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  1. It was definitely the layout that sorted the wheat from the chaff. After hitting the D bird on peg three the rest were gimmies, Donkey🤪
  2. I have an aluminium one fitted to my gun,and if anyone who wants to try it sees me at a ground anywhere just ask and I will fit it to their gun to try. 👁D
  3. One of the sixes was mine🤗, and to be fair it was the most lead I have ever given a target. Nice course Graham👌
  4. At a krieghoff service all internal springs and pins are replaced
  5. Apart from figgy does anyone own or owned a krieghoff? the service period is 20k carts or every two years. what you get apart from piece of mind is 37 new pins springs or components, any upgrades and two years warranty on any work done at this service. into perspective would you buy a Ferrari and not have it serviced?
  6. Compak sporting is the only sporting discipline where you must shoot one shot at both targets in a regular or Simo pair👌
  7. Nothing I like better than thinning out the blacks, depending on dates there is a couple of us would come help out💪
  8. Not hijacking your post, but if you go on guns and equipment page and search welded lifter there is a member who can modify yours.
  9. Got my first rig, Yaesu 897d, just swl at the moment till I get my foundation license.
  10. Dipping my toe into the world of amateur radio, anyone else into this enigma?
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