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  1. http://www.cigarsmag.com <-- Useful tips if you are new to smoking cigars. http://www.cgarsltd.co.uk <-- I have brought some sample selections from that site and they have turned up promptly.
  2. Good old sugar and lemon for me
  3. A 3 wheeler 4 wheel drive. How does that work? As asked a cash price would be great.
  4. Looks like a Beretta DT10 to me with a ported barrel. Also I think ported barrels get used quite often in things like practical shooting in America.
  5. Canceled. Nice and I had my ticket on the calendar for months.
  6. -oXo-

    Repro Watch

    Maybe I am missing something but if you can't tell that it is the same watch in both photos then I am pretty dam sure - you wouldn't know if it was a reproduction or genuine one anyway.
  7. Actually make use of my gym membership. Quit smoking again. Double my gun collection without the misses noticing. Not liking the chances of the last one.
  8. Standing in my local ATM. Thought I would have a couple but it's dead tonight even a normal night would have been busier. Back home to find my homemade plum brandy and a film it is I guess. Joy.
  9. 3 at the moment, Mrs a 206 convertible. I have a Jag and a old battered megan I use for work. .
  10. This app being mentioned is only available to jailbroken iphones and downloaded via cydia. It is not in the apple appstore.
  11. I would wish that I had the answer to stop the world ending in a couple days. All the grateful ladies, book deals and the movie about it would be a bonus afterwards too.
  12. Yeah I'm looking for a recipe that I can load in that hull.
  13. Hello guys, I have a load of these hull and wondered if anyone had some load data for them, shame to throw them away. I cannot find anything listed for Rottweil in the books I have. They are 70mm 28 7.5's. Thanks.
  14. Welcome to the forum, there sure is plenty to read and learn.
  15. They have been great with my updated licence. I sent in via next day post and hey updated and returned the license to me the same day. I came back with the wrong guns listed so I sent ti back next day and got it back a day later. Top service apart from the admin error.
  16. For just rough walking around a permission I just wear greens I prefer to keep the camo for war zones and pigeons but it is war with them as well I suppose. I'm not really a great fan of having everything in camo. Sounds to me like you have what you need.
  17. Not sure if I ever have. What do they look like? Have you got a picture so I know what to look for?
  18. -oXo-

    I'm back!

    Happy belated birthday
  19. Better question would be what wouldn't you do... Dunno but I would be bloody happy either way.
  20. Welcome to the forum Gary looks like Albert covered what you wanted to know. Good luck if you decide to make an application. Don't sweat it by the way it's a doddle, at the end of the day everyone in the UK has the right to own a shotgun.
  21. Hi inca welcome to the forum and to the sport.
  22. Welcome to the site chap, there is enough to read and learn on here to keep you going for months. Good luck.
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