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  1. The one in the top right hand corner of the picture looks very similar to the original item.
  2. Interesting viewing and thanks for posting the video. I first thought you were missing behind, but on some shots the flaring birds tend to suggest you were ion front (or fired just as they spooked). The Shotkam is fun to view, but I am not sure the shooter has the same picture as the viewer, or that the range is honestly depicted. I find Shotkam vids frustrating sometimes, as I have to stop myself shouting out, "Shoot now", or similar phrases.🙂
  3. We have experienced an opposite reaction from our cancelled trips. P&O cruises, no problem, Premier Inn, no problem, P&O ferries, no problem, 2 French Hotels, no problem, British Airways, no problem. All offered full refunds, or in some cases an inducement to transfer to a future booking. Just remember the ones that are taking the P and don't forget them.
  4. Nothing works here for me, unable to see the video.
  5. Cranfield

    Red Diesel

    I agree it is only speculation and typical just before a Budget. I could see Farmers and Fishermen getting some exemption, or subsidy, but I do believe the Plant and Construction Industry, who probably use the vast majority of red diesel, do not merit the subsidy. These are companies that make vast profits and should pay their way, they are also better placed to pass some of the cost on to their customers, more so that Farmers and Fishermen..
  6. When I open that link I get NobodyImportant's Colt video.
  7. Cranfield

    No need...

    henry d has been one of the most interesting contributors to this Forum since its inception. He is very knowledgeable, with lots of practical experience about the main country sports matters we discuss and researches his Off Topic items very well. Probably not everyone's cup of tea and I believe he delights in rattling the cages, but I suspect that those who rail against him do so as they are not capable of debate at his level. Food for thought.
  8. Damn, I thought it was a video of shooting boar (big hairy pigs) with a Shotkam. 🙂 Still a good watch and some nice shooting.
  9. This season seems to have flown by (excuse the pun), some more good video there and some fair shooting. Thanks for posting always appreciated.
  10. "Practise makes perfect" and you seemed to be getting more comfortable (and effective), as the video went on. I enjoyed it and thanks for posting, it would be nice to see many more.
  11. He wasn't too bad, I did smile a bit. Rhod Gilbert and Paddy McGuinness are way worse
  12. Cranfield

    Ferrets as Pets

    I worked mine and my kids also played with them, it is important to handle them gently from kits. Have more than one, jills are best and have a large hutch with a separate sleeping area, they like to play and should be exercised outside the hutch, but they also spend a lot of time asleep. A friend kept his in a backdoor porch area, but I would not consider them as indoor pets, even if they are kept super clean (and that is important) they can have a musty odour. For feeding, raw meat (and fish) is best and don't overdo liver or milk, both can induce bone malformation, especially in kits.
  13. Some good shooting and great dog work, a nice Christmas treat, thanks for posting.
  14. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed that. Every true wildfowler has been humbled by a teal or two, its part of the rite of passage.🙂
  15. That's the truth, I regretted selling mine years ago.
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