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  1. king ratcatcher


    Go for it mate, i wouldnt worry about what people think
  2. Bob ruggles used to sell them, logun brought them of him, but they do the 16 grain ones
  3. I use 18 grain exterminators through my mfr, they are perfect for hunting, they hit VERY hard, cousing alot of damage to the target, the weight of them put people of, they squash flat when hitting a metal target which aint no bad thing Got a pigeon in the chest yesterday, heres what they do .... The pellet .... Id stick with them mate B)
  4. Ive got a hw97k, ive never had a problem with it, there all as accurate as each other, i got a v-mach spring kit for mine, the more pellets you put through the 97k the smoother it shoots
  5. you could get an ultra for £260 brand new, or a logun solo for £290, but to be honest id much rather save a bit more and get a s400 which are £309
  6. 25 yards is a perfect range to zero at with a .22, aim at the target and fire a few shots, see where they land, if there going high then adjust the scope turret till you meet zero
  7. Nice one cupra, i have just put my map pro on my mfr, but the one in the pic is a 3-12x50 night eye
  8. The woodies have been hammering the cherry tree latley, heres one i got the other day
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