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  1. this came up on another forum so i thought i would place in here too, might help find this dog
  2. while doing a spot of rabbiting with air rifle this fellow popped out and decided to nick 2 of the five i had shot, the vid shows badger nicking one after ragging it about for a bithttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dZKs6UHGcw
  3. yep for every security feature theres is prob some hacker that designs a get around . you can set what they call a bios password but forgetting of loosing that is the end of your device well every pc i have tried in the past running win 7,8 and 10 wont let you access windows in safe mode until you enter password
  4. sent u pm http://www.password-changer.com/
  5. sounds like a plan cheers
  6. ages ago i posted on here that my (x)neighbor ( i have since moved) who lost her husband some years ago had loads of land rover spares that she wants to sell to clear out her garage and loft. well i was round her house yesterday to do some work for her and she said 'i never got round to sorting this out, now i have more time would i help her, as she does not know what things are, but i did look one item up as it was labelled, it was a brand new turbo for a td5'. well as i don't really know my land rovers myself i am not much use to her other than moving the stuff around, but she seems to think i may have more idea lol. now obviously she would like a reasonable price and i suppose a job lot would be handy because i believe there is alot of stuff to itemize. i dare say if i take pictures you landy drivers would know. so if any of you drivers are local to Coventry and wish to take a peek i could arrange it. just pm me. a chap at my local clay club also offered to help sort whats what as he is landy driver but none of the spares would be any good to him as he has new type. sorry for long post just trying to explain situation, also there would be tools as well some may well be specialized for td5 i don't know
  7. Tam i have spoken to him this morning he says they are all new done approx 18miles on them from purchase of landrover defender and he purchased better quality wheel nuts for them at the time.... so hence his statement mint oops sorry posted twice lol Tam i have spoken to him this morning he says they are all new done approx 18miles on them from purchase of landrover defender and he purchased better quality wheel nuts for them at the time.... so hence his statement mint
  8. i will ask him and get back to you i do know he has land rovers, and the defender has custom wheels on so i guess they may be from that but i will need to confirm this for you later today, cheers for your interest
  9. if against any forum rules please delete a fellow shooter has just put this on face book so i thought i would post it here as it might be a good deal for PW readers: '235/85/R16 In mint condition Full set of 5 including all new nuts to match ££££750' Please message me if your interested and i will give you his phone number
  10. this has just come up on my fbook page so i thought i would post in here as they were springers Teresa Palmer 12 November at 21:04 · Please everyone share the hell out of this, we need to find these babies xx My parent’s friends, also the breeder where we got our Springer from, who have just had 2 litters of beautiful Springer spaniel pups have woken this morning to find that both litters of pups plus 3 adult dogs have been stolen during the night! They are totally devastated! If you think you may have information about this please contact the breeder, number below. We are very worried for the welfare of all the dogs. If you hear of anyone suddenly acquiring 17 pups and trying to sell them please let us know so we can, hopefully, catch the evil scumbags who have them!! They were stolen from Selston, Nottinghamshire on the 12th November. The breeder’s number is 01773 782026 or 07910 172450 - please call if you know anything at all
  11. might be worth a read for you forum mates http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/family-claims-gun-dealer-who-13878917
  12. djgeoff

    Photo organiser

    Ashampoo.Photo.Commander (u can do loads of other stuff with this one eg calender's etc) Adobe photo shop ACD.Systems.ACDSee.Photo.Studio Corel.PaintShop pro
  13. yep i agree at a glance statement
  14. as above really def new consumer unit and looks like bonding (earthing) upgrade, fitting latest units with rcd protection to old wirring there could be high chance of faults being detected by rcd that a fuse would not pick up, plus you dont know whats hidden under the floor etc like connectors and cables not run correctly through joists, me full rewire then atleast you will have peace of mind knowing job is done to latest regs ( which i believe they have gone over board with ) and you can sleep tight at night
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