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  1. The only real solution, is for any illegal immigrant to be returned to the last country they came from. Not "processed" for months/years, but the very next day after landing. I don't see preventing them leaving France ever being viable. How can the French legally prevent them launching a boat from the shore ? The English authorities couldn't prevent me launching a boat from the English shore, nor would they have the right to ask where I am going. The only people who could prevent me landing in France, is the French. Sending them straight back is the only solution and that requires some negotiation.
  2. If you are risk averse and don't want to lose any of your capital, then Premium Bonds (instant access) are a good option. With most instant access savings accounts the interest rate is less that 1%. Even non fixed ISA's are only around 0.67%. Its not really a good time to be a saver.
  3. Muscovy ducks ? They come in all shapes, colours and sizes.
  4. Another boat full , we counted at least 25, coming in to Sandgate beach, shadowed by the Dungeness Lifeboat. Lots of sirens going off now as the Police come to collect them.
  5. I owned and rode horses and ponies for 30 years, through a financial interest in a Riding School and Livery, I have never seen a rider (or anyone) kick a horse or slap its head. As has been said, quiet and firm is how you handle horses. Anyone who loses control when handling any animals should not be allowed to have them.
  6. Like Shooting Egg posted above, we had a lot of obsolete/never used kitchen knives and recently decided to dump them. I contacted the local Police and was advised the accepted method was to wrap them in paper, to make them "safe" and place them in the non recyclable rubbish bin. This is what I did, but felt uncomfortable as it seemed a bit "unsafe". Incidentally, they showed no interest in me handing them in. I also have a few other fishing knives, pen knives, incl the obligatory swiss knifes, these all sit in a drawer and are no longer used. I can understand people having a clear out if an amnesty is announced.
  7. I think most Duracell batteries are made in the USA. Apart from them having a good reputation, buying a known" brand gives me the confidence of resolving any problems that may occur.
  8. Thanks a lot, it never occurred to me to try Duracell (they never came up on the Google search). I have now located the correct item and placed the order. On a side issue, the other internet options had dramatically varying feedback, from 0 to 5 with nothing much in between. All the good feedback was almost "cut and paste", there were also comments that the 5star feedback is not genuine. What a minefield.
  9. My HP laptop needs a new battery and I can't buy one direct from HP. I have all the spec details and part number, does anyone have good experience of a supplier of laptop batteries ? Googling around there are loads, plus eBay, but the reviews are terrible. 99% seem to be scammers based in China, but pretending to be in the UK.
  10. Is that a black cat on the right of the screen at 2.00 mins ? Or is it a legendry black beast ? Another excellent video, the production is as good as ever.
  11. Some nice crisp shooting and it looked like a good day for it. Looking forward to seeing more of your season.👍
  12. Another one bites the dust (or perhaps mud in this case).
  13. During the trial it did come out that she was a nasty type, with a bit of previous unacceptable behaviour. Her husband was on the phone to the police when she first stabbed him.😨 Before all that, I was convinced she would get manslaughter and a couple of years, as an abused wife. Its true you can't judge a book by its cover.
  14. Some good shooting and certainly a fair amount of pigeons about.
  15. This rash of zealots we are suffering at the moment, whether its Extinction Rebellion, Insulate UK, anti vaxxers, etc., are missing the point. True zealots would go on to Salisbury Plain with a placard that states their cause and then set themselves alight. Alternatively, they could stand on Hyde Park corner and flog themselves with brambles and stinging nettles (barbed or razor wire would also be good), whilst chanting their message. There are no limits to the personal pain, or indignity they could subject themselves to, in order to publicise their thoughts. However , these amateur zealots are not to that standard. Their only means of protest is to subject everyone else to the pain and suffering, whilst they make sure they are safe and well protected. Its amazing they don't realise how this hurts their protest. A lot of people do, or might, have sympathy with their cause, but cannot accept the way they are behaving. They are losing massive public support as a result.
  16. I have had BASC, CA and Pigeon Watch vehicle stickers, with no problems. Best comment was a lady who asked did I watch other birds, or just pigeons, I replied that I watched pigeons very closely.
  17. Mel b3 is one of this Forums good guys. Lots of selfless actions over the years.
  18. I think this is a major case of, "jumping before you are bitten". As Zapp said, it is not too difficult for the "authorities" to identify posters now. However, it is almost impossible for ordinary people to do so, from the information on this (and most other) Forums. If you post your real name, without an address/telephone number, IP number, etc., it is useless.
  19. They never run as straight as you think they are.🙂 Thanks for posting the video. Apart from ducks, do you have any other winged targets ?
  20. Nice shooting and a very clear video.👍
  21. Not my intention I assure you. My point is that why are Amazon only giving me the option to a refund, or cancel the deletion ? I am assuming its linked to the short period I have the book.
  22. I have always been an avid reader and collector of books. As retirement (22 years ago) increased my travel activities, I found having sufficient books in my luggage for the duration was getting out of hand and heavy. The answer eventually was to buy a Kindle. Initially, I loaded it with loads of books and worked through them, always having at least 20 "in stock", as topping up was not always an option during travel, as internet access could be scarce. Since Covid has restricted long vacations, I have dropped stock levels down to a handful. This has caused a strange phenomenon. I buy a book and read it within a few days, when I choose the option to "remove it from my Kindle", I get a popup telling me that I am eligible for a refund. I can then cancel the removal, or accept the refund, only two options. Once refund selected, I have a list of reasons for deleting the book, they include "wrong book", "unacceptable genre", etc., Plus "Other". I select "Other" , the book is deleted and I get an email that tells me £X has been credited to my account. All the communications from Amazon are by "no reply" email. Is anyone else experiencing/enjoying this phenomena ?
  23. Hopefully, all those that think this allowance should not be paid to pensioners, will remember their principles when they are eligible and refuse the payment, or donate it to charity. That is an option for all recipients. Somehow I think that is unlikely.🙂
  24. Great video....again. Ref you opening comment, one thing you are not doing is, "missing the rats". Fine shooting, I also like the slo-mo shots.
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