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  1. Morning Gents, I am looking for an interesting (Deactivated) "wall hanger" for a new man cave. Something different / interesting would be nice. Preferably with external hammers? Anybody have anything they would like to part with??
  2. Open to a serious offer on this as it’s just not getting used. £175 Ono.
  3. Nitesite NS200 for sale, Approx 4 years old mainly used on my Air arms S410 for ratting (some the best/funnest night’s I have had with my clothes on!). Full working order. Comes with all the original clamps, scope adaptors etc. The original lead battery is still in perfect working order and charges, holds charge as it should. Great introduction into the world of night-vision. Collection only due to size and weight (PO15). £225 Ono.
  4. Now looking for £550.00 ovno. Bargain .223 setup with full reloading kit ready to go and shoot.
  5. Suprised this hasn't gone yet... It really is a bargain 223 setup that won't disappoint.
  6. I would rather it all went together to be honest. If I don't get any interest over the next few weeks I may be in touch with you.
  7. It's great. Like all small craft in open water, you just need to always be aware of tides & wind direction before you set off. It's great at anchor, I find it really stable. Yes, very lucky with my location. Have lots of great sea fishing spots in a 20 minute drive from home.
  8. Haha. Thanks! I have one myself & recognised the front hatch. I only bought mine back in late November. This is what I get up to on mine.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6smX_13lkXE
  9. Sounds like a perfect evening to me. Is that a savage rifle?
  10. Had quite a lot over the past few weeks..... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6smX_13lkXE
  11. Nice job Chris! Had plenty of foxes with my .223 but yet to get a Muntjac. Lovely looking rifle too. Enjoy!
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