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  1. It certainly has the look of something like a mollusc minus its shell. Could the spiked bits be what closes over the foot?
  2. Zapp


    I used to drink it years ago until I started brewing for myself. It seems so vapid and lacklustre compared to other stouts I've had since.
  3. Zapp


    They have always been massive posers, and their beer ranks alongside Guinness as something I would only drink if all other options were too awful to contemplate.
  4. Merry Chirstmas to you too Rob. Hope you have a great day with family and friends
  5. No. A job for a RFD or the police station.
  6. Zapp


    I have zero interest in any of the superhero movies or franchises, but I made a point of watching this and really enjoyed it for the reasons already stated. A brilliant performance by Phoenix.
  7. Zapp

    Member query

    We have already clarified this to you at least twice. According to our notes Cranfield notified you of the reason via PM in December 2015 and you had a further clarification from Shaun4860 in September 2017.
  8. Just add details, pictures and a price to this thread
  9. I pay about 8-9 quid for large cod and small chips. The fish would easily feed two and you'd need to be a world class glutton to eat the amount of chips you get. East Northants.
  10. Have a look at Maxxis Wormdrives. I have them on my Hilux and have been really impressed for the price
  11. Zapp


    I answered this question the last time you asked it. It's because the other sales and wanted sections are for the use of established members, so as a new member it is not available to you yet. This is a shooting forum, not freeads.
  12. Zapp

    3 Gun Cabinet

    I've got a 4/5 gun Brattonsound if that's any good.
  13. I have A1 intelligence that a half Colonel cast the first sprout on this occasion. My son didn't realise he still had half a slice of cake stuck to his head until he tried to put his beret back on.
  14. Number 1 son is in here somewhere, keeping an old Army Christmas tradition alive and well.
  15. Not a moment too soon either judging by the after photo
  16. My old house had no central heating for the first few years. Back then you could still get a decent supply of free wood. I cut, split and stacked 4 to 6 tons a year of all sorts and it kept us warm. Smokeless coal on a decent stove is wonderful. Hours and hours of heat and you can keep it going for months without relighting.
  17. Blimey. Cold here, nasty sleety clinging cold. I'm glad we haven't had that sort of battering here, but we did get that weird mini hurricane a few weeks back that did surprising damage.
  18. This. There's no requirement to have any sort of firearms or shotgun licence to run a website where RFDs and private individuals sell guns to one another.
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