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  1. Way too far or I would of took the lot
  2. Bictsf, fitasc it is mandatory to put your empties in the bin, the penalties are quite harsh too, you will get one warning(a yellow card) any subsequent offences you will be deducted one shot.
  3. Steve give your nephew a pat on the back for me bud👊
  4. I bet you wish you had an extra 2” Billy😳
  5. If this was 32” I would of had your arm off. And I’m in Morpeth too
  6. Can’t see on the pics, are they closed loops or open bud?
  7. Would love this but Dorchester is a tad too far☹️
  8. Are these the canvas or nylon ones? Do they have handwarmer pockets?
  9. Yes Winchester 23 these are 3” chamber and if the chokes have been opened (in my eyes defacing a classic but that’s only my opinion) they well handle the pressures no problem👍
  10. Hi Retro I use a ergosign stock and think it’s the muts nuts. It takes a bit of setting up but you get that perfect fit without having to go down the custom stock route👌
  11. It was definitely the layout that sorted the wheat from the chaff. After hitting the D bird on peg three the rest were gimmies, Donkey🤪
  12. I have an aluminium one fitted to my gun,and if anyone who wants to try it sees me at a ground anywhere just ask and I will fit it to their gun to try. 👁D
  13. One of the sixes was mine🤗, and to be fair it was the most lead I have ever given a target. Nice course Graham👌
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