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  1. Do you have any puppies left. can you pm me your phone number so we can have a conversation as am very interested chairman
  2. I think under the current situation, the 101 staff possibly don't have the time to read and reply to emails so a polite phone call is the best way forward. I had available when I phoned, the farmers name and address along with his contact details, the reason for my request and the village where the fields were and in my case an easy identified land mark as it would appear that this information was viewed and identified on a map of the area. I don't think that to simply state crop protection is sufficient unless you can state a good reason for responding to the farmers request. chairman
  3. I phoned 101 and when I got through,I ignored the coronavirus announcement and selected the last option from the list. This got me to an operator who then after explaining what I was calling about transferred me to another department who made the decision that my request was for crop protection and issued me with a reference number that in her own words was for me to show anybody should I get stopped. It was apparent that had I have not had the exact details of the fields I wished to shoot, the farmers name and contact number and the address of the farm and have a genuine reason, the outcome m
  4. At 430pm this afternoon I had a desperate request from a farmer asking if I could attempt to keep pigeons off his new drilled peas as he was concerned that he would lose most of the seed and he had doubled up on the amount drilled to try to have some crop return subject to getting pickers. In view of the published response from Avon and Somerset I decided to give them a call to see what the options were and after explaining the request from the farmer and his attempt to ensure a future crop, I was informed that it would be classed as crop protection and I could drive to the fields and shoot. I
  5. Was it these as that's what we used to get chairman
  6. Just spoken to the Natural England call centre who have told me the following. At the moment a licence is needed for each farm that you have permission to shoot and full addresses and grid references are required with a good reason to shoot. When I stated that I have permission on18 farms so would require 18 individual applications, his reply was un printable! He then stated that on Monday, a new general licence was due to be issued that was in essence, the same arrangement as the old withdrawn one but with specific named species and there would be no application required f
  7. Can do any time and live near axbridge have got full kit and insurance pm me with phone number regards chairman (Bob)
  8. Go onto the bay and search shower door wheels there are loads to match to what you have Also look for shower door seals
  9. chairman

    iPhone wanted

    I am driving down the A30 tomorrow and going through launceston at about 12 Pm me your mobile number and I can try to meet you or if you are out and about I will be in mevagisse from about 2
  10. chairman

    iPhone wanted

    It's blue with black sides Where in Devon are you as I am driving down to Cornwall tomorrow or on your return we could meet at a motorway junction around Weston bridgewater 22/21 or 20 Chairman
  11. chairman

    iPhone wanted

    I have a brand new un opened I phone 5C on vodaphone that's still in its packaging and never been charged. Yours for £120.00 including postage Regards Bob Thorne Chairman
  12. Looking for a good used beretta side by side 20 bore Thanks Chairman
  13. I have a 10 month springer bitch who is away for training and has been progressing extremely well. In the four months she has been in the kennels she has had her first season at 6 months which the trainer noticed lasted some 10 days longer than he would have expected and then she had a phantom pregnancy. She is now over and showing no signs this phantom pregnancy but the trainer is saying that she has gone from an eager intelligent bitch to one who is not attentive and is struggling to accept further instruction. She has also started to dirty in her kennel which is very unusual. It would a
  14. My springer is rock steady to dummies sits and stays in a rabbit pen, will stay when a cage of pigeons is opened in front of her but, When out in the field she has learnt that a shot means fun and runs in as soon as she hears the safety catch come off My fault totally taking her shooting before she was steady and ready. Don't make the same mistake follow what others say instead of what you think you know and you should with luck be able to correct the problem in time With my dog I have been shown my errors by a professional trainer and am now working on the problem His answer when asked ho
  15. First shotgun I ever shot when I was about 12 40 years later I own 4 a multi choke with all chokes a 36 inch goose gun a 28 inch mk1 and a 28 inch mk2 I also had a South African police issue but as it was 11 bore and needed braised cased ammo I could not use it so I sold it Love collecting them and using them Chairman
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