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  1. -oXo-

    Buying cigars online

    http://www.cigarsmag.com <-- Useful tips if you are new to smoking cigars. http://www.cgarsltd.co.uk <-- I have brought some sample selections from that site and they have turned up promptly.
  2. -oXo-

    whats on yours

    Good old sugar and lemon for me
  3. -oXo-


    A 3 wheeler 4 wheel drive. How does that work? As asked a cash price would be great.
  4. -oXo-

    In good company...

    Looks like a Beretta DT10 to me with a ported barrel. Also I think ported barrels get used quite often in things like practical shooting in America.
  5. -oXo-

    Norfolk shooting show

    Canceled. Nice and I had my ticket on the calendar for months.
  6. -oXo-

    Repro Watch

    Maybe I am missing something but if you can't tell that it is the same watch in both photos then I am pretty dam sure - you wouldn't know if it was a reproduction or genuine one anyway.
  7. -oXo-


    Actually make use of my gym membership. Quit smoking again. Double my gun collection without the misses noticing. Not liking the chances of the last one.
  8. -oXo-

    Anyone else just having a quiet night in?

    Standing in my local ATM. Thought I would have a couple but it's dead tonight even a normal night would have been busier. Back home to find my homemade plum brandy and a film it is I guess. Joy.
  9. -oXo-

    How many cars!?

    3 at the moment, Mrs a 206 convertible. I have a Jag and a old battered megan I use for work. .
  10. -oXo-

    Could it be? A useful phone app?

    This app being mentioned is only available to jailbroken iphones and downloaded via cydia. It is not in the apple appstore.
  11. I would wish that I had the answer to stop the world ending in a couple days. All the grateful ladies, book deals and the movie about it would be a bonus afterwards too.
  12. -oXo-

    Rottweil Load Data?

    Yeah I'm looking for a recipe that I can load in that hull.
  13. Hello guys, I have a load of these hull and wondered if anyone had some load data for them, shame to throw them away. I cannot find anything listed for Rottweil in the books I have. They are 70mm 28 7.5's. Thanks.
  14. -oXo-

    hi new shooter in kent

    Welcome to the forum, there sure is plenty to read and learn.
  15. -oXo-

    New Equipment

    Welcome to the forum chap.