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    all shooting. rough shooting with the 12g foxing and stalking with the 243 and 270 and mopping up everything els with the 17hmr/22lr. i also like skull preping,tanning,game cooking and a bit of fishing trapping. rough camping. anything outdoors in the fresh air im there.

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  1. had to try something....... the old.. get your coat iv got a knife!! just aint working anymore lol...
  2. i have looked over this a few time seams simple enough to do ... my question is if you did fluff it up how do you get it off and how strong is it ... i keep thinking its like the old tattoos you got with sweets after time it would look poop..
  3. i suppose a good level of fitness would be a help...cant you just drop me of with the copter
  4. you have a cat!!!.....shame on you leave this forum now
  5. first ever pic iv seen of coots... to be honest i didnt really think they where whack-able but they are... well done what does the coots taste like...??
  6. something i would love to do ... but my man boobs are screaming nooooooooo very envious well shot.. what distance
  7. love to see a nice mixed bag well shot markymoo ...im still waiting for my pic
  8. hi there i have two 12v 7ah batts there about a year old and in good con.... they will run the pigeon magnets and the l/f lamps i would say collection only as they have a bit of weight to them...
  9. i cant see the pic for some reason.. il congratulate you any way mate glad to here your finding them now..
  10. always a bonus to hit a fox with a 12g ...
  11. poor you mate that's all im saying....lollol well shot and good to here the trip was successful
  12. nicely done terry cant let that edder take the pride of place
  13. im a fani use mine for spotting and then have a larger light fitted to rifle.. i have also used it on its own lamping with good affect
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