are following you on You Tube now.👍 You were lucky those curlew are off the list now, I remember as an excited 11 year old taking a curlew I had shot back to my mother. While that was cooking in the oven, the kitchen filled with the smells of the Thames estuary at low tide, rotten sea weed and other unmentionable odours. Needless to say that ended up in the bin before it was fully cooked and I never shot another one. Looking forward to next season in the stone hide.
  7. As good as usual, I also watch your videos on You Tube and enjoy them all. You are definitely blessed with your two top dogs, they certainly perform well. It does seem to have been a short season, but thats probably because we are all getting older.🙂
  8. Cranfield


    I had the same email. I bet Visa blinked first , the volume of trade via Amazon must be enormous. There is also the point that Visa 's recent increases (0.3% to 1.5%) are being investigated, after complaints they are not justified.
  9. Scully is correct, these are the same individuals who classified themselves as "hunt saboteurs" in the past. They are not independent, nor open minded, they have the same old agenda. Some have changed the sticker on their jackets to "Monitor", as opposed to "Press", or "BBC", which we saw in the past.
  10. Another good watch, with excellent shooting. Thanks for posting.
  11. A nice retrieve and a very nice dog. Hopefully see will see much more of her. Thanks for posting.
  12. This sums it up for me. All services work better with a good local courier.
  13. Thanks again for a fine example of shooting and good production. Worry not, we don't ever get fed up with quality videos. Its always amazing how the farmyard comes alive after dark. Walk around in the daytime and you might see a few rats, but they don't sit still, after dark it can be a different story. Dairy, pigs and chicken are the best in my experience.
  14. Merry Christmas to you Sir and thanks for all the entertaining videos, much appreciated.
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