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  1. What an appalling incident. Whilst the tone of the article was a bit weird in selling the scene as a local attraction, the description of the attacker and the incident itself seemed adequate enough I thought. It's not like his race was not mentioned and I didnt feel like I needed or wanted any more specific details on how a man was raped so I'm struggling to see why those things would become the focus of the thread.
  2. Mitchell and Webb have done a few great takes on how silly football looks to an outsider. I cant get excited about games at all although I like snooker. I do however watch for when big football or rugby matches are on so I can time tip runs etc
  3. Browns at Stagsden Beds, do a wonderful pork pie and amazing scotch eggs too
  4. I've just made the last edit of a post on this thread that I'm going to to remove a content filter evasion. That rule has been in place for long enough for people to know. Any more and the offending post will go and a warning will follow.
  5. Ladies and gents Unfortunately we have had to remove a thread in the Stalking and Game Shooting section which amounted to personal attacks on the moderators and admins from another shooting forum. Sites like PW and others are usually run by volunteers who give their time for free, and who aren't always going to get it right. Irrespective of whether you feel you've been fairly treated or not, to use another site to attack them where they cant respond is unfair, not to mention cowardly, and it wont be tolerated on here. There are a range of options for contacting the admins o
  6. There are issues at the moment with the software and payment systems which are being looked into
  7. A couple of quick observations on this. Firstly I'm not sure how recent that petition is but if it is recent then the bit about policy change is to some extent moot as a dedicated unit housing high risk transgender inmates was established at HMP Downview to prevent this sort of incident by removing potential attackers from having access to victims. https://www.prisonphone.co.uk/blog/hmp-downview-the-first-prison-with-a-wing-dedicated-to-transgender-inmates/ Secondly, a point was made about increasing numbers of female child sex offenders which suggested that this was due to male
  8. State a price you'd accept for them please, in accordance with house rules
  9. My former Colonel in Chief, and a man who did his duty in every respect in both war and peace.
  10. It's a model 1866, not from 1866...
  11. I know it's probably the least of your worries in terms of considerations but we have stopped validating registrations made using VPNs after a couple of scammers got through. If we are doing it I suspect other similar sites may be doing so also.
  12. Having been out to visit my mother in law on the Costa Blanca I can well believe the sentiments expressed in this screengrab. She has more sense but I spoke to a lot of Brit expats who were voting leave but who were massively complacent about what it might mean for them if they didnt then apply for their resedencia.
  13. Chaps, we all agree this is a bad thing. No need to fall out.
  14. The (assessed) figures here put into context the challenge faced by law enforcement nationally and internationally: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/uk-news/2019/05/14/uk-could-have-seven-times-more-paedophiles-than-previously-estimated/ There are more people offending in this way than there is capacity to investigate/arrest/prosecute in a timely way, and those at the upper end of the cyber capability spectrum are capable of evading identification for years. It took the NCA 5 years, with the help of GCHQ, to identify Matthew Falder for example. Whole international LE taskfor
  15. My Chesapeake is 12 now so she only does a bit now and then. She is a great dog who could have been a lot more of a gun dog if I'd had more skill as a trainer, but as it worked out she became a wonderful and much loved companion for the family. Very headstrong at first and needed close supervision (wanting to take off on drives when beating being her favourite quirk) but all in all I wouldnt change a thing about her.
  16. Smaller and more specialised forces for limited international deployments backed up by refreshed Trident would be my guess. Which feels quite the gamble given the way things seem to be shaping up with Russia and China.
  17. If you're not in a huge hurry and have access to a decent amount of grass cuttings you could easily "grow" your own soil in it once emptied. A layer of brash/sticks/thin boughs on the bottom (no membrane), then a layer of straw, then 6 inches of manure. Then heap in as much cut grass as you can and keep topping up with more as it packs down. Keeping it covered with an old carpet will help. A lot of people pee on their raised beds (no comment). Others pour on cheap tomato feed and even full fat cola as it boosts the composting process. After a year you'll have incredibly rich and fertil
  18. If I'm reading this right and you've just taken up an offer on someone else's wanted thread from under their nose, I'm sorry to say that's pretty poor form.
  19. I used to shoot bell target in our local league. I found a newspaper article while clearing my dads house from when I shot a maximum which got us the league cup that year (a long time ago).
  20. That's really sad, not least because 66 is no age. RIP Andrew.
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