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  1. A good video, I enjoyed that. It doesn't take much to miss with an air rifle , those misses must have been minute fractions of an inch. Something most shotgun shooters don't appreciate, we forget our days with the airgun.
  2. I found it interesting and well worth the watch. I think the majority of shooters only loosely think of gun fit, if a mounted gun "feels right", thats good enough. That was me for about 20 years, but a good friend showed me the benefits of having a gun adjusted to fit you properly and the improvement in my shooting was measurable. I also didn't ache so much after a long session.
  3. The birds seem to like to come into your decoys, so you must be confident with your set-up. A good video, thanks for posting.
  4. 20 "incidents" in the Channel today , total of 202 (new record) , breakdown 178 male/24 female . It look like a nice day tomorrow.😟
  5. Some excellent shooting and good watch, as usual. Nice result , thanks for posting.
  6. That looks a nice area to shoot, the birds were coming in nicely. Also a good example of how a hide set up into a field works well. Thanks for posting.
  7. Always brave to show the "hits and misses" , but you hit more than you missed so that has to be a result. Enjoyable to watch, thanks for posting.
  8. Cranfield


    It started off as a rant about horse manure on the road, then it escalates to people using their mobile while riding a horse and the final layer is an explosion of rural drug crime. I strongly suggest you move to an inner city area at the first opportunity.
  9. In most conflicts when one side calls for a truce, its because they have realised they are losing and can't win.
  10. Cranfield

    Heads up

    The meeting was with accountants and advisers regarding a company purchase, and was prior to the main negotiation meeting, which started at 9am. Its interesting that 30mph over the posted speed limit is not an automatic suspension in Scotland (like it usually is in England) > I was clocked on the M74 at 105mph and only received a fine, not even any points.
  11. So you don't use them because they are too effective ? Thats almost a recommendation.😉
  12. Cranfield

    Heads up

    The first time 105 mph on M25 in Essex, returning from Manchester (I had a factory there) at 1 am. Second time (6 months later), 110 mph on M25 in Essex, again returning from Manchester at 2am. Both times in the "slow" lane, no traffic, clear dry conditions. They were unmarked cars parked on a road going over the motorway. The strange thing was I received a 8 weeks ban plus fines for the first offence and only 6 weeks plus fines for the second.
  13. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and there are sometimes when nothing works. Keep an open mind and be prepared to change the setup. I do agree that electronic flappers seem to work more consistently, especially with corvids.
  14. Cranfield

    Heads up

    I sympathise and would not cast the first stone. I have been very lucky in 50+ years of driving, although I have served two bans for speeding (motorways). If I had been fined for every time I broke a posted speed limit by more than 5 miles an hour I would be bankrupt and walking. Many years ago, late for a very important meeting in Chelsea (buying a company) , I drove down the Embankment (5.30 am) at speed, with all the cameras flashing in my rear view mirror, I never received one ticket, thats what you call luck.
  15. Perhaps the lack of a parachute is why they were laying in the field. I am glad you enjoyed your sbs experience, they are great fun and make a nice change of view.
  16. Cranfield


    The strong rumours are that the building owners removed that and intended to reconstruct it, awaiting the highest bidder.
  17. Cranfield


    I think his art is often a great social comment and entertaining. Not sure he was wise to choose the inside of a train, or any other inside "canvas". Graffiti is the unintelligible symbols , or mixed letters (I believe they are tags), that deface property, there is nothing pleasant about those.
  18. I look forward to seeing some more videos, keep up the good work.👍
  19. Greengrass, you are the man, all your pics are awesome.
  20. I am not aware of the "situation", but I have certainly missed your informative and enjoyable reports, plus the pics . Hopefully things will resolve themselves and "normal service will resume as soon as possible" .
  21. Cranfield

    Hand sanitizer

    Could make sucking your thumb a problem. Decent sanitiser shouldn't make your hands red raw, it may sting an open wound, but not good skin.
  22. Well done, another happy Farmer. Pigs do love some meat in their diet.🙂
  23. You are getting really good at this, well done.👍 Some excellent shooting in an unusual location, some of my best corvid bags have been around the farm building on dairy (and pig) farms. The natural hide opportunities certainly make the birds less cautious. I bet you are becoming that Farmer's best friend.🙂
  24. Another good video. In the replay of the second fox in slow motion, it looks impossible to miss, but in real time it looks very possible. If it hadn't seen the dead one, I think it would have run straight up the wire and given you a better shot. You need the foxes running in slow motion.🙂
  25. A nice video to watch, good shooting in a pretty spot. I assume its Australia , is it your place, or a commercial shoot ? Lets see some more, please. Tell me the dog (female) isn't called Charlie .🙂
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